Flex Gray Double Sided Sanding Block

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The Dual Sided Hyper Flex Water Spot Sanding Block combines multiple wet sanding steps into one easy-to-use tool. The durable foam brick features two pliable gray sides that accept self-adhesive sanding sheets.

Use This To:

  • Easy grip flexible sanding block
  • Dual-sided sanding block combines two in one
  • Plush sanding foam bends, flexes, and adapts
  • Accepts self-adhesive latex sanding sheets

How It Works

The plush foam sanding block contours, bends, and adapts to different surfaces and shapes for even paint removal, ensuring superior results over traditional wet sanding methods. Stick a rough cutting sanding sheet to one side to quickly wet sand high spots flat, then refine the sanding finish with a finer grit wet sandpaper on the other side. This sanding block is great for removing isolated scratches, bird dropping etching, water spots, and restoring headlights and tail lights. The unique wet foam block system uses an ultra-flexible semi-permeable latex membrane that accepts self-adhesive wet sanding sheets. These latex sheets come in 2500 and 3500 grit ratings, perfect for working on automotive paint finishes. Use the Dual Sided Hyper Flex Water Sanding Block whenever wet sanding for crystal clear headlights and perfect reflections on painted surfaces.

Dual Sided Sanding Block

Normal wet sanding methods use bare hands and sandpaper, or flimsy foam rubber sleeves to push wet sandpaper over painted surfaces. But excess fingertip pressure could easily cause uneven sanding marks and ripples in paint, and gripping the thin sanding blocks causes fatigues and hand cramps. The large Dual Sided Hyper Flex Sanding Block uses an easy-to-grip plush foam block to conform to and work over any surface. The dense foam spreads out sanding pressure evenly across the entire sanding sheet. This results in even sanding planes and a perfectly flat surface on any paint or optical plastic finish. Quickly knock down the high spots for an even key with the grittier abrasive sheet, then flip the block over to refine the sanding marks with the finer abrasive sheet. Choose the Dual Sided Hyper Flex Sanding System for even results and fast working every time.

  1. Prepare Headlight & Paint Water Sanding Block & Restoration Kit for wet sanding.
  2. Select desired wet sanding sheet: 2500 or 3500 grit.
  3. Peel off half of sanding sheet backing and stick directly onto gray plush foam side of Hyper Flex Block.
  4. Polish away wet sanding marks with V32 or V34, then refine away compounding marks with V36 and V38.