The Maxi Shine Car Shampoo & Wax Kit

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Butter Wet Wax is a smooth, liquid creme wax that melts into the paint like butter for easy on/off application to give you t ... he deepest, wettest look imaginable in a matter of minutes.


Fluffer Miracle Green Towels are premium quality two pile microfiber towels excellent for all interior and exterior detailing applications because t ... hey are soft, durable, and scratch-free. 

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The Premium Grade Microfiber Applicator is the ideal choice to apply the perfect amount of your favorite Chemical Guys waxes, sealants, glazes, dressi ... ngs, and more without scratching the surface.

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Maxi-Suds II is the perfect maintenance shampoo that cleans and enhances any color paintwork with extreme foaming bubbles for the perfect scratch-fr ... ee shine without stripping wax or sealant.