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How To: Clean Tires And Add Shine


Cleaning and degreasing tires can be easy but a dirty job none the less. Tires can accumulate dirt, grime, grease and anything foul that may lie on the road as the tires rotate day in and day out. Using the right products and tools can help you clean your tires and keep them looking clean and new without the hassle.


Make sure you set up in a location accessible to all tires and making sure there is enough light for you to see the grime and grease that’s on your tires for you to remove. This makes it easy to calculate the amount of product you will use on each tire as each tire may have a different level of grime. Orange Degreaser is one of our many great products that we offer, it is our go to product to clean and degrease tires.


ecommended dilution ratio is 3:1, spray Orange Degreaser onto the desired area of the tire covering the tire with the degreaser, let it sit for about 5 to 10 seconds to help agitate the filth. Using our Blue Stiffy Brush, brush the tire in a circular motion or left to right to further agitate the grime until you see the tire fully agitated from the grime and grease.


Wipe the excess from the tire using our Workhorse Black Towel which is recommended for Tires, Rubber, Vinyl and Engine Bays. After wiping down the excess, check the tires for any spots you may have missed and if so, you can do a second round to get a thorough clean. You can leave the tires looking nice and clean with just this process or you can add a nice wet shine to them using one of our great dressing’s like our Blue Guard High Shine and Protectant.


Apply the dressing onto the tire using our Easy Grip Soft Pad Applicator, spray Blue Guard onto the applicator and apply onto the tire until desired look. You can always wipe down the excess using the Workhorse Black Towel to regulate the shine level to your preference or keep it as is for that nice wet look! Repeat the process to all four tires, before you know it your tires will look amazing and ready for a new day. Blue Guard High Shine and Protectant not only gives your tires an amazing shine but it will also protect them from nasty UV rays with enhanced UV protection.

Wheel Cleaning & Shining

Time Needed

15 - 25 minutes





What else you'll need

  • Workhorse Towels
  • Secondary Dilution Bottle
  • Applicator