The Dumpy Universal Storage Bin & Car Trash Can

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The Dumpy Universal Storage Bin & Car Trash Can is the must-have accessory that helps you stay organized by providing a convenient trash can or storage bin for anything and everything!


Awesome Dumpy Features:

  • Surprise that special someone with the perfect gift for the Holidays!
  • Convenient car trash can helps keep your ride clean
  • Makes the perfect storage for detailing supplies
  • Large front zippered pocket for easy access
  • Easy open hook and loop lid
  • Hang it anywhere via the adjustable strap
  • Hook and loop bottom helps keep it in place
  • Thick plastic liner makes cleanup easier
  • Expandable side pockets keep goodies within arm’s reach
  • Comes with 10 disposable trash can liners

Helps You Pick Up After Yourself

Life happens and car interiors get dirty! Don’t let that trash sit around loose, put it in The Dumpy! The Dumpy easily collects all sorts of trash so it stays off your floor. With 10 disposable trash bags and a thick plastic liner, The Dumpy keeps the mess where it belongs. Plus, the drawstring closure helps the smell stay locked inside and helps prevent your trash stinking up your ride!

Use it For All Sorts of Things

Don’t just use your Dumpy to just hold trash, it also doubles as the perfect storage bin for detailing supplies and anything else you can think of. Use it to hold detailing chemicals, tools, supplies, and accessories, or anything else that you can fit such as microfiber towels, snacks, tools, pet supplies, and much more. Plus, the expandable mesh side pockets and expandable front pocket keep anything you may need within arm’s reach!

Convenience is Key

The Dumpy is specially engineered to make your life easier. The lid easily opens via a hook and loop system for quick access, and the thick plastic liner makes wiping it clean a simple task. Hang The Dumpy from your headrest or center console via the adjustable strap for easy access or stick your Dumpy in your trunk or footwell. The hook and loop bottom is specifically designed to stick onto the floor and keep it in place to help prevent it from rolling around. Organize your ride and keep it looking amazing with the Dumpy Universal Storage Bin & Car Trash Can!

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The Perfect Storage Solution!

The Dumpy isn't just a great trash can, it's also the perfect storage bin for all sorts of goodies! Use it to store your detailing supplies, as a microfiber towel dispenser, as a storage for snacks, as a bin for pet toys, a portable tool bag, and more!

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  • Weight: 1.1 lbs

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