Galactic Black Wet Look Tire Shine Dressing (16oz)

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Galactic Black Wet Look Tire Shine Dressing is the protectant that takes your tires and trim to a whole new level of shine and depth of black with the ultimate slick finish that helps reject dust, water, and UV rays in an easy to use sprayable formula!

Awesome Galactic Black Features:

  • Take the depths of darkness to a whole new level
  • Super deep shine finish that lasts
  • Dry-to-the-touch deep dark finish
  • Works great on tires and exterior plastic trim
  • Long lasting oil based formula
  • Transforms dusty, faded tires to a glossy deep black finish
  • Helps reject dust and dirt
  • Keeps your tires cleaner for longer
  • Water resistant formula helps resist rain
  • Durable protection against the elements
  • Helps repel UV rays and prevent fading
  • Easy to use sprayable formula applies in seconds
  • Won’t sling when applied properly
  • Ultra versatile formula allows you to choose your shine level

New Look High Gloss Shine

Galactic Black Wet Shine Tire Coating is specifically formulated to take the depths of darkness to a whole new level to give tires and trim the dark and shiny look you want! Formulated for a deep dark galactic finish, Galactic Black contains water resistant polymers and enhanced resin technology delivers a superior deep shine finish that lasts and lasts. The versatile formula doesn’t just revitalize your tires with a dark finish, it also works great on black rubber bumpers and black plastic trim!

Advanced Coating & Protection

Achieve the deep dark shine while helping protect your car’s tires and trim from deteriorating signs of aging with Galactic Black! Galactic Black Wet Shine Tire Coating offers great protection against outside elements that can ruin your car’s appearance and also damage your tires along the way. Galactic Black’s oil-based water-resistant formula doesn’t just help resist rain, the slick formula also helps repel dirt and grime so your tires and trim stay cleaner longer. The dry-to-the touch formula won’t sling either when applied properly for a beautiful deep dark finish that stays put!

Control Your Level Of Shine

Galactic Black Wet Shine is fast and easy to apply. Whether you’re looking for an ultra-high shine, new car shine, or medium shine, with Galactic Black Wet Shine Tire Coating you can achieve whichever level of shine you want! Doing so is easy: the longer you leave the spray on your tires, the more shine you’ll see. Galactic Black can even be applied in multiple layers for an even deeper level of shine. With Galactic Black, you choose your level of shine!

  1. Clean tires or trim and allow to dry.
  2. Spray applicator and apply an even coat to tires or trim.
  3. For high shine, allow to air dry.
  4. For a new-look shine, wipe off with a clean microfiber towel after 10 minutes.
  5. Can be layered to achieve desired shine.
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Don't stop at your wheels- dress your exterior rubber & plastic too!

If your tires are faded, then chances are your plastic trim, mirrors, and bumpers could use some love too. Apply Galactic Black over all your exterior plastic and rubber pieces and restore a deep and rich black shine sure to revive the look of any old and tired ride!

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