The Citrus Wash Quick Detailing Car Wash Kit

$47.99 $79.99 MSRP

Use It With

4 Sizes
$9.99 $13.99 MSRP

Speed Wipe is the 100% wax-free gloss enhancing quick detail spray designed to lightly clean your paintwork and deliver a static-free mir ... ror shine in just minutes available in two awesome fun to use scents!

$11.99 $13.69 MSRP

Super Plush Towels are soft baby blue buffing and drying towels perfect for wiping because they are ultra-soft, ultra-plush, and stitched for scratc ... h-free detailing. 

4 Sizes
$14.99 $24.99

Citrus Wash and Gloss is a powerful citrus based hyper-concentrated shampoo and gloss enhancer formulated to bring out a vibrant shine on all paint co ... lors, making any car look just waxed and detailed! 

$12.99 $16.29 MSRP

The Big Mouth Drying Towel is a fluffy, soft, and absorbent drying towel that measures an enormous 36’’ x 25’’ for quick and ... effortless drying on even the largest vehicles. 

$9.99 $14.99 MSRP

Make washing your car a blast and add some fiery red color to your detailing with the Luminous Translucent Red Bucket! Made of durable, heavy ... duty materials and built to last, the Red Bucket gives you loads of functionality all while adding a ton of colorful fun to your wash experience!

The Super Suds Shine Essentials Kit is the kit that contains what you need to make your ride shine with that epic dripping wet Chemical Guys finish!

Wash With Mega Suds

Wash your ride with Citrus Wash & Gloss, the car wash soap that doesn’t just remove dirt and grime, but also contains gloss enhancers to add shine to any color paint! The mega suds that Citrus Wash & Gloss produces aren't just tons of fun to wash your car with, they also help prevent swirls and scratches while washing.

Make Your Ride Shine

Finish off your detail with Speed Wipe Strawberry Scent, the limited edition quick detailer that doesn’t just wipe away light dirt, grime, fingerprints, and bird droppings, it also adds a brilliant shine! The ultra slick formula contains no wax for a brilliant streak finish. Plus, the unique formula helps reduce static cling so your ride stays cleaner for longer!