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Mr. Sprayer Full Function Atomizer and Pump Sprayer

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Mr. Sprayer is the revolutionary new way to apply detailing liquids without any water hoses, buckets, power cords, or tiring your fingers: just prime, point, and effortlessly shoot a fine mist of product anywhere, anytime!

Use This To:

  • Effortlessly apply your favorite detailing liquids
  • Give those tired fingers a rest
  • Detail with ultimate precision and accuracy
  • Save water, time, and money
  • Detail with no noise, electricity, or waste

Save Your Tired Fingers

Are you still endlessly squeezing that spray bottle and suffering from tired and cramped fingers? Meet Mr. Sprayer, the new way to effortlessly apply your favorite Chemical Guys detailing liquids! Simply prime the pump, adjust the nozzle from fine mist to jet stream and get spraying for your quickest and easiest detail ever.

The True Definition Of An Easy Detail

Simply use the pre-labeled measuring marks on the side of the heavy-duty 50oz UV-resistant bottle to dilute your favorite Chemical Guys detailing liquid. The locking trigger allows you to shoot an endless supply of waterless wash, detail spray, glass cleaner, After Wash, and more for a detailing experience like you’ve never had before!

The Most Efficient And Effect Way To Detail

All it takes is a few pumps from the large knob atop Mr. Sprayer to generate high pressure that allows you to shoot a precise and even stream of your favorite detailing chemicals. The fully adjustable nozzle reduces large drops to a fine mist for even and efficient coverage with minimal product use, while the ergonomically shaped handle keeps you comfortable even on those long details!

  1. Fill the bottle with concentrated product and dilute with clean filtered/DI water accordingly.
  2. Screw the pump and sprayer handle on tight. Pump the bottle 3 - 5 times.
  3. Depress trigger to mist product over area to clean and detail.
  4. Unscrew sprayer handle to release internal pressure once detailing work is complete.
  5. Re-attach the handle firmly to prevent product leakage during storage or transport.
Mr. Sprayer works great with quick detail sprays, waterless washes, window cleaners, and other non-corrosive detailing chemicals. Mr. Sprayer does not like degreasers or any acidic chemical that could damage his seals!
How to Use It - Chemical Guys


5 – 10 Minutes





What Else You’ll Need

  • Cleaning Solution

Pro Tip - Maximize Life Of Pump Atomizer
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After detailing, release any compressed air from the Full Function Sprayer by loosening the sprayer handle until all the air hisses out to ensure maximum lifespan of the bottle, sprayer top, and seals. Vent all compressed air from the bottle to prevent premature wear on internal seals and gaskets when not in use. Tighten the handle back down to prevent product spillage during storage or transport.


Dilute EcoSmart Waterless Wash into Mr. Sprayer and take your car wash mobile!

  • UPC: 842850103216
  • Applicable Locations: Exterior
  • Car Finishes: ALL
  • Application Type: Clean
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs
  • Size: 50oz