The Sticky Shine Professional Wheel & Tire Care Kit

$49.99 $99.99 MSRP

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3 Sizes
$9.99 $18.99 MSRP

Sticky Citrus Gel is a thick viscosity wheel cleaner that clings to wheels and rims, keeping the all-natural formula exactly ... where you need it fighting dirt and debris without rolling off!

$19.99 $34.99 MSRP

The Easy Reach & Show Car Brush features an extra-long and fluffy profile, which is perfect for scrubbing between spokes and deep inside the barre ... l of alloy wheels for total clean and bright shine. 

4 Sizes
$9.99 $16.99 MSRP

Clear Liquid is a premium dressing that penetrates deep to moisturize and nourish plastic and rubber pieces, enhance deep-black shine, and restore a s ... upple feel that resists cracking and splitting.


The Durafoam Applicator pad uses a unique wave design to spread an even layer of tire shine and protective dressings deep into textured grooves, tre ... ad, and other uneven surfaces.

$12.99 $24.99 MSRP

Ultra Plush Towels are perfect for final-touch wiping because they are ultra-soft, ultra-plush, and stitched for scratch-free detailing. Each towel ... comes with two size piles for ultimate versatility!

Remove dirt, grime, and brake dust and give your wheels and tires an unmatched clean and impeccable shine with the Sticky Shine Professional Wheel & Tire Care Kit!

Awesome Kit Features:

  • Break down & removes stuck on dirt & debris from wheels
  • Lift grime, brake dust, oil & dirt off wheels for safe cleaning
  • Gently & safely clean delicate wheel finishes
  • Ultra-soft bristles provide scratch-free wheel cleaning
  • Enhance deep-black shine & resists cracking & splitting
  • Add UV protection to keep tires hydrated & looking new
  • Spread product without missing any spots
  • Apply product with no drips or mess
  • Ultra-soft, versatile towels provide unlimited applications

Clean Wheels With A Clingy Formula

Sticky Citrus Wheel Gel clings to wheels and vertical surfaces, suspending road grime, brake dust, oil, and dirt and then lifting it off the wheel safely and gently. Sticky Citrus sticks hard to keep the cleaning power where you need it, without rolling off the surface. Spray Sticky Citrus over filthy wheel parts, and watch as it sticks to the filthiest surfaces for a deeper clean using less product! Wipe up any remaining residue with your Ultra Plush Towel for a perfect finish.

Reach Deep Into Wheels

Easily bend and shape the Easy Reach Show Car Brush to fit around brake calipers, into tight spaces, and behind wheel spokes. The long brush cleans all the way to the back of any wheel, while the soft rubber tip helps prevent scratching, and the soft rubberized handle and knuckle guard protect hands around spokes and sharp dust shields. The soft bristles gently scrub and lift dirt and grime from wheels and other tight areas for a scratch-free shine.

Restore Tires Back To Black

Clear Liquid Extreme Tire Shine restores a fresh new black look with extreme shine to tires, and protects against the harmful UV rays. The easy-to-use formula spreads evenly with your Wonder Wave Durafoam Applicator over vinyl, rubber, and plastic. The refined oils penetrate deep into the piece, finish dry to the touch, and do not attract dirt or dust. Restore a deep-black and new appearance on faded bumper trim, door mirrors, grilles, fender liners, tires, and more with this kit!