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Windshield Repair Training

Smart Detailing Universitys Windshield Repair Class is here to teach you how to repair star breaks and bulls-eyes in windshields and build a profitable, successful business.

I was driving on the freeway behind an 18-wheeler with no mud flaps when all of a sudden a rock was kicked up and POP!!! This is a story that is all too common, especially on our wonderful 405 freeway. With the right tools and proper training you can become certified in Windshield Repair and provide a service that will save your customers from a costly replacement. With some windshield replacements costing upward of $1,000, being a Certified Windshield Repair Technician will definitely come in handy.

Take your knowledge base and your business to the next level by getting certified as a Smart Detailing University Windshield Repair Specialist. The Windshield Repair training is offered as part of our Master Detailing Course or if you would like you also have the option to take the course on its own. The average windshield repair cost $65-180 per chip and most insurance companies will pay $60-85 per chip for up to three chips. Whether you are a full-service detailer who wants to add this service to your menu or are interested in working as a stand-alone Windshield Repair Technician, this class is for YOU!!!

Smart Detailing Universitys comprehensive training is headed by Windshield Repair Specialists with over 15 years experience. Our faculty is not comprised of Teachers who simply get paid to teach but have no real business success. The SDU faculty is comprised of successful business owners that have proven track records of running successful windshield repair companies. Our faculty is here to do more than just train you; we are here to help make you and your business a success!

There is no better time to succeed than right now! Enroll today & Join the Worldwide Movement!

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What You Will Learn:

  • How to make a 6 Figure income as a Windshield Repair Specialist
  • You will gain the industry's leading tips and hands-on training from professionals with real industry experience
  • Utilizing the latest and most advanced equipment
  • How to repair star breaks and bulls-eyes in windshields
  • About glass technology and how glass is made
  • The difference between manufactured glass and aftermarket glass
  • Windshield repair tools of the trade
  • Step by step training on pricing, invoicing, qualifying the customer and follow up techniques that really work
Why customers worldwide are demanding this service:
  • Low-Cost: Windshield replacements can be costly, by repairing the windshield it gives the customer a low-cost alternative.

    * Many insurance plans cover the cost of windshield repair which makes it more affordable for the customer.

  • Easily Accessible and Fast: Windshield Repair Specialists can provide this as a mobile service by traveling to the customers' home or work. It typically only takes 15 minutes to complete therefore giving the customer the most convenient service.

Why becoming a Windshield Repair Specialist is the right career choice:

  • Low-Cost: The equipment and supplies needed to repair a windshield are minimal and affordable. So the cost of each repair is very low.
  • - If you are providing it as a mobile service you are also saving by not having to pay for a fixed location.
  • Convenient and Fast: You can provide Windshield Repair as an add on service to your existing business. If you have an auto detailing business you can provide customers with another service that will not take a lot of time to complete.


Professional Certified

Windshield Repair Technician

Class Length: 1 Day
Pricing: Contact Us

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