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"A worthwhile firm must have a purpose and a passion for its existence. Not only the everyday work-a-day purpose to earn a just profit, but beyond that, to improve in some way the quality of the community to which it is committed. Each firm-as should each person-contributes to those around it; and by dint of its day-to-day efforts, the message it thereby imparts is a revelation of the quality standard at which its life's work is conducted.


Chemical Guys was founded over 32 years ago, with a goal of providing the community, businesses, business professionals, clients, auto enthusiasts and friends with the highest quality car care products at any price. Throughout the years, we have remained dedicated to providing our patrons uniquely efficacious car care products, accessories and knowledge. Each of us at Chemical Guys is committed to serving our customers and communities alike through the highest service standards.

Our Products Detailing Supplies

Our products are made utilizing the finest ingredients known to us, while our unique formulations assure the highest quality auto care products that our customers have come to expect from us. Our unique, extensive background represents a blend of compounds, polishes, glazes, waxes, sealants, leather conditioners dressing, microfiber towels, accessories and knowledge developed and passed on through the generations.

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We'd love to get to know you and so would everyone else! Send us an e-mail and some pictures of you and your car, motorcycle, tractor, big rig, airplane, spaceship, or simply your family, toys, your lifestyle and your Chemical Guys experience.

With your permission, we would greatly like to share your experienced with others. So in the next few weeks we will have a "gallery" area on our website displaying pictures and text from our friends and clients. A Chemical Guys First! The information you allow us to post will remain online forever. So make your mark in history and send us your feedback and pictures!

"Your products are second to none."

Your products are second to none. The Hex-logic pads delivered superior results during the reconditioning of project Ferrari. The client was extremely pleased and excited to once again see the shine of a better then new Ferrari. A final double coat of E-zyme took the paint depth and reflectivity to a new level,. the finish was amazing. Thanks Chemical Guys!

Wax used: Chemical Guys E-zyme Natura:

Chemical Guys Team :

Our local performance Glasgow Bentley, requested some products to be dropped off for their valet dept While I was there I couldn't help but notice a nice little Aston Martin.

Turns out they had a customer due the next morning to view it and it was needing some paint correction .Luckily enough I had some time and some products with me .Caledonia was using our premises and I decided to give him a call to ask for assistance as time was going to be against me as the service dept required the valet bay back earlier than expected :mad:

The car itself was in not bad condition apart from quite a lot of etching over various parts of the car .
Here is an example of what i was up against

First up was to give the car a basic wash and then dry with a Miracle Dryer ,then get it inside to do some correction work

As time was against me I struggled to get some decent pictures of the process

Correction was achieved with Chemical Guys new Polish No. 323 and the new Chemical Guys Hex Logic Black Finishing Pads

With the new Polish my process involved spritzing the new pads with some Chemical Guys Pad Conditioner ,the main benefit being a massive reduction in dusting ,although the new polish was designed for minimal dusting and maximum performance

Application via rotary began with spreading the polish at speed 1 ,and slowly working the speed up to around 1800 rpm for correction .The polish itself seemed remarkably easy to use with little or no dusting

LSP used was EZyme paste wax ,it even attracted a few mechanics over who were enquiring about the smell of the wax in the service bay LOL. More importantly remember the etching from earlier ?

This car was a pleasure to work on and the flake that was popping was stunning to say the least



It was time for the baby to go to the showroom in time for the potential buyer arriving in the morning ,in the showroom the valet
dept would dress the tyres etc

Here are a few outside shots

Many thanks to Caledonia for helping me out :thumb

Hi Chemical Guys:

I have tried many other wax boosters, some costing double or triple what Blitz cost. I couldn't wait to try it, so as soon as the FedEx guy dropped it off... away I went. I applied Blitz to a section of my hood I had cleaned with One Waterless Car Wash (another review), This stuff PERFORMS! Easy on, easy off. Buffs to a ridiculous shine! I will update on durability in a few weeks. Thanks Chemical Guys!

UPDATE: 7/17/2007 Ok, I applied Blitz on half of my hood on June 30. I have washed my car twice since then using Citrus Wash & Gloss and the water is STILL beading. This stuff is great! Go Chemical Guy's!

Joshua Bachman
Ferndale, MI United States
Thanks Chemical Guys!

I purchased the Big Monster Microfiber Towels because I drive a jet black BMW and I was tired of everything leaving spider marks in my finish. I have tried over a dozen different types of MF towels that all claimed to be the best, but this one truly is the best I have ever used. Just one of the 17x24 towels dried my whole car, and it still had room to dry a couple more panels! It also works great for removing waxes with its short fibered side. Hands down best towel I have ever used.

Vinny Sorrentino
Irvine California United States
PASTE WAX E-ZYME Hi Chemical Guys!

My name is Josh Flint and I am a young car enthusiast. I recently
tried your limited edition 50/50 paste wax on my vehicle. I was truly AMAZED by the results! I own a 1999 Chevy s10 that is built from the ground up. The truck includes custom House of Kolors paint sprayed by Nick Santana at Squirty's and pin stripping done by Tom McWeeney at Kustoms Inc, Vortech supercharger, engine upgrades from sts performance, tons of carbon fiber done by Fiber images, front and rear Baer brakes, Budnik wheels, a 2000 GMC Envoy front clip, Phillips HID headlights, tons of custom one-off machined parts from Gary at A&C Precision machining, custom tubular upper and lower control arms, custom six link airbag suspension, powder coated frame, AND
MUCH MORE. The truck is definitely a eye catcher that stands out from the rest. I attend tons of cars shows that are sponsored by car care companies such as Mothers,
and Maguireís. I have to say that I have tried there products and they donít even compare to Chemical Guys! Some upcoming shows that I will be showing my truck at include=Ludikris show(Saturday August 15, 2009),
Thunder On The Lot(June 14, 2009), Oktoberfest(September 20, 2009), SEMA show (November 3-6, 2009). I love your product and plan on spreading the word, if any type of sponsorship is available I would love the help. I have attached a picture.
of the truck.....

..Thanks, Josh Flint
Dear CG,

In my line of work quality is everything. I have purchased so many expensive, low quality, over-hyped products in the past that promised the world but delivered very little. My detailers only have one priority, to keep my fleet looking top notch when I am home. The quality of your products is truly unmatched, the stuff is amazing. The combination of Jetseal with your E-zyme on m Bentley is simply breathtaking. I am not one to promote for anyone but your stuff deserves to be promoted. Money is never an issue when it comes to quality and results. I can't believe how inexpensive your stuff is compared to products I have purchased in the past....and the results have never been better. Here is a quick shot of your products at work. Fantastic products!

