Gamma Seal Lid

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Use It With

The Gamma Seal Lid quickly and easily turns any 5 gallon bucket into a waterproof and airtight container with a simple twist of the wrist.

Use This To: 

  • Keep contents clean, dry and fresh
  • Transport water without spilling
  • Stack buckets and save valuable floor space
  • Turn any bucket into a disaster-proof container
  • Store microfiber goods to ensure a flawless finish

Rugged Materials With Durable Construction

Every Gamma Seal lid is made from heavy duty molded plastic that stands up to years of detailing use. Easily stack buckets, transport water, store food or supplies, and keep microfiber towels clean and scratch-free with the airtight and waterproof Gamma Seal Lid. The rugged lid is made in America of BPA-free food-grade plastic and fits 12” diameter 3.5 – 7” buckets.

Screw-on Lid Creates the Perfect Seal Every Time

The dual gasket design uses two rubber O-rings to ensure no air, water, insects, or rodents pass through the tight seal. The screw-on lid features a rubber O-ring that creates a perfect seal when screwed down, and the snap-on collar creates an airtight seal between the rim of the bucket with the second rubber O-ring. The dual gasket design ensures nothing wets, spoils, or eats the bucket contents!

  1. Clean bucket rim.
  2. Unscrew Gamma Seal Lid from bucket collar.
  3. Press bucket collar directly onto bucket rim.
  4. Ensure even seating around the entire collar with audible “snap.”
  5. Fill bucket with water, screw on lid, and invert to test for leaks.


1 – 5 Minutes





What Else You’ll Need

  • UPC: 811339025158
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 1.0 lbs
  • Size: 12" Across