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Full Function Power Atomizer & Pump Sprayer

$23.99 $48.99 MSRP

Use It With

The Full Function Atomizer is the smart detailing tool that sprays a fine mist of detailing product to wash and detail a car in just a few minutes without any water hoses, buckets, or power cords!

Use This Atomizer To: 

  • Effortlessly detail anywhere, anytime
  • Save hundreds of gallons of water
  • Quit wasting valuable time and money
  • Save your fingers from endless trigger-squeezing
  • Detail with no noise, electricity, and no waste

Non-Stop Detailing Efficiency

Not all enthusiasts have a driveway or running water. For those living in apartments, the Atomizer offers convenient and professional detailing results. With the Atomizer, it takes just a few minutes to wash, shine, and protect any car with your favorite waterless detailing solution. Simply fill the heavy-duty UV resistant 50oz bottle with detailing solution give it three pumps and start cleaning!

Effortless Detail

Pre-labeled measuring marks make mixing and diluting products quick and easy, and the ergonomic trigger is integrated into the handle for comfortable point-and-spray accuracy. The fully adjustable nozzle reduces large drops to a fine mist for even and efficient coverage with minimal product use. Dilute window cleaners or quick detail sprays to clean windows, paintwork, wheels, and more!

  1. Fill the bottle with concentrated product and dilute with clean filtered/DI water accordingly.
  2. Screw the pump and sprayer handle on tight. Pump the bottle 3 - 5 times.
  3. Depress trigger to mist product over area to clean and detail.
  4. Unscrew sprayer handle to release internal pressure once detailing work is complete.
  5. Re-attach the handle firmly to prevent product leakage during storage or transport.
How to Use It - Chemical Guys


5 – 10 Minutes





What Else You’ll Need

  • Cleaning Solution