Peter North.

HEx BuffinG pad lake country
just finished a full detail using your products and am very impressed with the results. I've only had my 2008 M3 for a few months, but the car sat on
the dealers lot for several months before I got it and seemed to have been washed/dried with dirty shop rags. It was in dire need of a full work over.

The entire procedure included: soak/wash using your citrus wash, clay (with your gray clay/luber), another wash, dry, 2 stage polishing, 2 coats of jet seal 109 and then finally 2 coats of 5050 paste wax. The car now looks amazing. All your products were easy to use, at a great price, came with quick delivery and you offer excellent live support! Attached are a few
pictures of the results. Thanks a lot!

-Attila S. Tustin California

Hi Chemical Guys,

My name is Jonathan Miller and I have been purchasing all of my car care products from you after being sheerly amazed with my can of 5050. All of your products are way beyond par, and are hands down the best on the market period. The customer service is great, and my car has never looked this great! Here are some pics of my 3 series coupe after two coats of Jetseal, and a coat of 50/50. Besides looking great no dust settles on it, and the rain just slides off of the surface. Its incredibly smooth and really brings out the metallic flakes in the paint!!! It is the best sealant, and wax that I have ever used !!!!! Thank you Chemical Guys for offering the best car care products. Period!!

-Jonathan M. Newton, MA 02467

Alfa Romeo

Hope you guys are well.

Weather is just gross here at the moment. Poor Alfa needed some care.
Washed with my usual, Snowfoam and then Citrus Wash and Gloss
I was going to top up my Pete's 53' or 5050 but thought I'd Jetseal 1st.

I had forgotten how good this stuff is - Awesome. Some pics attached. 1 coat of 5050 but evening dew came down so not much of a picture.
Tomorrow - weather depending - might Pro-Detailer (dry wash) off the
morning frost and add another coat of 5050..

Tim B. UK

My hat goes off to you gentlemen. The new E-Zyme paste wax is unbelievable. I would normally say, " The pictures speak for themselves", but seeing the finish of these two cars in person is even better, they look gorgeous. The depth, clarity and shine are just breath taking. With a client base as picky as mine, only perfect is good enough. We have so many expensive products in the shop, I sometimes wonder if I am going crazy. Nothing I have used has come close the finish of your new paste.....it's perfect.

Keep up the great work.

Chemical Guys Ezyme Paste Wax

Alfa Romeo

Great Products,

I just want to say thank you for all of your phone support and help over the years. Every time I order something new I am constantly impressed with your products. I started with the Citrus Wash and Gloss and Silk Shine Dressing and have since ordered over 40 other products and accessories. Me and my family of car care fanatics won't use anything but the best, and for us that means CG. The combination of Petes and Jetseal on the finish of our cars is simply to die for.

I called in to ask some questions and Dee was nice enough to guide me through some steps as well as tell me about this Kit you had for the holidays. Are you kidding? This kit is awesome and a great value. Chemical Guys is always priced right, but this kit is on super sale. I am sure Todd will love it when he finds it under the tree and my brother Steve who is new to detailing will defiantly be ecstatic when he gets his.

Happy Holidays from you big fans.

Todd & Juliana Boyd

Hyundai Genesis Detailing Products Hi Guys,

I have just got done "claying" and putting on two coats of your jet seal product on my Hyundai Genesis. I think the pictures should speak for themselves. Your recommendation as to the clay to use and your Luber made all the difference! The jet seal 109 product is one of the best I have ever used! I am hooked, from here on I'll be using all your products. Thanks for your help and support on all my questions. Keep up the great work on producing such great products for us car fanatics!

Sarasota Florida

Bluffton, SC United States
Stan bray

Well Guys,

I promised I would get around to taking some pictures of how great the car looks with Ezyme on it and 4 weeks after my first application I am finally sending in a picture. I have not washed it since, every few days I wipe it down with the detailer and 2 clean towels I keep behind the seat at all time. After 1 coat of jetseal109 and a coat of Ezyme the car looked better then I could have ever imagined. I had to take the picture with my phone because I didn't have a camera handy. The paint looks wonderful. I didn't think the car could look any better than the day I picked it up.....and 13,000 miles later, it shines like a diamond. All of the products I have tried are very ease to use and quite a lot of fun. The Ezyme smells great and really brings out the color unlike anything I have seen before. Great stuff.

Pierce Casey
Santa Barbara CA.

mobile detailingPASTE WAX

Chemical Guys,

I had the pleasure of making my first purchase at Chemical Guys recently. I needed a good wax for my black Dodge truck and, upon reading so many good things about your 50/50 wax, bought a tub of Pete's '53. The day it arrived, I had to give it a try! The wax is truly amazing. Very easy on, even easier off, no matter how thick or thin I apply it. The applicators it came with were excellent as well. The shine is deep, crisp and wet. After its first wash, I was amazed with the beading. Hadn't seen anything like it! And, unlike some other waxes I've used, the surface was still very slick after more than a full week after initial applications.

Congratulations on a fantastic product! Enjoy the attached pictures.


Kind regards,

Piet Vanhoutte
Internal Account Manager

Corporate Business Group

Chemical Guys,

I washed my new G8 for the first time and it looked great. Then I decided to quick shine it with CG Speed Wipe, and what a difference it made in the appearance. It's shine was brilliant and you could not imagine how smooth the new paint job became. I decided to try the product on my aluminum wheels and got the same results. Now my Black Panther Metallic Pontiac G8 GT stands out in the crowd and is turning many heads as I drive it throughout the city. I have used quick detailer products from other companies on my vehicles, but none compare to this product. Thanks, Chemical Guys!

Lamar, CO United States Joe Buffalo

wet mirror shineGentlemen,

I promised some pics once I got more familiar with the products...specifically the Body Shop Safe Cut compounds (1.5 & 7.0). I've really come to enjoy these products (all of them) for their ease of use , effectiveness and finish....the gloss and depth are tremendous. First up : a customers '99 Porsche Carrera S Simple wash and wax. Vehicle arrived in good condition, just needed some extra pop. Broke out the Wet mirror Shine Topped With 50/50. P.S.---I'll have to send separate e-mails for the other cars...- Thomas. B. Pennsylvania
wet mirror shine

Hey guys I'd just like to show you the detail I've just done with your new
E-zyme Paste Wax , very very nice product and I'm sure it will sell well , thanks...

Marc E. UK

Ok today I got a chance to do a real classic in my eyes Geoff who has sold his Aston to fund this as its something he has always wanted and he felt after searching for many years for a real quality example this one was the right one..

