Flex Pro Professional Backing Plate Drill Dual Action Adapters

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The Flex Pro Backing Plate Kit turns any power drill into a polishing machine. If you’ve got plenty of small polishing pads and accessories lying around and hard-to-reach car parts that need polishing, set them to work on your compact cordless power drill!

Use This To: 

  • Tackle intense paint correction quickly and easily
  • Cover small areas of the task
  • Minimize friction and heat
  • Polish away swirls, scratches, and water spots
  • Use your Power Drill to get the job done

Equipped For Compatibility

The Flex Pro Backing Plate ships with both drill and dual action adapters for use with most power drills, or DA polishers that accepts 5/16” threaded accessories. The backing plate is made with molded urethane and grabs onto buffing pads with the solid grip hook and loop system. The Flex Backing Plate minimizes heat transfer while flexing to every curve and contour for superior even polishing results.

Built For Detailing Flexibility

The Flex Pro backing plate is custom designed for enhanced flexibility and safety when polishing around automobile curves and contours. The backing plate runs slightly smaller than buffing pads, which leaves a generous lip of foam to protect the painted surface. Even if you accidentally turn the pad on its side, there is a cushion of soft buffing pad foam and the beveled edge of the urethane backing plate. The threaded post adapter fits any polisher with a 5/16” threaded diameter, and the drill chuck adapter shaft enables it to work great with any cordless or corded power drill.

  1. Open the power drill chuck and slip the straight adapter shank into the hole
  2. Lock it down with a solid tight grip and test for any loose play
  3. Gently screw the Flex Pro Backing Plate onto the threaded shank adapter and test for solid grip
  4. For use with DA polishers, use the wrench supplied with the machine to lock the 5/16” threaded adapter into the machine output, then screw the molded urethane Flex Pro Backing Plate onto the threaded adapter
  • UPC: 816276017396
  • Weight: 0.2 lbs
  • Size: 3 inch