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Self-Centered Pads ( Self Centering 7.5" Buffing and Polishing Pads) - Center themselves for superior results from start to finish.

backing plateYears of research has shown that the best pads are those you can use only job big or small, Self-Centered Pads are uniquely sized to 7.5 inch. 

Self-Centered Pads- Center themselves for superior results from start to finish. The unique Self-Centered Pad has a "V" like construction. The face of the pad is wider then the backing, offering a 1"(inch)  foam protector that assures no matter how hard you push you will never hit the backing plate against the surface. The Self-Centered Ring is also imbedded into the pad enabling the backing plate to sink into the pad delivering a better and safe results. 
More Self-Centered Pad Innovations and Advantages:

  1. Professional-Grade pads
  2. Premium quality foam pads
  3. Longer lasting, more durable pads
  4. Faster easier and more accurate results
  5. Unique Self-Centered systems delivers a perfectly centered pad every time
  6. Unique Patented system delivers a safer pad  with less vibration
  7. Easier to use then any pad available today
  8. Self Centering Ring is flexible bendable and easy to wash rinse off and re-use

Chemical Guys Self-centered pads-Self Center themselves fast and easy. With our unique extra-flexible backing plates Self-Centering Pads will fit any machine. Self-Centering pads can be used with: circular polisher, dual-action polisherand even the Flex Polisher!

  backing plate

Chemical Guys Flat Self Centering Pads+ The easy way to go pro, fast and easy results.
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