The car in question is a Triumph 2000 Roadster which I would presume are quite rare now and this one is in pristine condition inside and out.

Design work started in 1944 following Standard's wartime purchase of Triumph, with the objective of producing a saloon and sports roadster, using a common engine, gearbox and similar running gear. The 1,776cc overhead engine and gearbox which Standard had been supplying to Jaguar for their 1 1/2 litre saloon was initially employed using the existing Flying Standard rear axle. The chassis featured an all-new design which included independent front suspension and comprised of two large-diameter steel tubes joined by cross braces. With a shortage of post-war sheet steel, the main body panels were of aluminum alloy, the bodywork being styled by Standard's Frank Callaby, who included a dickey seat, similar to the design of the pre-war Dolomite Roadster coupe. Launched in March 1946 alongside the razor-edged 1800 saloon, the larger engine was introduced in 1948, featuring the 2,088cc, 3-speed gearbox together with a new rear axle, which came across from the newly-introduced Standard Vanguard. Power increased from 65 to 68bhp, raising the top speed from 70 to 77mph.

The Triumph is in black and is stunning..

PASTE WAX E-ZYME e-zyme paste wax
paste wax paste wax
e-zyme paste wax chemical guys paste wax
best paste wax paste wax
paste wax

Here are some pics after applying the butter wax, 3x carnauba , and the finisher. 1 coat xxx

great stuff!

~Chase Clements
carnauba paste wax
wet paste wax Though you might like these...

Snow Foam, Machine Polish and 2 layers of Jetseal.. Managed to get 2 of 5050 on
after this photo.. Then it rained !!
Who needs a mirror :D

Tim Bicknelle~ UK


They say lightening never strikes twice, but anyone at the track or on the streets will tell you that 600+ hp at the wheels will strike a few times. The guys in our club say, "It' s like a fire ball racing down the street" . For 2+ years I have been using Chemical Guys products and specifically Petes 53 Paste Wax on it. Nothing but Petes, no polish, no elbow grease, just a nice wash ( Hello! Citruswash Clear) and a quick and easy coat of Petes. I wipe it down with your yellow and black towels and of course always apply with those nice foam pads. Petes keeps this ball of fire shining like a flash fire in the dark.

Ted Alberts~

wet paste wax
CONCOURSE PASTE WAX "This Stuff is Truly Concours"

CG- Words do not describe the finish on my black beauty after I finished it up with 2 coats of Jetseal 109 and 1 coat of Petes paste wax. This may be my daily driver but it shines better than the day I bought it. Your products are second to none. I waited 5 weeks to send you the pictures because I wanted to see how the stuff held up after several washes and a few trips to the track. This stuff is truly concours. I have a half empty jar of a paste wax the dealer gave me with my car, $880 a jar and the stuff is JUNK, except for the cool jar, it's hard to apply, harder to remove and makes little difference. I have no idea how you guys can make such great products and still manage to keep the prices so low. I hope the pictures I sent do your product justice. Thanks for the shine.

Steven K. Calabasas CA

Hey Chemical Guys!
I just finished doing a full detail on my new 08 Civic Si. The process  
I used was wash with Citrus Wash and Gloss, then I clayed with the  
blue claybar with the Luber, which by the way is amazing! I then used  
Pro Polish to clean the paint. I then went to Ez-Creme glaze followed  
by a layer of JetSeal109. After I buffed that off I went with Wet  
Mirror Finish with a topping of 50/50 wax! I used wheel guard on the  
wheels and Bare Bones in the wheel wells. The shine and pop are  
amazing! Thanks for the product help man!
-Brett from PA

interioir cleaner Dear Chance & Paul,

Attached is a picture of a Hummer I detailed using your products, the customer couldn't believe it. I'm generating a lot of interest for the Spring.

I also have been doing quite well doing interior detailing during this cold &*^%$ing winter we've been having. Feel free to put the Hummer on your site.

Your products rock.


Roger Carolfi
Finish First Auto Center
Prescott, WI

Thanks Guys!

I just wanted give you a huge Thank You! I recently made my first ever Chemical Guys order and you guys made numerous recommendations based on the vehicles I had and the look I was going for. Well basically you are geniuses because all of your recommendations were great! Everything you told me about I bought and it all worked better than anything else I have used. I wanted to say that your products and prices are the absolute best and you now have a Chemical Guys customer for life.

Just thought I would include a couple of pics of my vehicles after they have been Chemical Guys'ed!

best car care products
best paste waxbest paste wax

To Pete and Chemical Guys,

This 2004 Murcielago came to our shop in terrible shape, besides the obvious engine problems, leaks, hydraulic suspension abuse, interior neglect and heavy oxidation the paint was in horrible shape. As per your advice we washed with Citruswash and followed with FP polish, we didn't know what to expect but we had to have the car ready that very day and time was running out. The guys applied a coat of Jetseal and waited till last minute to follow with 2 coats of 53 Petes. Knowing that our clients expect the best our detail had to really bring out this 4 year old Murci. We rolled it out of the shop around 6pm just as the sun was going down. We could see the refection of the sky in the paint, it blew us away it was like seeing the sky in the paint, The customer was so pleased he insisted we sell him a jar. We didn't have one so we gave him ours. For our customer it's 53 Petes all the way. Unmatched depth and a finish that will make your jaw drop. -

- Omar. Famous Auto Sports

Killer Shine for My 95"

My 1995 Dodge Stealth has 150,000 miles on it and after an application of JetSeal 109, topped with Pete's 53 it now looks BETTER than the day it rolled off the lot 12 years ago! My other vehicle is a 2005 Volvo XC 90 that now has Wet Mirror Finish topped with JetSeal 109, and it looks PHENOMENAL!

Thanks again Paul and Chemical Guys, your products and customer service are the best in the industry!

JL Nelson

best car care products
Dear Chemical Guys Team, chemical guys

I've been been detailing cars for a long time now and I am always trying new products to make my work easier and more enjoyable. I have tried everything out there that claimed to be the best of the best and like with the last product I used, I was disappointed - until I found the Chemical Guys. You "Guys" have everything and are always available to help me with my business and answer any question I had. Mainly thank you Paul, you are very helpful and knowledgeable. You gave me some great advise on how to grow my customer base and to make more money. Not only do the product work fast and easy , but they deliver exactly what they promise. chemical guys All you products are so easy to work with even in the sun. I was so happy to meet a couple of people that love what they do and stand behind what they sell. When I dropped by the office you guys didn't just treat me like any old customer, you treat me like I was family. Thank you so much for everything, and for all of your great products and wonderful help on everything. Here are some pictures of my 2006 ford F150 which I use as my detailing work vehicle. I used your Citrus Wash (love it) then I clayed it, followed by your FP Final Polish with the Chemical Guys Blue MPT Pad and all the minor scratches were gone. I then followed it with your jetSEAL109, for some protection and topped it with a coat of 50/50 Paste. The paint looks so rich and so wet, it almost looks like I added another layer of clear coat to the paint.

