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Chemical Guys BUF_105 - Work-Horse 2 Inch Thick Finishing Pad, Black (8 Inches)
Chemical Guys BUF_105 - Work-Horse 2 Inch Thick Finishing Pad, Black (8 Inches)

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Name: Chemical Guys Work-Horse
Black Foam Finishing Pad

Hook & Loop Foam Grip Pad
Size: 8-in x 2-in
Color: Black
Mounting: Hook & Loop Grip
Backing Style: Recessed
Texture Of Surface: Flat Face
Application: Finishing Pad

USE: Body Shop, Detailing Shop, Dealerships, Automobile, Marine,

Black Finishing Foam The Chemical Guys Work-Horse Black Finishing Pad can be used when applying light cutting polishes, chemical polishes, paint cleansers, All In One (AIO), glazes, sealants and liquid waxes. The Work-Horse Black Finishing Pad is often used with chemical polishes, sealants, waxes and glazes. This pad is very soft and can evenly distribute the exact right amount of product needed for an amazing gloss and shine. The Black Finishing Pad is extremely gentle and easy to use so you get great results in less time. These pads are 2" inches thick so they are durable and will last for years to come. This pad is also sometimes referred to as the GRAY FINISHING PAD.

Recommended RPM's 1,000 - 1,750.
Foam pads work best if kept below 2,000 RPM

Work Horse Wool  And Foam Buffing Pads

Work-Horse Finishing Pad -a dense foam that provides a protective cushion allowing foam compression to maintain constant surface pressure while lessening machine vibration. This black engineered foam is imported from Europe and is specifically designed for polishing and buffing and is used at an OEM level worldwide.

This Black Finishing Pad can be used with pre-wax cleaners, finishing polishes and even more course polishes. This dense pad provides even product application and professional polishing ability The white foam polishes the paint without abrading clear coat or single stages.

Use With:

  • Composition is firm enough to withstand added pressure during final finishing to remove buffer swirls.

  • It has no cut and will apply thin, even coats of waxes, sealants, and glazes.

  • Tested and approved at OEM levels, these pads using strategic patterns of partially closed cells reduce the rate of polish absorption, improves operator control whilst at the same time reducing heat.

  • The best and easiest to use pad to restore and enhance shine and gloss. Ideal for regular paint care with minor surface imperfections.

New Micro-pore Technology Micro-Pore foam ensures that every pore exactly the same size as the one next to it, this way CG-Specializing pads can assure a perfect finish every time on a PC or Rotary. You will notice when you squeeze our pads that they are very dense and 2" inches thick, Micro-Pore pads are dense to keep the product in the pad for even spreading, cutting, polishing and finishing. Utilizing Dense Micro-Pore Technology (MPT) also allows CG-Specializing pads to be used at a higher speed setting to deliver a truly perfect finish by reducing, slinging and waste and increasing coverage area.

Understanding Wool Pads:

For years body shops and professional detailers have used wood pads. Just like Foam pads have different colors to symbolize the level of cut, so do wool pads. Wool Pads come in a variety of blends to accommodate your every need. One category are buffing pads made from wool.

For simplicity reasons the Chemical Guys Work-Horse line uses 3 different wool pads.

  • Heavy Cut

  • Medium Cut

  • Light Cut / Polish

Work Horse Wool  And Foam Buffing Pads

Work Horse Yellow Foam Polishing Pad:

  • 2" inch think

  • Thickest Dense pads on the market today

  • Dense 2 inch thick pads allow more than enough padding to reduce marring and pushing down on the machine during application.

  • Ideal size for FLEX Machines and Rotary Polishers

  • Premium High-Quality Pad construction - assures Work-Horse pads never " Bottom Out" these pads are thick and very premium.

  • Professional EP binding system assures that even after hundreds of washes pads will not come apart from backing.

  • Dense Multi-Pore Technology assures the Slowest rate of polish absorption - Allows for better polish performance.

  • Acu-Pore sizes Improve operator control by releasing the same amount of product evenly.

  • Creates Just the right amount of heat - Acu-Pore construction distributes the heat created thorough friction evenly throughout the pad to reduce overheating and burning.

  • OEM Approved - OEM tests confirm MPT pads out-perform convoluted pad designs.

  • One Pad often times does it all - Using the right pad with the right product can make all the difference. MPT pads are made to work with products to deliver exactly the results your looking for without having to switch from pad to pad.

  • THICKER THAN EVER - That's Right this beauty is 40% thicker than any pad we have ever sold. Having a Thicker pad is important when using a dual-action polisher because pressure is required when using the polish in conjunction with the polisher. Because MPT Pads are Specialized Pads they are constructed of Dense Multi-Pore Foam that's 2 inches thick to assure they will never Bottom Out causing damage or burning paint.

Work Horse Wool  And Foam Buffing Pads
Which Work-Horse Pad is Right For You? This Simple Chart Is Here To Help

Item Number When To Use Diameter Thickness Characteristics Color Application Pad Info
BUF_21 Heavy Cutting & Compounding 8 1.5 Hook & loop backing.
Short wool pile for heavy cutting action
Natural beige Heavy Cutting 100% 4 Ply Twisted Wool Yarn

Heavy Compounding
Very Aggressive Cut

BUF_22 Medium
Cutting & Compounding
8 1.5

Hook & loop backing, Wool blend yarn = medium Cut / Compound/ polishing pad

Yellow Medium cutting / polishing 50% Wool 50% Acrylic
Blended Yarn with 4 ply twists.

Medium Compounding
Aggressive Cut

BUF_102 Light Cut & Polishing 8 1.5 Hook & loop backing, the standard wool pad in the market made for standard compound & polishing jobs Natural beige Cutting 100% 4 ply Twisted Wool Yarn

Light Compounding
Polishing Wood Pad

Light-Medium Cut

BUF_103 Polishing 8" 2"

Recessed back for plate protection from making contact on paint surface.

Yellow Foam Pad

Light cut/polish

Foam Polishing Pad

50 PPI foam
(PPI = Pores Per Inch)

BUF_105 Finishing 8" 2 Recessed back for plate protection from making contact on paint surface Black Foam Pad Finishing

Foam Finishing Pad

80 PPI foam

(PPI = Pores Per Inch)

use me

Follow these general rules for better results from your wool pads:

  • Make it a practice to periodically check the pad during the buffing process.

  • Clean the pad when the pad surface begins to glaze over from compound/polish build up.

  • Wash Pads well after use with PAD WASHER .

  • After washing, do not dry pads with high heat as this promotes wool shrinkage.

  • Let pads air dry or spin them out inside the Pad Washer.

  • Keep pads in a clean and dry location when not being used. This will minimize foreign particles from coming in contact with the buffing surface the next time you use the pad.

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