Black Frost Hanging Air Freshener 3 Pack

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Chemical Guys Black Frost Hanging Air Freshener is the 3 pack hanging air freshener that delivers a masculine and enticing scent that revitalizes any car with its alluring, clean, and crisp fragrance, brimming with determination and desire.


Awesome Black Frost Hanging Air Freshener Features:

  • A bold fresh masculine, enticing frost fueled fragrance
  • Inspired by the 16oz bottle scent you love
  • Convenient pack of 3
  • Show off the brand you love with an epic dripping Chemical Guys Logo
  • No maintenance needed - simply hang anywhere in your car
  • Can be used in the home too

Say Hello to the Brisk, Clean Smell of Black Frost

Experience the invigorating power of Black Frost as its captivating aroma transforms your car into an oasis of confidence, all in a convenient hanging air freshener form! The Chemical Guys Black Frost Hanging Air Freshener embodies the essence of seduction that encapsulates masculinity, supreme swag, and unwavering confidence. It is perfect for the individual who redefines convention and challenges the ordinary. The bold aroma of Black Frost Air Freshener will fill your car with the thrilling scent of rebellion and independence for a fresh experience every time you get into your ride!

Effortless All-Over Freshness

Chemical Guys Black Frost Hanging Air Freshener simply hangs from anywhere in your car to disperse its captivating scent. By constantly releasing scent into your interior, Chemical Guys Stay Fresh Technology ensures that the fresh scent gets distributed throughout your entire cabin, so your ride is always as fresh as it looks. It’s so easy, all you have to do is hang it up and you’re done – no maintenance required!

Show Off Your Chemical Guys Pride

Chemical Guys hanging air fresheners don’t just smell great, they are also the perfect accessory to complement your interior look and show off your Chemical Guys pride. Featuring an epic dripping Chemical Guys logo that hangs in your car, they upgrade the look of any interior and let everyone know that you’re a part of the Chemical Guys family.

  1. Pull the string and hang
  2. Avoid having the product make contact with any surface

Pro Tip: Can be Used at Home!
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With amazingly fresh scents like these, you're going to want them in more than just your car. Chemical Guys Hanging Air Fresheners can be used at home to help ward away the stink in your laundry room, garage, bathroom, and more for a fresh smelling house all the time!

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When bad smells strike, Chemical Guys has you covered on all fronts! From sprayable chemicals to hanging and vent clip air fresheners, with Chemical Guys, a fresh scent is fast, easy, and fun. Whether you're a fan of the clean and masculine scent of Black Frost, the sweet and sugary scent of Fresh Cherry Blast, or the tropical scent of Pina Colada, Chemical Guys has a scent for everyone!

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