Once again thanks a lot for everything and a great line of products.

Ed Espinosa "Ed Did It" Auto detailing. chemical guys



Ed Espinosa "Ed Did It" Auto detailing.
San Fernando CA

Dear Chemical Guys,

JET SEAL PAINT SEALANTThank you sooooo....... much for the products. I used the Citrus Wash and JetSeal about a week and a half ago. Your products are incredible! I love trying new waxes and polishes on my vehicles. Yours is by far the best yet. Your wash must lift more of the dirt out of the finish than the other washes I've used. That's all I can figure. And it was squeaky clean when I got done.

After it dried I used the Jetseal. Man is that a nice product. So easy to use. I sealed it twice as recommended and it looks great as you can see by the pictures. Before using the JetSeal I used your Synthetic Detailer and a clay bar to make the finish as smooth as glass. The Detailer works well on taking bugs off the front as well. I kill a lot of bugs with my Vette.

After finishing the Vette I moved on to my wife's BMW X5. I had similar results. But I noticed the paint regained it's factory depth and gloss. The X5 gets used every day and all winter so the finish takes a beating. It must have dulled over the last 4 years with just standard waxes and washes. It looks brand new again!

After finishing the outsides of both cars, I went inside with the Liquid Leather Cleaner & Conditioner. This product also brought back the factory new look and smell.

vetteI've really enjoyed using your products on my cars and look forward to putting a coat of Pete's 53 Wax on them. As soon as I get some spare time. Hopefully that's soon.

I've attached a few pictures. Let me know if you need any different views.

Matt Fairbrother
Caledonia, NY



Dear Chemical Guys,
I have been the exclusive detailer for the entire fleet 
here at Morgan of California.  The complete line of 
Chemical Guys Products is amazing.  Our new and 
Used Morgan Automobiles all look like they just came 
out of the factory.  We have used many product lines 
before trying Chemical Guys and nothing has come close 
to easy of use, superior results and breath talking shine 
your products deliver to our vehicle. We can assure you 
Chemical Guys is the only line of products we will ever 
use. The final coat of Jet Seal sets the cars apart from 
any others. 
Jet Seal is awesome! Morgan loves it.
Sergio Coronado
Authorized Detailer Morgan Automobiles
Los Angeles 


Hi Guys,
When I stopped in from Illinois and bought the Jetseal, you said be sure 
to send pictures. So here they are. This stuff is the best!  I had to park under
trees at the gun range and when I came out the jeep SRT was 
covered in tree sap. I thought it would take 3 hours of clay baring to 
get it off. It all washed off with the synthetic wash! Great stuff. The 
shine, the finish, the protection once I applied a coat of JetSEAL109, 
speaks for itself!
Thank You.

Patrick O'Malley D.D.S.JET SEAL PAINT SEALANT -Illinois

Chemical Guys On The Corvette, Truly Amazing!

Dear Chemical Guys Team,

I've been using your products on my C6 consistently for about six months now and have found them to be incredible. The EZ Creme Glaze is amazing, and the 50/50 paste wax gives my car a deep warm shine and is the easiest paste wax I've ever used.

I use the Blitz Spray Sealant to give the finish a boost between waxing's and have found it to be amazing.

I've found your products to not only be the best I've ever used, but they are a real value.

John Miller, Farmingdale NY

best car wax
M Seal Paint Sealant


Chemical Guys,

A shine and depth like no other! Over the past year or so I have tried various product combinations in order to best keep my black car looking new. I have to say I think I have found a perfect combination thanks to you!

After applying 2 coats of M-Seal, I applied a good coat of Butter Wet Wax the next day. For the entire of the summer, washing my car now only takes a few minutes.. the dirt just washes away! I have been maintaining the finish with your quality detail spray and couldn't be happier.

The last time I added another coat of Butter Wax, I did so only because I was looking for something to do.. not because I had to! I feel like this combo would last months longer than what I had used in the past! Paint protection

My wife likes the fact that she doesn't need a mirror to check her hair before she gets into my car.. the reflection on the door or hood works just as well...amazing.

Thanks for the speedy shipping and a great product,

Michael Morrissey -Saint Luis, MO


Dear CG.

O ur shop has only been open for a little over a year and business is booming. From high end customizations, fabrications, body kits to clear bras, exhaust systems, custom interiors and famous auto sportsr complete fabrication & paint. Famous Auto Sports is truly a one stop shop. Recently we were fortunate enough to open our detailing division and offer out customers both mobile and on-site complete mobile detailing. A huge hit for our new vehicle customers is the Famous Protection Plan. We start by washing the vehicle with Chemical Guys Citrus Wash, all new and used vehicles are then clayed with the lightest clay we have been able to find the Blue Chemical Guys Bar. The Bar is amazing. Our clientele ranges from Benz and BMW owners all the way to our usual customers with Lamborghini, Ferrari, Lotus and Maserati vehicles. When working with such exotic vehicles and true museum piece vehicles only the best car care product will do, trust us we have tried everything on the market until I found the Chemical Guys. Anyways so back to the details, after a clay we rinse the vehicle again with Citrus Wash Clear and make sure the vehicle is smooth as glass. The vehicle is then raised in the air, cleaned and pressure washed underneath as well. We use a mixture of Citrus Wash & wax mixed with a little (like 3 caps full) of GreenCLEANER to degrease that we use to clean the undercarriage to like new conditions. Once clean the vehicle is pressure dyed and all fender wells and plastic undercarriage parts are sprayed with a fine coat of Bare Bones Undercarriage Spray. For the hard to reach areas we use Fade to Black (aerosol is awesomefamousautosports for those areas.) Once the vehicle is lowered we use a fine filtered strong air pressure gun to make sure that no dust has settles on the vehicle. The plastic, emblems, taillights and door handles are taped up and a coat of Wet Mirror Finish is applied via Ultimate Detailing Machine using your lightest Blue MPT PAD. The vehicles look amazing! Once finished the tape is removed and we use your Fluffer towels and Synthetic Detailer for the final touch-ups. The Murcielago in the picture is a good idea of what the vehicle looks like when its done.

