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Laser Light Decal Sticker

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The Laser Light Decal sticks anywhere to show everyone that you use only the best premium professional grade Chemical Guys products to make your ride shine!

Use This Brush To: 

  • Improve the look of any dull surfaces
  • Show where you get your shine from
  • Let everyone know you're a Chemical Guy
  • Hark back to OG Chemical Guys roots
  • Show your pride without blocking visibility

Stick It on Your Car, or Anywhere!

Featuring the signature Chemical Guys skull in white with chrome silver edges, this 6” sticker looks great on your car, tool chest, or anywhere that looks boring and bland! Water resistant, chemical resistant, and UV coated, this sticker is made to last. Made from durable vinyl, the Laser Light Decal pops against any background in super bright white color. 

Celebrate the Detailing Lifestyle

At Chemical Guys, we believe that knowledge is power. Having a worldwide family of Chemical Guys car care enthusiasts makes it awesome to share ideas and experience with the world. Let everyone know that you’re a part of that family with this sticker. Slap it anywhere to show your pride for the company that makes your ride shine!

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