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Foam-Tastic Big Mouth & Sticky Snowball Kit

$119.99 $119.99 $169.99  MSRP

The Foam-Tastic Big Mouth & Sticky Snowball Kit combines the ultra sudsy Sticky Snowball Snow Foam with the Big Mouth Max Release Foam Cannon, and a super soft Chenille Wash Mitt and Drying Towel for the foamiest and safest wash you’ve ever had!

The Perfect Foamy Combo

If you want the thickest suds, then you need a pressure washer and a foam cannon, and that’s why this kit comes with the Big Mouth Foam Cannon! Simply attach it to your pressure washer for the thickest suds you’ve ever seen produced by our all new Sticky Snowball Snowfoam. Then, use the included Chenille Wash Mitt to gently scrub your ride and remove dirt and debris without installing scratches or swirls. When you’re done, dry your car in mere minutes with the extra large Fatty Super Dryer Microfiber Drying Towel!

Mega Foam For Mega Fun

Sticky Snowball Shampoo is our all new ultra snow foam that will exceed your expectations with its thick, luxurious suds that can last through the entire wash. Other soaps slide down the surface and disappear by the time you get around to them with your wash mitt. Sticky Snowball is developed and crafted to produce tons of thick mega suds that stick hard to the surface, providing extended time for the soap to encapsulate dirt and debris and remove it without adding swirls or scratches. Sticky Snowball doesn’t just clean- added specialty gloss enhancers add an amazing just waxed shine that stuns.

Shoot Thick Suds With The Big Mouth

Size matters. To get big suds, we supersized every aspect of the Big Mouth for maximum foam release! At nearly 2” in diameter, this head is not only our biggest ever, it’s also butter smooth and easy to grip for the easiest and most pleasant operation ever. The sheer girth of this foam cannon head is just the beginning. The all-new sculpted Big Blow Bezel shapes the air and foam exiting the nozzle, helping direct it into an ultra wide stream of the thickest, whitest, fluffiest foam you have ever seen. The big mouth of the ultra-clear 34 oz heavy-duty canister bottle makes dilution a cinch, won’t tip over, and helps dilute your soap evenly, all while making cleaning easier.

The Chenille Wash Mitt is made of extra plush microfiber that holds tons of clean water and soap to drench any car in thick foaming suds for the ultimate scratch and swirl free washing experience.
The Fatty Dryer Towel is perfect for drying because they are ultra-soft, ultra-plush, silk-edged and big enough to take on any sized vehicle. With two different piles, they’re versatile too! 
Big Mouth Max Release Foam Cannon
$99.99 $99.99 $139.99  MSRP
The all-new TORQ Big Mouth Max Release Foam Cannon packs a giant head, a gigantic bottle mouth, and fully adjustable foam stream to shoot epic shaving cream-like thick suds for the slickest, safest, and most fun wash ever!
Sticky Snowball Ultra Snow Foam is the extremely concentrated car wash soap that delivers amazingly thick and rich suds that ... maximize contact time by sticking hard to surfaces to encapsulate and suspend grime, dirt, and contaminates in sticky foam that can then easily and safely be removed from the surface.