For our customers looking for protection and shine to the max, Famous offers the interior and exterior protection plan. The final coat of Wet Mirror is I then followed it with your JetSEAL109, we do 2 coats. Once the JetSEAL has set we top it with a coat of 50/50 Paste or Petes 53. Final touch ups are done With Blitz Spray sealant. For interiors we offer a fabric Protection plan. 2 Coats of Fabric Guard Protectant on all fabric, carpet, and trunk almost guarantees that Famous customers will never stain the interior of any vehicle with their morning brew.

Famous Auto Sports customer demand the best, which is why we only use Chemical Guys products on our customers vehicles. Thank you Chemical Guys!

Famouse Autosports
San Feranado Valley CA

chemical guys

best car wax


I just wanted to give you some feed back on some of your products. First of all I am very particular about the products I use and I am very anal when it comes to my car. After several conversations with Paul (who is awesome and a wealth of information) I started off by trying Wet Mirror Finish, 50/50,Petes 53 and Jetseal 109. All truly great products, but JetSeal and Wet Mirror Finish are incredible at making the metallic red on my car so pronounced that you can literally see into the paint. All I can say is WOW!!! Everyone at work couldn't believe how awesome my car looks. I even get stopped by other car owners to ask what I am using.

Your products are amazing they do exactly what they are advertised to do and more. So many times I buy products with the hope of them doing what the label claims and then being thoroughly disappointed. CG your products are top notch and you have a customer for life.

Thanks again
Chuck from Conn.

Hi David,

As discussed, please find attached a selection of photos showing Lotus details I have done using Chemical Guys products as the LSP's.

For all cars, wheels are polished with All-In-One polish/sealant, this is then followed with Wheel Guard. The Elise and the Exige, they were treated with Blitz sealant, followed by 50/50 Connoisseur Paste Wax.

All other cars used XXX Hardcore Paste Wax in place of 50/50. New Look Trim Gel was used to dress trim and tires on all cars. The pictures speak for my work the products speak for themselves. Great!

Paul Shine On Auto Detailing U.K.

best car wax

best car care products

detailing products

Thanks Pete!

SUPERIOR POLISHWe have 2 black cars a black 2005 Bentley stock my wife's and my 2005 with some work done. Our daily drivers, nothing too flashy for the drive to work! But I have to tell you heads turn when they see the shine of my 2 year old beater that looks better then new thanks to your products. Alexander our office detailer has been using The Chemical Guys stuff for 8 years now, and I have to say, you "Guys" make some premium products. Awesome. He brought in the new Petes 53, when you guys first came out with it, he started telling me about it at first I didn t have a lot of time, I told him lets see what these Petes is all about." Awesome . It took him some time to prep but at lunch when we drove it to grab a bite it looks stunning. A wet finish that looked like it was dripping off. Pete a product like this is sure to turn some heads. detailing products

Every vehicle Alexander does with your products looks GREAT!

Thanks again,
lex Alajarian, Bev.Hills CA

CG Team,

Thanks for taking the time to review the products with me on the other day. Being completely Best Car Wax inexperienced with any products other then what the local auto parts store carries I was very pleased to find that you all took the time out of your weekend to discuss your products with me. Your recommendations and products have really paid off, my 2006 Viper looks fabulous. Here are some photo s of it after one detailing. I used the Citrus Wash, then clay and rewashed, followed by M-Seal, 5050, and Detailing trainingBlitz. It looks a hundred times better in person, photos don t do your product justice.

Thanks guys you have another customer and I will certainly be recommending your product to others.

~Kevin Flower Mound, TX

Hi Guys,wet wet shine

Finally had a chance to get out and use Wet Mirror Finish on the family's black 99 Accord. Polished it two times, first using a 6" orange edge pad @ 1500 rpm's, a second time @ 900-1500 rpm's. Then it was time for Wet Mirror and there was no disappointment. Applied at 900-1500 rpm using a white 6" edge pad the finish was remarkable, first

glass like shine impression is that it's carnauba like in appearance. Very wet looking and just a breeze to use, pretty much melted into the paint and came off easily with a micro fiber towel. The durability is being tested right off the bat as we've had winter blow back into town like a cruel April fools joke. I'll keep you Guys posted on how it holds up. I'm including a couple of pics, one before and a couple after shots.

PS. I used what was left over on the pad to do the upper portion of my drivers side door on my silver van as a test and just had to smile! It really looks super on silver! Very glass like. Great Product, Great Results!

Keep Up the Great Work Greg B. Ohio high shine

Dear Mark at Chemical Guys,Porshe Detailing

Thank you for setting me up with a full supply of Chemical Guys' gear this weekend. I took it home that night and did a rough application (mostly in the dark!). I think it came out really well. I used the Citra wash, one coat of M-seal, and HOW TO DETAILone coat of 50/50 wax (that stuff rocks!).

Check out the enclosed photos. Thanks again, and I'll be pointing LOTS OF folks your way.

-- Sam Barone, Culver City

Hey Guys...detailing products

Just wanted to send you some pics and give you a thanks on the recommendations you gave me...the Cut 1.5 worked great...I think something a little more aggressive would have yielded faster results....I might want to try out the Cut 1.0 what do you think?...the cutting power of your "medium" stuff definitely better than the other stuff i have that is "medium" cut. Here are some before and after pictures, Nice stuff: detailing products

The Pete's 53 wax you sold me is awesome...is it me or is the smell buttered popcorn??!??! I Used the stuff on an 01 mustang GT and it was money...got lost looking at the reflection for about 10 minutes...My client was very happy...had a grin from ear to ear...thanks for the great products...I ll probably be in soon for some more stuff...

paste wax

paste wax

Justin "the guy with the orange 350z" - Sunny California

detailing products


Chemical Guys,

I was introduced to your M-seal and 5050 combination earlier this year by a local detailer who has been doing our toys for over 15 years. I decided to take his word on it and order a tin and gallon of M-Seal for myself. The results were fantastic! A brilliant sparkle that brought out the red like a fire! I am extremely picky when it comes to my choice in products. Because of the metallic red base, my main concern was the sharp red look when using a carnauba wax. Not only could you clearly see the shine, it was breathtaking. Amazing products!

Tracy Lieberman, Las Vegas NV

Mr. Paul,

I received the bucket just 8 days after I ordered it, WOW. Fedex here in Moscow is a little slow, so getting anything on time is tough. Thanks so much for such fast service. Most of my toys are new, here in Moscow the car scene is huge and most of the tuner shops know that when you pull up in a Maserati Quattroporte, you mean business. Over the years, I have ordered many different products from the US from Zymoll paste wax to Zaino, and many others, with honestly less then very excited results. With a $30K paint job how much better can a car look right? Until I tried 5050 and Blitz together. I first tried the gray clay that came in my bucket, after a nice Citrus Wash (smells great) the paint was so so smooth. I laid on a coat of 5050 and a few minutes later another. The next morning we all drove down to an opening of my fathers new restaurant and I wanted the new toy to shine like no other. I went over the 5050 with Blitz, wow! You were right, the paint just sparkled. I have 10 tins on order for holiday gifts and I hope to have time to fly out to see you guys at you guys at Sema .Great Stuff!

