Welcome To Chemical Guys 2.0!

New Site, Same Awesomeness


Well, if you haven’t noticed, we have a new site! Our old one was great and all, but sometimes, you just have to upgrade. And upgrade we did! Our new site offers amazing new capabilities, features, and the opportunity to grow even more. It's like going from an old filthy jalopy that hasn't been washed or clayed in years to a new sports car with glistening paint that's smooth as glass!


We're really excited to show you the things our new site can do: like having more of YOU on it! Now, you can submit photos of your ride for the chance to be featured right here on ChemicalGuys.com. Share pictures of your shiny new paint, your just washed garage queen, perfect streak-free glass, and more simply by snapping and submitting!


Our new site also offers us more capabilities on our end too, so we can help you get exactly the products you need as fast as possible. Our new site has the capacity to grow with us over the coming years, and with the amount of amazing stuff we have planned, we're going to need it.


Despite all the big changes happening here, some things will (and always will) remain the same. Your favorite Chemical Guys products haven't gone anywhere, and the formulas are the exact as they've always been. We HAVE added a few new products, though (check out Beer Snow Foam and Rico's Horchata Air Freshener!) that we know you'll love! Our amazing customer service team is still here for you via telephone, email, or even facebook messenger to help you along your journey to shine, and that crazy huge library of detailing how-to's of ours is still growing by the day.


We've had such a hard time keeping this secret, and we're so glad to finally show you our new site! So, take a look around, explore, and see what you find. As always, we're here to help if you have any questions!