Top 5 Foam Cannon Tips and Tricks

Foam Cannons are the safest and most fun way to wash your car, but there are a few tips and tricks to shooting the thickest foam possible.

Tip 1: Use the Right Pressure Washer

It’s not always about your foam cannon – a good pressure washer is also important. Electric pressure washers are great because they are quieter, smaller, and easier to move around than gas pressure washers. However, gas pressure washers typically offer more PSI and GPM, and thus deliver thick foam and a safer wash. Here at Detail Garage, we use both gas and electric pressure washers to shoot thick car washing foam, and all Chemical Guys foam cannons work with gas or electric pressure washers. All you have to do is make sure your specific pressure washer falls within the PSI and GPM requirements of the foam cannon!

Tip 2: Use the Right Soap

While all soaps might produce some sort of suds, there are some formulas that are just made to create thick foam. All Chemical Guys soaps except Rinse Free are engineered for use with a foam cannon or foam gun. Some specialty soaps like Honeydew Snow Foam and Watermelon Snow Foam are made specifically to shoot thick foam, and turn any car wash into foam party with just a few ounces into your dilution bottle. In fact, Chemical Guys Snow Foams were the first car washing soaps designed to work specifically with a foam cannon!

Tip 3: Dilute with Warm Water

Your foam cannon uses advanced technology to mix the perfect mixture of air, water, and soap to shoot thick foam. Use warm water to help aerate the soap and water mixture, so you can effortlessly shoot thick suds. Don’t violently shake the solution once you’ve diluted the soap into your canister. Instead, gently mix the solution by swirling the bottle in circular motions to prevent excessive foam build up inside your canister.

Tip 4: Rinse Your Car

Make it easy on your car and foam cannon by rinsing your vehicle before you start foaming it! By rinsing your vehicle, you are removing the largest dirt and debris, so they never have a chance to be rubbed into the paintwork. Simply rinse your car from top to bottom with your pressure washer, then, proceed to foaming your car.

Tip 5: Maintain Your Foam Cannon

Putting your foam cannon away full of water or full of soap creates calcium deposits which prevent the cannon from shooting the maximum amount of foam. After each use, make sure to rinse your foam cannon so there is no residue to wreak havoc between details. First, empty your bottle of any leftover solution. Then, rinse the bottle with clean water. Subsequently, fill it with plain, clean water. Reattach to your foam cannon and shoot the clean water until no more soapy water comes out. You’re good to store your foam cannon!

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