- Boris Uliscov, Moscow Russia



Dear Mark...

Thanks for the advice on the Pro-Polish...Did a Chevy HHR today and worked the polish till it

"oiled"... came off like butter...Pete's 53' wax is definitely turning into a favorite......attached a pic of the hood that got pro polish and Pete's 53' on it...........Wow.

J. Park. Los Angeles

wet mirror shine

Hi Guys,

Shop Talk here's a '03 Honda S2000 : When I started it was In decent shape with minor swirling. Cleaned it up with 7000 & a Blue Edge pad via DA....(a combination that's working very well for me on soft and single stage paints with minimal damage). Finished up with Chemical Guys CUT 7.0 & a black finishing pad and topped with Wet Mirror Finish . Lets Talk Shine My Friends Lets Talk Mirror Perfect Finish Mr.

- Burger Monroeville, PA

wet mirror shine

wet mirror shine


CAR CARE WAXYour Chemical Guys products truly are the best products at any price! Wheel Guard, is like a bull dog watching my wheels, not even a drop of brake dust is sight, with a high BLING shine that leaps out at you. The Synthetic Detailer keeps the car at the RITZ of perfection. You have to be the best products available. Thanks for keeping it real and not selling out! Your products and your service are GRADE A!

- Shelby Alexander LA CA 90003



Chemical Guys,

I just got through using some Extreme Depth Carnauba on my girlfriends 2000 Jeep Cherokee. Another great product from your line up! It really is the only liquid carnauba wax I use. ( besides Butter Wet Wax ) When it comes to carnauba waxes, I'm a paste wax lover! Speaking of ...........I received my last order from you & had the opportunity to use my new tin of 5050 on my black 300C. Holy S&^$%, Dude!! It turned my black paint into a deep, dark, delicious pool of liquid shimmering goodness! It now occupies the #1 spot in my massive detailing arsenal of paste waxes! Nice job, my friend! You've come up with a product that has pushed my collection products to the side! 5050 is warm & rich with plenty of crisp reflections. It produces plenty of depth & some nice wetness as well. Believe me......It takes quite a paste wax to make me even think of replacing my beloved Souveran. I think you've done it! I'll send you some pics the Wednesday before Thanks Giving of what 5050 looks like on my car. It's stunning, man! Please feel free to use my pics on your site. I'll try to take some great shots for you!

Hey guys...gel high shine

The detailing season continues and I finally got a chance to try out the wet shine gel...thanks for the recommendation...this is definitely the product I have been looking for since I began detailing...the door pillars on cars have always been an eye sore for me...every vinyl/rubber protectant I have tried just lays down a superficial shine that washes away or begins streaking within minutes of application...this stuff is different...you can feel it bonding to the hard plastic and it definitely restores the look...btw...the car I used in on is only 6 months old......the pic speaks for itself...as always...great products.

Justin Park California

Happy Turkey Day to you, your family & your entire CG team! It may sound a little corny, but I'm quite thankful for your amazing detailing products! Many thanks for all you've done & for keeping a 20+ year detailing enthusiast such a satisfied customer! It's nice to know that you treat us "little guy's" the same way you treat your large accounts. Great job, man!! - "The Wiener Man"

gel high shine

boat detailing

how to detail

Hello Chemical Guys,

I recently had the pleasure of using a few of your product and am ecstatic with the results. They were even easier to use than any

other products. Attached are some photos of the work, the photos says it all. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance.

-Lavi Redza Master Detailer Flying Fish Detailing Canada

car care


Thought I'd send along a few pics of two cars I did recently using only CG products. The results we're outstanding as hopefully you can tell from the pics. The process was Citrus Wash, Spider the whole grand prix, FP,EZ Creme Glaze ( man I love that stuff!!!) all topped with FS Sealant. The silver Taurus was the same except it required only spot treatment with Spider. The end result was one that was as wet as you can get without using carnauba! One thing I really appreciate about your line up is user friendliness. When you have a big job ahead of you the last thing you want is to have the product make you work. The product should do the work for you. This is what distinguishes a CG product from so many others out there, not to mention final results. Thanks to you and the entire staff for putting out such great products.

- GB

Dear CG,

5050 is 50 times better then anything I have ever used. I lay my Souveran Wax to rest today along with a few extra bottles of junk. I got my tin #3 over a month ago, waxed my toy 5 times since then and I put the tin in my safe near my car keys and my watch With the other guys in our club coming over on weekends and stealing my Chemical Guys stuff, I have to be careful. I just ordered 2 more tins just to be safe. I've switched from so many other brands completely to the Chemical Guys line. The results are incredible, and my business is growing like never before. Hey Paul, Great products .

-James Brewster, California USA

Lotus Elise Detailing

car wash care care

Hi Chemical Guys,

Mobile Car WashToday was the 1st time I had an opportunity to take some pics of my car "wearing" CG 5050. (lol) Wouldn't ya know it.........It's overcast! If you don't mind, I'd like to take some other pics on a sunny day, here in West Texas, and write a review regarding the amazing 5050. As for now, you can Kinda get an idea of how rich, deep & wet car wash care care5050 looks on my black paint. The pics don't do it justice at all! Mother Nature is screwing with me. My car is STUNNING in person, with 2 layers of 5050 on it. -Rob Chrisom

a.k.a Chemical Guy's FREAK!!

This seminar is worth every penny.

I have been detailing cars for 5 years now and I thought I was THE Pro. You guys thought me how to do it right. My customers are happier than ever, and I finally started making money. The days of me washing cars are over. Hello, high-end detail jobs. Thanks Guys, I'll stop by soon.

-Dave Los Angelec CA 90210

buffing seminars

Dear Chem Guys you have the Best product on the market!

Citrus Wash & Gloss-This stuff simply out performs them all. To be honest I was a little skeptical at first as with all new products that I try. After the first wash (even with hard water) I was utterly amazed at how this product performed. My neighbor saw my car and was so impressed with it that he wanted to get some for his motor home. Very easy to use, I didn't even dry the car off and it dried spot free just as described. Thanks Paul for the way you conducted business with me and for putting such awesome product out there! I highly recommend. A+

-Craig KaufmanIndio, CA United States

Chemical Guys,

Thank you very much! I have read about your great products and customer service all over the internet prior to my first purchase last week. Now I know for myself what a great organization you are. You definitely have a loyal customer in me now. You guys are great. I will be ordering again from you again in the very near future.

