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FLEX PE 14-2 Rotary Polisher Kit (9 Items)

$439.99 $510.99 MSRP
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$439.99 $510.99 MSRP

The FLEX PE 14-2 Polisher is the refined and smooth rotary tool for any professional who wants a precise, lightweight, and easy-to-use machine for f... [See More]

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The FLEX PE 14-2 Polisher is the refined and smooth rotary tool for any professional who wants a precise, lightweight, and easy-to-use machine for fast action and one step defect removal power.

Use This Polisher To: 

  • Restore gloss and optical clarity to paintwork
  • Get professional results with minimal effort
  • Use any sized backing plate from 7" down to 1"
  • Polish paint, headlights, metal trim, jambs, wheels
  • Finish down to perfection

The Professional's Secret Weapon

A skilled detailer can effectively erase swirls and scratches from paint with a rotary in seconds. The FLEX PE 14-2 is lightweight, ergonomic, and perfectly balanced to give the perfect polish. The FLEX PE 14-2 is shaped with an intuitive ergonomic casing, lightweight design, and uses helical cut gears and smooth variable power controls for precise, smooth, and quiet action.

Precise and Smooth German Engineering

The PE 14-2 features pressure-sensitive accelerator trigger controls, infinite speed selection gearing, and advanced cooling channels to keep the machine smooth and cool at any speed setting. The speed control knob features six distinct speeds with infinite adjustment between each one, so the PE 14-2 can be tuned to spin at the perfect speed for any polishing job between 600 and 2,100 RPMs.

Lightweight and Versatile Form Factor

Rotary polishers quickly remove wet sand marks, heavy swirls and scratches, and oxidation to restore gloss and optical clarity to painted finishes. The PE 14-2 maneuvers around automotive curves and contours with a light touch that is safe for sensitive finishes. The machine comes equipped with a flexible TORQ R5 Rotary Backing Plate that helps the polisher fit into tight areas.

  1. Shake well and apply 4-5 drops of V36 to Orange Pad.
  2. Prime pad with Pad Conditioner.
  3. Dab product out evenly across 2' x 2' section.
  4. Turn on the machine while slowing easing it onto the surface while set to speed setting 1 
  5. Increase speed to 3-4 and using light pressure.
  6. Work area in 2-3 passes until product becomes clear.
  7. Examine results. If you are satisfied with results, proceed to step 10.
  8. If you are not satisfied with results, try using V34 with the Orange Pad; if you are satisfied, proceed to step 10.
  9. If an even more aggressive approach is needed, switch to the Yellow Cutting Pad.
  10. Refine finish with white pad and V38 Final Polish.
  11. Work until optical clarity is achieved.
  12. Remove residue with clean microfiber towel.


1 – 4 Hours




Wash Surface, Decontamniate Paint, Wipe Out

  • UPC: 811339025257
  • Product Features: 5" Backing Plate RPM: 600 - 2,100 Power: 880 W
  • Machine Type: Rotary 120 V
  • Weight: 9.9 lbs

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