All Interior And Exterior Detailing Brush Kit

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Give a deep clean and signature shine to all your surfaces with the All Interior and Exterior Detailing Brush Kit! Get a hold of four specialized detailing brushes so you always have the right tool for the job and a brush for every surface!

Awesome Kit Features:

  • Wheelie Wheel Brush gently removes dirt & grime from wheels
  • Gets deep into wheel wells for thorough cleaning
  • Soft flagged tip bristles clean plastics, liners, trims, & more
  • Wheel Works Body Brush cleans engine bays & undercarriages
  • Plush brush head picks up dirt & debris for a brilliant finish
  • Flagged tips help prevent scratching & swirling on surfaces
  • Big Blue Stiffy Tire Brush deep cleans tires effortlessly
  • Removes dirt, grime, tar, and more from tires
  • Helps new dressings last longer for a brilliant tire shine
  • Nice & Stiff Carpet Brush expertly cleans interior surfaces
  • Separates individual fibers to lift and remove deep set stains
  • Helps restore an OEM appearance to your car’s interior

The Right Tool For The Job

You wouldn’t brush your hair with a toothbrush would you? So why are you still using the same brush for all of your wildly different cleaning surfaces? With the All Interior and Exterior Detailing Brush Kit you’ll always have the right tool for the job! Clean your car, home, and office; exterior, interior, wheels, tires, carpets, and upholstery with these versatile new brushes! Whether it’s shining sensitive surfaces with a gentle touch, or eliminating tough, stuck-on dirt and grime with strength and grit, you’ll always have the right brush for every surface with the four specialized detailing brushes included in the All Interior and Exterior Detailing Brush Kit!

Gentle Flagged Tip Touch

Get a deep clean without scratching or swirling your sensitive surfaces with the Wheelie Wheel Brush and Wheel Works Body Brush. The medium duty bristles on the Wheelie Brush and Wheel Works Brush are split on the ends to provide flagged tip gentleness and a broad surface area clean to tough surfaces. The Wheelie is tough enough to remove tough dirt and grime but gentle enough to preserve sensitive rims and wheels. The Wheel Works Brush deep cleans engine bays, undercarriages, and trim without marring the surface. Give a signature shine to all your car’s sensitive surfaces with the Wheelie Wheel Brush and Wheel Works Body Brush.

Heavy Duty Bristles Are Tough On Dirt

Tackle even the toughest dirt and stains with the Big Blue Stiffy Tire Brush and the Nice & Stiff Carpet Brush. Get rid of all that disgusting tire grime with the Big Blue Stiffy. The stiff synthetic bristles, hard plastic backing, and ergonomic handle all combine to form the perfect tool to attack dirt and grime and restore your tires back to black. The Nice & Stiff Brush is your deep cleaning solution for those stained and dirty interior surfaces of your car, home, and office.The Nice & Stiff works to separate individual fibers and draw set-in dirt and stains to the surface for easy removal. Attack your toughest jobs with the Big Blue Stiffy and Nice & Stiff brushes.

The Nice & Stiff Heavy Duty Carpet & Interior Brush is the hard working, stiff bristled, intense cleaning brush that reaches deep into fibers, lifting dirt and grime, to restore a spot and stain free new appearance to your carpet, durable upholstery, floor mats, and more!
Big Blue Stiffy Heavy Duty Tire Brush
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The Big Blue Stiffy Heavy Duty Tire Brush is the durable stiff bristled brush you need to clean and restore those dirty, disgusting tires and filthy durable carpet so your car’s gleam can extend to all areas of your ride!
The Wheelie All Exterior Surface And Wheel Brush employs super soft synthetic flagged tip bristles for a sensitive touch to gently, but efficiently, remove dirt and grime from wheels, rims, wheel wells, and many other dirty exterior surfaces around your ride.
The Wheel Works Medium Duty Wheel & Body Brush is the durably gentle, flagged tip brush that’s strong enough to eliminate dirt and grime fast yet soft enough to preserve sensitive engine parts and wheel finishes. Perfect for cleaning engine bays, undercarriages, wheels, and more!

Please Note: Please note that the color and or packaging on accessories featured in the kit may vary from what is displayed in the image. Accessories and or Chemicals may be replaced based on stock availability.