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Big Mouth Foamy Fun Car Wash Kit

$114.99 $249.99 MSRP

Use It With

$89.99 $129.99 MSRP

The all-new TORQ Big Mouth Max Release Foam Cannon packs a giant head, a gigantic bottle mouth, and fully adjustable foam stream to shoot ... epic shaving cream-like thick suds for the slickest, safest, and most fun wash ever!

$12.99 $16.29 MSRP

The Big Mouth Drying Towel is a fluffy, soft, and absorbent drying towel that measures an enormous 36’’ x 25’’ for quick and ... effortless drying on even the largest vehicles. 

$12.99 $24.99 MSRP

Ultra Plush Towels are perfect for final-touch wiping because they are ultra-soft, ultra-plush, and stitched for scratch-free detailing. Each towel ... comes with two size piles for ultimate versatility!

4 Sizes
$19.99 $27.99 MSRP

Hybrid V07 Optical Select High Gloss Quick Detailer is the perfect solution for in-between washes, Keep your ride clean and shiny with our V07 High Gl ... oss Quick Detailer.

3 Sizes
$9.99 $13.99 MSRP

Watermelon Snow Foam Shampoo smells exactly like a juicy seedless watermelon ready to be carved up and creates the thick foaming suds that only Chemic ... al Guys snow foams can produce!

The Big Mouth Foamy Fun Car Wash Kit is the ultimate foaming car wash kit! With everything you need to wash, dry, and protect your ride, you’ll be turning heads in no time with the pristine results you’re sure to get from this amazing kit!

Awesome Kit Features:

  • Generate tons of foamy suds
  • Easy Adjust Foam Knob for ultimate control of your foam
  • Full Flow Technology shoots wide or concentrated stream
  • Premium polymers and hyper-surfactants release debris
  • Lubricate surfaces to prevent scratching & swirling
  • Leaves surfaces smelling like fresh, juicy watermelons
  • Produce a high gloss shine & stunning optical clarity
  • Add durable protection from UV, rain, water spots, & more
  • Reveal stunning high gloss finish on any paint color
  • Ultra Plush Microfiber Detailing Towel buffs surfaces dry

Load Blowing Foam

Tackle thick dirt and grime on your ride with the TORQ Big Mouth foam cannon suds! Douse your ride in the richest, thickest suds you have ever seen and watch as even the toughest mud loosens, then effortlessly slides down your paint. Thick foam not only loosens and encapsulates abrasive dirt and debris, it also lubricates the surface for slick scratch-free wiping of your wash mitt. The Quick Release Connect gets you foaming fast, no screwing, threading, or fiddling required, and the Easy Adjust Foam Know and Full Flow Technology gives you total control over your foam and stream! No matter the size of your ride, the Big Mouth has you covered!

Protect Your Paint With Premium Auto Wash

Watermelon Snow Foam is gentle and can clean any area of your vehicle from wheels to paintwork. This snow foam auto wash produces tons of cleansing suds, making this high-tech detailing shampoo perfect for your Big Mouth Foam Cannon. Watermelon Snow Foam contains powerful hyper surfactants that cut through dirt and grime, lifting them from sensitive automotive paintwork with billions of scrubbing bubbles, then safely lubricate and guide them off the paint for a scratch-free wash. When you’re done with your wash, ensure that your car gets a brilliant streak-free dry with the Big Mouth Drying Towel.

Optical Select Spray Sealant Technology

Hybrid V07 lightly cleans, enhances shine, and adds durable UV protection all in one easy step. Hybrid V07 is engineered with rapid bond technology that allows this spray sealant to bond and disappear into the surface, revealing a high gloss finish and bringing life to any color paint. After wiping away light dust and dirt with your included Ultra Plush Microfiber Detailing Towel, the finish created is bright, crisp, and astonishingly smooth. Spray V07 on your car after your Watermelon Snow Foam car wash to minimize scratching and swirling while you dry with your Big Mouth Drying Towel. Finally, use V07 to maintain your ride in between full washes with your foam cannon!