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ProBlow Handheld Dryer & Blower

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ProBlow Handheld Dryer & Blower

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ProBlow is the ultimate detailing dynamo that kicks your cleaning game to the next level! Powered by a beastly 1000-watt motor, it unleashes an unstoppable stream of air that's bound to blow your mind! With the ProBlow by your side, cleaning becomes an exhilarating breeze rather than a chore. Get ready to blast away with the power of air and embrace a whole new level of detailing wizardry!
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  • Among our dryers and blowers, the ProBlow Handheld Dryer and Blower is the most powerful tool for fast drying in tight spaces.
  • Fastest way to dry tight spots and crevices without scratching
  • Effortlessly dusts surfaces
  • Powerful 1000w motor and extra long cord (10 ft / 120 in) 
  • Perfect for autos, trucks, motorcycles, and inside the home
  • Quickly dries logos, door jambs, exhaust pipes, and more

What makes ProBlow awesome

The Best Way To Dry

The ProBlow blows an ultra-powerful jet stream of air to dry every part of your ride, including those hard-to-reach areas too tight for towels. Blow water out from door mirrors, trim pieces, lugnuts, gas hatches, tail lights, and anywhere else it collects and leaks out later. It not only cuts your drying time in half, but it greatly reduces the risk of scratching your paint by using a super strong stream of air and never making physical contact with the surface. 

Max Power, Max Use, Max Comfort

Flip the easy access switch and feel the powerful 1000-watt motor push out an intense jet stream of air. It’s perfect for drying virtually any wet surface, from your car to boat to house, decks, wet pavement, and more. The handy 10ft (120in) extra-long cord means you can take your ProBlow anywhere. Plus, the rubber tip means that even if you accidentally touch your paint, it won’t scratch. The lightweight 3.3lb unit is super comfortable to use.

Dry Those Nooks And Crannies

Everyone knows that feeling of finishing up your detail and then driving away, only to have dirty water drip from door jambs, mirrors, or logos. With the ProBlow, you can easily push standing water from hard-to-reach nooks and crannies in mirrors, trim, bumpers, emblems, lug nuts, grilles, grates, door jambs, and more. You can even open up your engine bay and blow out water, cleaners, or dressings when you’re done.

How to use ProBlow

Connect the blower to an electrical outlet. Hold it about 12 inches from the surface, turn it on, and blow dry the water off the surface, crevices, and any hard-to-reach areas. Repeat as needed.

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