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  Chemical Guys CWS_888 - Hose Free ECOwash (1 Gal)
Chemical Guys Hose Free ECOwash NO HOSE AUTO WASH
Hose Free ECOwash (1 Gal)
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Product Code: CWS_888

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Chemical Guys CWS_888 - Hose Free ECOwash (1 Gal)
Why Buy This Product?
  • Wash, shine and protect your paint without the need of a hose
  • Wash your entire vehicle in half the time
  • Conserve water
  • Safe for wax and sealant
  • Dries to a streak free and brilliant shine
  • Also available in a 16 ounce size

How it Works
The Hose Free ECOwash is a unique car wash formula that allows you to properly wash your vehicle without the need to rinse the vehicle down with a hose. Just pour one ounce per gallon of water in your bucket and you have a paint safe and hose free washing solution. Wash your vehicle like normal and then proceed right to drying. The extremely slick formula helps you wash with ease and contaminants simply glide off the paint. This formula also has gloss enhancing additives and polymers which make the paint look amazing after the wash.

Versatile Cleanser
The Hose Free ECOwash is perfect for mobile detailers or anyone who likes to detail while traveling. Some apartment complexes do not provide hose access, so you can still wash your car with this formula. The Hose Free ECOwash is also perfect for people that live in areas where it is too cold to wash your car outside. With the Hose Free ECOwash, you can wash your car in your garage without getting everything around it wet. You can wash your entire vehicle in half the time with the ECOwash and still get a super high shine. Too much direct sun and high temperatures can make your vehicle prone to water mark etchings while washing. The Hose Free ECOwash allows you to wash your vehicle without the fear of getting water marks. With the Hose Free ECOwash you can also quickly give your vehilce a wipe down or pin point a specific area without leaving a mess on the areas that are already clean. The versatility of this formula is outstanding and makes it a must have for virtually any detailer or enthusiast.

Environmentally Friendly
Hose Free ECOwash is environmentally friendly, it helps conserve water and is made of a bio-degradable formula. A normal wash can use more than 100 gallons of water while this solution only requires a couple of gallons at most. Therefore you conserve tons of water and help out the environment. The Chemical Guys Hose Free ECOwash allows you to wash your vehicle anywhere and anytime while being environmentally friendly.

Dear Chemical Guys,

I had always been skeptical of a "rinse-less" wash product, but with ever increasing water bills and the effort to be more environmentally conscious, I went ahead and pulled the trigger on this product. I used a five gallon wash bucket with a Grit Guard insert and added four gallons of water and mixed in two ounces of the ECOwash. It's a little more sudsy than I had expected, but had a very pleasant smell.

I began washing my car from the top down, one panel at a time using a Chemical Guys Extra Thick Premium Wash Pad along with a Chemical Guys Absorber Waffle Weave Drying Towel.

The wash solution is VERY slick and seemed to emulsify and suspend the dirt very quickly. It also dried to a streak free and brilliant shine.

Here's to ANOTHER winner from Chemical Guys.... !

Joshua B. Ferndale, MI

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Other Sizes Available
The Hose Free ECOwash Shampoo & Superior Surface Cleanser is also available in a 16 ounce size.

Part Number
1 gallon (128 ounces)
Locking childproof cap
1 ounce to 4-5 gallons of water
Gloss Enhancer
Wax/Sealant safe
Works in foam gun
Slickness level
pH balanced
Safe for light color cars
Safe for dark color cars

Proudly Made in America
How To Use:
  • How to Use
    1. Mix 1 ounce of Chemical Guys Hose Free ECOwash with 2-3 gallons of water.
    2. Using a Chemical guys Chenille wash mitt or Microfiber Bone Wash Sponge Soak in the ECOwash solution.
    3. Wash as you would with a traditional soap mixtures starting at the top of the vehicle and working your way down.
    4. You may wish to wash the entire vehicle at once or wash sections at a time.
    5. Unlike traditional soaps with Chemical Guys EcoSMART there is no need to rinse with water. The unique lubricants in Hose Free ECOwash help left debris away from the surface where it can be safely wiped away without scratching.
    6. Wash section by section drying each section with a soft Chemical Guys microfiber towel.

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