Shine Station Ultimate Detailing Cart

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The Chemical Guys Shine Station Ultimate Detailing Cart is the customizable must-have rolling accessory to organize your detailing arsenal and take it on the go with three shelves, numerous bottle holders, hanging racks, and more!


Awesome Shine Station Features:

  • Versatile 19x23x39” detailing cart holds up to 33.3lbs per shelf
  • Organizes your products, tools, and accessories for easy access
  • Keeps your arsenal within arms reach
  • Rolling cart easily follows you around your detail
  • Customizable to the job at hand with movable hooks, dividers, and bin
  • Use it around the car, house, garage, yard, and more
  • Cart only. Additional products shown in photos sold separately

Take Your Arsenal on the Go

Taking trips to and from your garage can be time consuming when you’re in middle of a detail… The Shine Station Detailing Cart follows you around your detail and helps you keep all your most important products, tools, and accessories within arms’ reach! Organize, keep track of, and easily grab the necessary chemicals, brushes, towels, wash mitts, equipment, and other tools you need to get any job done right. The Shine Station increases efficiency by keeping your arsenal right where you need it – next to you! Whether you’re detailing, working on your car, tidying up the pantry, organizing the laundry, or cleaning up the yard, the Chemical Guys Shine Station is the detailing cart that does it all!

Organize Like a Pro

You’ve built an amazing detailing arsenal, but where do you store it all? Organize it with the Shine Station! The Shine Station has a place for all your products, tools, and accessories and is fully customizable to the job at hand. Two peg boards feature movable hooks to hang tools, brushes, accessories, and more so you can get the exact setup you need for the job at hand. Move the adjustable dividers exactly how you want them to easily access everything you need, and move the large storage bin one of four places for your specific needs. The Shine Station easily and conveniently changes and adapts to your needs!

California Prop 65 Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead which is known to the State of California to cause Cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

  1. Assemble your Shine Station Ultimate Detailing Cart using the included assembly guide, or watch the video below 
  2. Don’t forget to use the included screws to secure wheels.  
  3. Fill your Shine Station with all your favorite Chemical guys products, tools, and equipment. 
  4. Roll the Shine Station to your next job and get detailing!


How to Use It - Chemical Guys

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The Shine Station Ultimate Detailing Cart is fully customizable with adjustable dividers, hanging pegs, a movable storage bin, and more, so find the perfect setup for the job at hand, then change it up for whatever the next job requires.

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