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Keep leather clean and fresh with our awesome Leather Kits! Check out this video for more!
You can also visit your local Detail Garage to find out more!

$19.99 $28.99 MSRP

The Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Kit delivers the perfect one-two punch to restore, then preserve the natural look and feel of soft n ... ew leather.

$49.99 $59.99 MSRP

Get the best results and everything you need in one place with the Chemical Guys New Leather Care Kit! Best way to keep new leather looking and smel ... ling new.

Our Newest Products

$59.99 $79.99 MSRP

The Ride Along Large Space Trunk Organizer is the absolutely massive, fully collapsible, super durable, ultra versatile car companion to help ... organize and store all of your detailing supplies, clothes, shoes, groceries, sports equipment and whatever else you can think of!

$39.99 $46.99 MSRP

The Quick Load Carrying Caddy & Storage Organizer is the perfectly sized, ultra convenient, fully collapsible caddy to help ... you organize and store your bottles, brushes, towels, applicators, tools, supplies, and anything else you need to take on the go!

$19.99 $29.99 MSRP

Keep your head cool in the sun and keep your style fresh in the streets with the Snap-It-Back Camo Script Hat! With its superior breathabilit ... y, versatile sizing, and catchy camouflage design, whether you’re wearing it frontwards or backwards, you’re sure to love your new detailing armor!

$8.99 $14.99 MSRP

Make washing your car a blast and add some fiery red color to your detailing with the Luminous Translucent Red Bucket! Made of durable, heavy ... duty materials and built to last, the Red Bucket gives you loads of functionality all while adding a ton of colorful fun to your wash experience!

$8.99 $14.99 MSRP

Add some color to your car wash and make it tons of fun with the Blazing Transparent Blue Bucket! Hold loads of soapy suds, store all your Ch ... emical Guys accessories, and shine your ride all while enjoying the vibrant color and fervent fun of the Blazing Blue Bucket!

$69.99 $99.99 MSRP

The Woolly Mammoth Ultra Plush Hooded Microfiber Bathrobe is the softest, most comfortable and warmest robe you’ll ever wear! The premiu ... m hood, deep pockets, soft belt, and plush pile ensure that you’ll be wrapped in comfort every time you put on your Woolly Mammoth!

$17.99 $19.99 MSRP

The Light Duty Spinner Multi-Surface Drill Brush is the extra soft brush that attaches to your drill and does all the work for you to rem ... ove light to moderate stains and gently clean upholstery and fabric! Sit back, relax, and watch as the Spinner easily cleans away dirt, grime, and stains from your car, home, office, and more!

$17.99 $19.99 MSRP

The Medium Duty Spinner Multi-Surface Drill Brush is the versatile brush attachment for your drill that provides the fastest, most dynami ... c, and most efficient way to remove moderate to heavy stains from your floor mats, soft plastics, rubber, durable upholstery, and carpets! Let your drill do all the hard work for you to clean your car, home, office, and more!

$17.99 $19.99 MSRP

The Heavy Duty Spinner Multi-Surface Drill Brush is the stiff bristled brush that attaches to your drill to deep clean and restore your t ... ile, grout, tubs, and more! Let your drill provide all the elbow grease needed to blast away layers of stuck-on grime from your home, bathroom, garage, and more with the Spinner!

$19.99 $29.99 MSRP

Finally shine as bright as your car with the Snap-It-Back Red Script Hat! Whether you’re rocking it frontwards to keep your ... eyes protected from the blinding sun, or backwards to keep your neck from baking in the blistering heat you’ll feel cool and look even cooler with the Red Script Hat!

$8.99 $14.99 MSRP

The Nice & Stiff Heavy Duty Carpet & Interior Brush is the hard working, stiff bristled, intense cleaning brush that reaches deep into fi ... bers, lifting dirt and grime, to restore a spot and stain free new appearance to your carpet, durable upholstery, floor mats, and more!

$8.99 $14.99 MSRP

The Big Blue Stiffy Heavy Duty Tire Brush is the durable stiff bristled brush you need to clean and restore those dirty, disgusting tires ... and filthy durable carpet so your car’s gleam can extend to all areas of your ride!

$8.99 $14.99 MSRP

The Wheelie All Exterior Surface And Wheel Brush employs super soft synthetic flagged tip bristles for a sensitive touch to gently, but e ... fficiently, remove dirt and grime from wheels, rims, wheel wells, and many other dirty exterior surfaces around your ride.

$8.99 $14.99 MSRP

The Wheel Works Medium Duty Wheel & Body Brush is the durably gentle, flagged tip brush that’s strong enough to eliminate dirt and grime fast yet ... soft enough to preserve sensitive engine parts and wheel finishes. Perfect for cleaning engine bays, undercarriages, wheels, and more!

$18.99 $29.99 MSRP

Stay cool on even the hottest jobs and proudly rep the brand that gives you your shine all while looking like a boss with t ... he Digital Camo T-Shirt! The signature dripping logo disguised with a digital camouflage pattern is sure to turn heads wherever you go!

$19.99 $29.99 MSRP

Upgrade your look with the fresh, new Snap-It-Back Olive Green Script Hat! Wear it frontwards or backwards to keep cool whi ... le detailing, and let the raised script lettering broadcast far & wide: you’re with Chemical Guys!

$8.99 $14.99 MSRP

Add some cool to your detail with the Heavy Duty Ultra Clear Smoked Obsidian Black Bucket! Functionality is fashionable with this heavy d ... uty, smoked obsidian bucket that looks great and works even better!

$9.99 $15.99 MSRP

Total Interior Cleaner & Protectant in the exclusive Black Cherry Scent is the one product that cleans and protects virtually any car int ... erior surface, and with its Black Cherry scent, your car will be left smelling cherry fine!

$299.99 $509.99 MSRP

The TORQ10FX Polisher Kit with Arsenal Range Polisher Bag is the kit that contains the TORQ10FX Polisher, the huge Arsenal Range Bag, and ... all the chemicals and pads you need to take your arsenal on the go and remove scratches and swirls anywhere!

$269.99 $419.99 MSRP

The TORQX Complete Detailing Kit with Arsenal Range Polisher Bag is the kit that comes with the TORQX Polisher, the huge Arsenal Range Ba ... g, and all accessories needed to take your detail on the go and remove scratches and swirls anywhere!