DetailVac Corded Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner

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The DetailVac is the powerful and portable handheld vacuum cleaner from Chemical Guys that keeps your car, truck, and auto clean anywhere at any time!

  • Easy and quick cleanups on the go
  • Powerful 110w 8.8amp electric motor for strong suction
  • Plugs into your car’s 12V outlet or cigarette lighter outlet
  • All-in-one car interior vacuum cleaning comes with everything you need
  • 3 smart attachments makes cleaning your entire car easy: Crevice tool, brush tool, and flexible connection hose for flexible use in hard to reach areas
  • Extra long 16’ power cord easily reaches all areas of your car
  • Easily maneuvers and cleans tight areas and corners
  • Quickly picks up dust, sand, cereal, dirt, and more
  • Compact, lightweight, and convenient design for on the go cleaning
  • Extra filter, bag, and cleaning brush tool included

The Car Vac That Gets the Job Done Fast and Easy

The DetailVac is a small and nimble vacuum cleaner equipped with a powerful 110W motor that efficiently and consistently delivers strong suction for your daily car cleaning needs on the go. Simply plug the 12V DC cable into your car's power outlet or cigarette lighter and vacuum away! We wanted a vacuum that was fun and easy to use, so we designed the DetailVac to have great cleaning ability and comfort. It looks different because it is different, right down to the lightweight design and comfortable curved handle for an easy grip! The DetailVac’s lightweight, compact, and convenient design makes it the ultimate car accessory that you can take with you anywhere, and with the included storage case, DetailVac is always ready for quick-tidying up and fast-cleaning!

Wide Applications for All Over Your Car

The DetailVac handles your daily cleaning needs like a champ. With its powerful motor and specially designed cleaning tools, it’s truly designed with the user in mind. The 16 foot long power cord enables you to clean the whole vehicle without worrying about unexpected interruptions caused by the limited length of a power cord. Designed for rapid use and even faster cleaning, not only of your vehicle but also of itself, the Super-Clear dirt canister is designed to show you what you picked up - that way important things like smaller valuables don’t get tossed with the mess. The smart design also makes DetailVac easy and fast to empty and clean. Suck up hair, snacks, sand, dirt, dust particles and more with ease- DetailVac keeps your vehicle pleasantly clean anytime anywhere!

3 Smart Well-Equipped Attachments

We thought of everything so you don’t have to! Use the included 26” smart-flex easy-reach connection hose and crevice nozzle tool to focus the suction and get in those difficult and tough-to-reach nooks and crannies like under the seat, between the seats and center console. Swap in the brush attachment to pick up tough-to-clean dirt from rugs and upholstery fast and easy. The Chemical Guys DetailVac is designed to bring you fast and convenient cleaning power when you need it, delivering a spotless environment on the go. Simply plug it in, switch it on, and get your vehicle clean fast! The custom designed accessory kit and easy-carry bag makes DetailVac the ultimate all-in-one car interior vacuum cleaning kit that easily and quickly cleans up cereal, dust, sand, and other common messes anywhere, anytime!

Cling On

California Prop 65 Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

  1. Plug into 12V outlet or cigarette lighter outlet. 
  2. Turn on car. 
  3. For optimal performance, do not exceed usage over 15 minutes. 
  4. Frequently empty vacuum chamber and clean paper air filter. Periodically wash filter with soap and water, then let air dry. 
  • Not for use on wet surfaces/in wet conditions.
  • Do not operate while driving. 
  • Always remember to work outside in a well ventilated area if car is on. 


How to Use It - Chemical Guys

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Pro Tip: Vacuum First!
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