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Dozen Roses Air Freshener

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$9.99 $13.99 MSRP

If your one true love has four wheels, an internal combustion engine, and bucket seats, then the Dozen Roses Air Freshener is the perfect scent for your love affair!

Use This Air Freshener To:

  • Eliminates old, stale, and foul odors at their source
  • A great Valentine's Day Gift - Dozen Roses in a Bottle
  • Neutralize odors at the source
  • Give your love a fresh cut rose scent

The Perfect Gift For Your Ride

Just one spray will infuse your stinky spaces both in and out of your car with the light, fresh scent of wild picked roses cut right at the stem. First, give your ride a lavish foam bath with a premium Chemical Guys soap, then spread an opulent coat of one of our luxurious waxes, and finally, finish up with a spritz of Dozen Roses Air Freshener. This invigorating scent recalls a giant red bouquet of the roses sure to show your sweetheart just how deep your love lies.

Romance In A Bottle

Unlike real flowers, this air freshener is available at a moment’s notice! The titillating scent of the bright crimson flowers turns any old day into a special occasion perfect for celebrating the unending bond between you and your ride. This air freshener doesn’t just smell like a fresh just-picked rose to paint the perfect mood, it also contains powerful odor eliminators that destroy foul odors at their source. Don’t have anything planned for date night? Don’t worry, just spray Roses Air Freshener and spoil your sweetheart with the sweet scent of romance!

  1. Clean and vacuum any debris and old food or stains that may be imparting foul smells into the automobile interior.
  2. Shake well.
  3. Lightly mist around carpets, cloth upholstery, and under seats.
  4. Enjoy fresh scent.


1 – 5 Minutes





Pro Tip

Perform An AC Flush To Maximize The Efficiency Of Your Air Freshener!

Eliminate All Odors and Make Your Air Freshener Last Much Longer

Simply setting your AC to circulation mode and spraying a premium air freshener into the recirculation intake will recycle air through the lower vents of the vehicle to filter your odor eliminator through the AC system to eliminate airborne bacteria! 

  • UPC: 842850104213
  • Product Form: Liquid
  • Application Type: Spray
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs
  • Scent: Roses

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