Speed Load Carrying Caddy & Storage Organizer

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The Speed Load Carrying Caddy & Storage Organizer is the limited edition convenient organization tool that allows for even faster access to your essential tools and supplies and keeps them within arm’s reach for easy cleaning anywhere!


Awesome Speed Load Features:

  • Perfect gift for the Holidays!
  • Expands to 9x9x10.5” to easily carry your most essential supplies
  • Folds down to a thin 9.5x2.5x10.5” for easy storage
  • Features 4 exterior pockets and 6 interior straps for easy storage
  • Extra soft grip handle makes for comfortable carrying
  • 2 expandable mesh pockets for convenient storage
  • Folding base plate helps for easy storage
  • Caddy only. Products not included

Mobile Detail Anywhere, Anytime

You love our Quick Load Caddy so much, we came out with a Speed Load Caddy for even faster jobs! After all, spills and cleanups don’t happen in convenient places at convenient times… be prepared to clean on the go with the Speed Load Caddy! This detailing caddy allows for you to take your detail mobile and clean up anywhere, anytime. The open tote design allows for easy access to all your essentials and with numerous pockets, straps, and spaces, the Speed Load has a place for all your cleaning supplies. It’s the perfect complement to your larger Quick Load Caddy for those faster cleanups on the go!

All Your Goodies in One Place

The convenient 9x9x10.5” size easily fits all your favorite tools, chemicals, towels, equipment, and accessories for quick clean ups on the go. With 4 exterior pockets, 5 interior straps, 2 expandable mesh side pockets, and ample interior space, the Speed Load allows all your essentials to follow you around on the job. Plus, the extra soft handle makes for comfortable carrying and maximum convenience.

Fold and Go Anytime, Anywhere

The thoughtful and unique design of the Speed Load Caddy doesn’t stop when it’s not in use… the innovative design of the Speed Load collapses down to a thin 9.5x2.5x10.5” for easy storage in tight spaces! The utility of the Speed Load is unmatched – use it for auto detailing, or around the house, yard, worksite, office for household cleaning supplies, gardening tools, mechanic tools, construction equipment, and anything else you need to keep close at hand and ready at a moment’s notice!

Cling On
  1. Push embedded base plate down into place.
  2. Load up and go.
  3. Lift embedded base plate up and collapse to store.
How to Use It - Chemical Guys

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The Speed Load doesn't just take your detailing supplies on the go, it's also the perfect storage solution for household cleaning chemicals, gardening supplies, mechanic tools, construction equipment and more. Use it around the car, office, house, yard, or worksite for convenient access to all your essentials!

  • UPC: 842850109072
  • Weight: 1.98 lbs

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