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Professional Bucket Dolly

$39.99 $49.99 MSRP

The Professional Bucket Dolly is the versatile accessory for taking your wash bucket on the move!

Use This Bucket Dolly To:

  • Easily maneuver around cars
  • Take your detail on the go
  • Save you time and strain
  • Save wear and tear on your body
  • Detail in total comfort

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Slip your favorite 12” diameter round bucket into the dolly, secure it with the three locating screws, then fill with water go for a roll! No need to bend down to pick up heavy buckets and slosh water all over your shoes while hobbling around the car. This durable bucket dolly is made with thick, heavy duty molded plastic that stands up to years of detailing use, and fits detailing buckets 3.5-7 gallons in capacity.

Professional Tools For Professional Results

Unlike cheap imitations, the Professional Bucket Dolly rolls over driveway cracks and crevices with ease thanks to the 5 weatherproof polyurethane 2” casters. Is your driveway on a slight incline? Park the Professional Bucket Dolly with the two lockable casters and focus on the car wash at hand. Detailing wheels and undercarriage parts? Snap on the bucket lid and pop a squat on top of your newfound rolling bucket creeper seat!

Durable Build Materials & Quality

Spend time detailing low-down parts on any vehicle in a comfortable position for a change. The heavy duty Professional Bucket Dolly holds up to 250 pounds of rolling buckets, water, and detailing enthusiast. Corrosion-resistant materials stand up to water, cleaning chemicals, and exposure to UV sunlight and weather without rusting, cracking, or breaking down in the middle of a job. Take your detailing supplies with you wherever you may roam, and roll there in comfort with the Professional Bucket Dolly from Chemical Guys.

  1. Place your favorite round detailing bucket into the Professional Bucket Dolly. 
  2. Fill bucket with desired amount of water.
  3. Gently tighten the three bucket set screws into the sides of the bucket until snug.
  4. Do not over tighten.
  5. Test for solid grip before rolling bucket around the car.
  6. Secure the locking casters when working on a sloped incline.


1 – 5 Minutes





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