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Join the Scavenger Hunt! Find the Panda and get a 20% off coupon code!


Let the games begin! Find the Panda icon in our training section! 

Chemical Guys is having a Scavenger Hunt and it will reward you a 20% Off Coupon Code if you find the Panda icon! Here is what you need to do... 

Step 1. Click on the Panda icon below that will take you to our Training Section. 

Step 2. Go through our training articles and look out for the hidden Panda icon.

Step 3. Find the hidden Panda icon and click on it to reveal the 20% Off Coupon Code! 

Read some of our cool articles and learn new skills while you're at it. We have articles covering the basics of detailing and also more intricate application methods like how to apply compounds and polishes to your car, or you can just go on a scavenger hunt and try to find the hidden Panda! Once you find it, click on it to reveal your discount coupon code! You can apply the coupon code at check out. Limit one coupon code discount per transaction per customer. Make sure you don't click on the Koala decoy also hidden in the training articles! or you will find a hilarious reward!

Paragraph Section