Thanks for all of your help.

-Michael M. Aiken,SC 29803

paste wax

KUDOS to you guys!paste wax

I'm writing to let you that not only did you hit a home run but you knocked it out of the park!!! What I have is the Extreme Glaze, Top coat Sealant w/XXX and your XXX paste wax together they are a very hard combo to beat. (these have replaced at least a dozen products on my shelf) I have used many boutique products but have not-never achieved the fabulous results that I get using these products together weather it be on bright white Sonic Blue , Grays , reds , metallic's, pearls and the ever so dreaded black as well as the "mystic" paint on my pristine 1996 Cobra (it lets all the colors come through with clarity and depth)

I since have given away the "other Brands" in lieu of making room for what I feel is a superior product. Thanks to you I now have a new motto for my company!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I am one very happy newfound customer.

-Larry Vanderpool Reflections Auto Sap & Detailing

Dear Chemical Guys,

Operating one of the most prestigious chauffer services in LA means keeping our vehicles looking better then new. Often times keeping our customers happy means having to escape tough situations dealing with paparazzi which puts a lot of wear on our breaks, wheels and vehicles. With each vehicle being detailed daily, we are very pleased with the great ease of use with all of the Chemical Guys Products, but especially pleased with the Synthetic detailer and our recently purchased, Wheel Guard. Keeping chrome and coated wheels at there best is touch under demanding driving but 2 applications of this stuff and the dirt and break dust rinses seems to rinse right off, leaving a shine that s simply amazing. At MCK1 our premier clients are our number one priority and your
products are defiantly #1 in our book. Thanks Guys!
- Randy MCK1 from Los Angeles CA


Dear Alex @ CG,

Extreme EZ Glaze used a black LC pad and I had no dusting (except very slight when I over worked the product for to long on one panel). Very clear, a little went a long way (in fact that can be said for all the polishes) and finished to the point that I was only using the mf to buff the panel. This is a great product. I feel that maybe, I used too little as I expected to see a deeper finish. ote that I have never used a glaze before. However, The result looked great after half a day when I went to apply the carnauba. -Ash from SE Ohio: Columbus

car care


Awesome Stuff!

Thanks for the Excellent Products,

We were having complaints about the tire dressing slinging on the cars after the client drove away so I switched to the CG Natural dressing and my problems went away. We also use it on the interiors surfaces and body molding and it does a great job! -Rob Sullivan, The Edge Auto Spa Atl, GA United States

Best Product I ve Ever used!

Chemical Guys, I have a trash can full of car products if you need it. You can consider me your new biggest moving talking advertisement! My toys go to all the shows and now that I am retired I can guarantee that you will see my face everywhere talking about Chemical Guys Products. The last 7 shows I have been to I have taken home 1 st place every time, I have also spent a lot of my own time to show others just how easy Chemical Guys Products are to use, and most importantly how amazing the results are! I am 78 years old, and ever time I look at my cars it s like I was young again! Keep up the great work and keep making the best products! -Teddy Baker- Reno Nevada

mobile detailing
Hey Guys,

I just wanted to say thank you for a awesome product. I used 2 coats of the jetseal 109 followed up with 2 coats of Pete's 53. I own a 06 Trailblazer SS, and it has never looked so good. I bought the truck used so it was scratched, I was going to compound and buff it but I wanted to try something new. The jetseal made the entire tuck look amazing, I can't say enough. I am an auto body tech/painter, and the finish came out better than a fresh spray. I added 2 coats of Pete's 53 and what can I say, these are the best products I have ever used. I will continue to use your products all the time and will never switch. Also I have made a review on my website eastcoasttbss.com on how wonderful these products are. Keep up the good work.

Thanks again,

New Lifetime Customer

Rob aka nonova0074

best car care
best car care

Dear Chemical Guys,

Recently I ordered over $3400 in products from your California Office, where I placed my order with Klara. The pointers she gave us, and tips on offering a Sealant service and odor Removal service are already turning us a profit. In just a few days we have done over $2000 in just sealant jobs with the help of your M-Seal. I wanted to first start by saying a huge THANK YOU! We received the products in 3 days and the team was off, to test the products. We have tried so many products over the years and have yet to find anything that comes close to the speed, results and amazing ease of use of Chemical Guys products. On Tuesday we got in a Hit-And-Run Pontiac that just looked very very sad. Troy our detailer recommended we turn away the business before giving up we decided to try a polish or compound and went with your All-In-1 Polish with a Orange Pad like Klara recommended. WOW! All-In-1 is amazing I have never seen a product work so fast and leave such a perfect finish.
BEFOREmobil detailing AFTER mobile detailing

Just look at the before and after pictures., you Guys have changed the way we do business and have gained a customer for life. Thank you Chemical Guys.

- Tammy J. Kleen Rides from Ridgefield, CT 06877

car wash

Hi Guys,

Where do I begin here...this wash is absolutely great! It gives a whole new meaning to the term lubricity. I used appox. 1 capful to a gallon of water and the caps on your bottles aren't all that big, from this came all the suds I could use and not thin suds but suds that lasted all thru the wash, suds from the top of the bucket to the bottom. Thick luxurious suds. I put some water in the bucket (about 1/2 gallon) and then put in the citrus crystal and it sort of looked like string on the bottom of the bucket then came more water and an explosion of suds that lasted! My wash mitt glided effortlessly over each of the three vehicles I washed (used a fresh bucket each time) and left them looking great. Am I impressed? Yes I am! Rush this product to market, don't hesitate ...you "GUYS" have a major winner here!

-Greg Bender from Seven Hills OH 44131

Your Glaze is Amazing!

This glaze is perfect. The glaze goes and off extremely easily and lightly fills imperfections. This is the most durable glaze I've used yet. As a standalone last step product, it can last 6 weeks on a daily driver (a lot longer on a car that stays in the garage more). This glaze gives the wettest shine I've ever seen and is a perfect base for a wax or even a sealant. One of my favorite products.

Andrew Wahl

Barrington, IL United States



Your 5050 is Amazing, 5050 paste wax

I love the performance of this wax It gives me the darkness wetness and the reflections. I'm looking for The wetness is similar to Souveran darkness similar to Nattys blue and reflections that are crisp and clear Reflections seem like its a mixture of P21s and souveran Over all this is a great unique wax and is the one I have been looking for!

