How to Clean and Protect Leather Car Seats

Everyone loves a clean leather look and scent, but no one likes cleaning it. If leather is not well maintained over time, it will fade, dry or crack. Take your interior to the next level by cleaning, conditioning, and protecting your leather. Maintaining your leather is key. 

To properly nourish and protect leather, you must first clean away any oils and impurities with Leather Cleaner. Leather Cleaner lifts and emulsifies dirt, oils, and grease from deep within the pores of natural and synthetic leather upholstery and accessories. The pH-balanced formula won’t stain leather or change the texture, and is safe for natural leather, durable sealed leather, and synthetic leather materials.

Leather Conditioner nourishes naturally tanned leather hides and synthetic materials, preventing them from drying out, cracking, and fading from the wear and tear of regular use. Leather Conditioner replenishes essential nutrients like Vitamin E that are regularly depleted by harsh elements like the sun. 

Step 1: Vacuum the Seats

Vacuuming Leather Seats

Vacuuming is a key step when it comes to cleaning leather. Vacuuming will remove any dirt or sharp objects to avoid scratching or ripping leather.

Step 2: Spray Leather Cleaner

Spraying Leather Cleaner on a Horse Hair Cleaning Brush

Spray Leather Cleaner onto the Premium Select Horse Hair Cleaning Brush and directly onto the leather seat to add lubrication and reduce friction as you clean. Leather Cleaner is a pH-balanced formula that contains heavy cleaning power but will not damage any leather.

Step 3: Scrubbing the Leather

Scrubbing Leather Seats with a Brush

When scrubbing the leather, we recommend going in a circular motion to penetrate the pores of the leather and make it foam up. Leather Cleaner foaming action makes leather cleaning a lot easier.

Step 4: Wipe Off Residue

Wiping Down Leather Seats

Once your leather is clean, grab a designated leather towel to wipe off any residue Leather Cleaner left behind. Once you have removed all residue, inspect the leather. Leather should have a nice supple feel to it when it is cleaned.

Step 5: Condition Your Leather

Now that the leather is super clean, we recommend adding a layer of Leather Conditioner to keep it soft and bring back the leather smell. Also, Leather Conditioner offers protection from both the harmful UV rays and elements. First shake up Leather Conditioner and apply 2 lines of product onto a Workhorse Microfiber applicator. If your leather contains stitching, we recommend spreading out the product on the applicator to avoid leaving any product in the threads or stitching.

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