-David San Diego, CA United States

Dear Chance,

I have been working at BMW for 23 years. Over the years I have accumulated over 50 BMWs in my collection and I am working towards 100. I pick and chose my favorite cars, just like I pick and choose the products I use on them. When it comes to the brand I trust nothing comes close to your products. I have been using Chemical Guys products for almost 3 years and my cars have never looked so good. In July my wife parked her new M5 on the roof at the office for 4 weeks instead of leaving it in the garage., Upon our return from Germany, I almost started to cry when I saw it black no more. I remember doing a 2 coat treatment with m-seal back in March when we got it, but after 4 weeks in the sun and heat and airplanes flying over the car 30 times a day, I figured the paint was ruined.. The next morning I got out my Chemical Guys Essentials kits and allocated 4 hrs to fix what she had damaged. After a good wash, I couldn t believe my eyes, the car looked new again. No waxing, no polishing. I have never seen a product perform like M seal

- Benny B-New York City NY, United States

BMW detailing

Car Wax Detailing Supplies Synthetic Detailer

Hats off to you Guys

With 12 years in the business of professionally detailing some of the most expensive machines available on the market today, I can honestly say nothing has ever come close to the quality and results we get from your products. These vehicles are no small job, at $1200 a detail this Yellow Beast, was filthy! For us it was a true test of what your Citrus Hyper Wash could do. Amazing 16oz of product and nearly 30 gallons of washing solution just to soap it up. This beast was filthy, with fire residue, grease and dirt. We couldn t believe that with little or no scrubbing it rinsed of clean. The shine the product left was outstanding, the surface had virtually no water spots once dried and we managed to finish the job in 2 hrs that s less then 1/3rd the time it takes with regular wash and wax. I have never seen a shampoo perform like this. You can count us in for 20 gallons a week.


Unlike any Other!

Nothing brings a smile to my face more then my pride, and my ride. Nothing means more to me and my business then great products and great people. Chemical Guys thank you. It s hard to find a company and people who have a love for what they do. Your products perform as promised and deliver truly stunning results. I have had a cot of your M Seal on the paint for 7 months and over 50 washes, that s protection! I drive the best and buy the best. Great stuff Guys

-Nathan from Vegas, CA



Dear Chemical Guy,

I can say first hand this stuff will amaze even the toughest of detailing product critics. I buy every new product and as a huge Z "brand" buyer I can tell you nothing has come close to the products I have been using steadily for 4 yrs until this. I clayed my 2001 Red S2000 and followed it with 2 coats of this stuff..........I have never seen a better shine. 3 weeks later rain and 5 washes it still looks amazing! Fantastic!

-Alex Phizer from San Diego, CA United States

Hi Alex at Chemical Guys,

I sent you an email back in September about the M-seal; well winter is here for us Scottish people and I finally got my car winter ready last week washed with the Citrus Wash & Gloss Enhancers, clayed, all on one polish via pc and green LC pad, 2 coat of M-Seal, 2 coats of 50/50 paste wax tires with the new look trim gel and arches dressed with Sprayable Silkshine dressing. Thank you so much for these products, tell all the staff at CG that there continued work and enthusiasm is truly appreciated. PS. I'm going to use the spray Blitz sealant as a top up over the winter I find it so easy 15 mins to do a car is awesome.

-Graham Reid, Scotland UK

Sports car detailing

Ferrari Detailing

Thanks for the add! I love the CG's products . I have tried the synthetic detailing spray wax and the new leather car scent so far. They are excellent products and I recommend them to everyone I can. When I finish a customers car, they always tell me how much they like the new car scent when I am finished with it. I actually put my Zaino Z6 and Z8 to the side for your synthetic spray wax. I love how smooth it makes the paint. Thanks again for the add, I will continue to use your products as well as recommend them to others!
--Mark M. Lumberton Texas

Dear Chemical Guys,

Hey guys I just tried out your XXX Hard Core Paste Wax and wanted to write back and tell you what a great product this is. It went on super smooth and came off just as easily. It creates very crisp, clear reflections and makes the red stand out. You guys said it would "Knock my socks off" and you couldn t have been more right. Thanks again. Enjoy the pics.

-Mike Matthews

car care chemicals

car polish

pauls mini cooper

mini cooper repairDear Chemical Guys,

We may be a little new to detailing cars, but vehicle appearance, repair, and tuning have been our passions for 40+years. 101 Mini Cooper Repair in the San Fernando Valley, Canoga Park, specializes in complete auto reconditioning, Mini Cooper Repair, MINI Cooper race tuning, MINI copper parts and accessories. To put it briefly we love Mini's and our shop welcomes Classis Mini Cooper Maniacs, British car lovers and anyone with a love for the auto, to stop by and see what we have under our hood. 101 Auto Repair and Tuning has been working on Minis for 40 plus Years. The Mini Coopers we have tuned are not only the fastest but also the shiniest thanks to the Chemical Guys line of products. It takes great products to make a 50 year old car shine like never before. Recently we had the pleasure of working on Paul's 62' Mini Cooper, thanks for coming by the shop, and thanks for showing us how the products work! Amazing Products with astonishing results.


Thanks Guys,

Ray and Leon

101 Mini Cooper Repair Specialists

7551 WINNETKA AVE. CANOGA PARK, CA 91306 (818) 407-7212

I love Chemical Guys.

I haven t had a chance to use all the products yet but I m already a fan! Boy you guys treat us with so much courtesy and respect.... I went the other week and spent a lot of cash on so many products, thanks to Mark for the help and knowledge, you guys really know your stuff You guys are great....I will return soon

Thanks you Mark!

-Aguilar Enterprises Sylmar, California

Great Stuff!

I finally decided to buy this product to use it on my truck and after using the cut 2.0, scratch and swirl remover, I used the wet mirror finish and than put on the blitz and it left my truck feeling smooth and looking very wet.. Wet Mirror Finish is the best product out there

!Best car care products Chemical guys

Los Angeles, CA United States

Thanks Guys,

For almost 40 years we have bottled our own products here, and have built quite a name for ourselves. With demand for our products reaching an all time high we started to realize that doing everything ourselves was simply to difficult. I have to admit that handing over the manufacturing to another company scared us a lot, but working on our second year with you Guys I can say our business has never been better, in sales, income and products variety. The products are better then ever, and our staff, customers and clients have never been happier. The products made for us are great; you responded to our needs with a tremendous variety of unique formulas and made our line of products stand out like never before. We tested everything, and the new line you have for us in 2007 is mind blowing! Easy to use, fast and they all look so so so good. Looking forward to a profitable 2007 and beyond. Mike Miller New York

Contact Information:

Customer & Product Support


3915 W. 102nd Street
Inglewood, CA 90303

TOLL FREE @ 866-822-3670