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Chemical Guys BUF_209X - TORQ TORQX Complete Detailing Kit (13 Items)
Chemical Guys BUF_209X - TORQ TORQX Complete Detailing Kit (13 Items)
TORQ TORQX Complete Detailing Kit (13 Items)
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What's Included?

Why Buy This Kit?

  • Fully stocked kit combines everything you need for a full polishing job
  • Versatile 8mm dual action orbital throw strikes the perfect balance of power, fast working action, and heat management to prevent paint burns
  • Durable 5’’ hook-and-loop backing plate accepts any 5.5” buffing pads, polishing pads, or brush accessories
  • Fully-adjustable 1200-4200 OPM (Orbits Per Minute) working speed settings
  • 680W electric motor for powerful correction on even the hardest ceramic paint finishes
  • Full assortment of Hex-Logic foam pads for every polishing job:
    • Orange: Medium Cutting for swirls & scratches
    • White: Light Polishing to refine gloss and shine
    • Blue: Finishing Glaze to spread gloss-enhancing glaze
    • Black: Soft Finishing to spread durable sealant and wax coatings
    • Red: Ultra-Soft Finishing to wax and seal sensitive paint surfaces

About This Kit

New to buffing and polishing? Looking for one kit to take on swirls, scratches, and holograms? The TORQX Complete Detailing Kit is perfect for any hardcore detailing enthusiast, or seasoned professional looking for a reliable and versatile machine. TORQ Tools took the detailing world by storm and redefined the industry standard for handheld dual action polishers. By balancing internal components to reduce harsh vibrations and designing the machine with the user in mind, TORQ tools ensures that the TORQX is the perfect first polisher for any enthusiast detailer. The gentle dual-action movement polishes paintwork and refines the finish without installing any swirls or holograms. By spreading the buffing action over a larger surface area, the TORQX machine is safer to use than traditional high speed rotary polishers with a lower chance of burning the paint. The size and shape of the machine maximizes leverage, so the user has to work less to get professional polishing results with every pass over the paintwork. The Complete Detailing Kit is stocked with a durable backing plate, bottles of pad cleaner and conditioner, and a set of buffing pads for every compounding, polishing, and finishing step along the polishing process. Choose the perfect Hex-Logic buffing pad for removing deep swirl marks, refining gloss and shine, and spreading the perfect coat of wax from the included lineup. Don’t ruin your polishing work with a scratchy towel! Buff away any polish or wax residue with the ultra-soft Monster Extreme Thickness Microfiber Towels for a scratch and swirl-free shine. The TORQX Complete Detailing Kit is the perfect set of tools for polishing and finishing paintwork to perfection with the fan-favorite TORQX dual action polisher.

The TORQX Machine Polisher

TORQ Tools redefined the industry standard for compact, easy to use, and fully-capable dual action machine polishers. By designing for the user rather than the working mechanics of the machine, TORQ Tools created a polisher that is comfortable to hold and maneuver, easy to work with, and powerful enough to finish any detailing job quickly and easily. The compact design and low-profile buffing head handle make it easy to work the TORQX around tight curves, low-profile body panels, and into areas where larger polishers simply can’t fit. Work under and around door mirrors, roof racks, and spare tires with the TORQX machine. The refined body shape maximizes leverage so any detailer can get the perfect amount of pressure without working and straining their muscles and joints past the breaking point. Now anyone can fully polish and detail a car without hurting their hands or exhausting all their energy. The smart design of the dual action polishing mechanism spreads out the buffing heat over a larger area than traditional high-speed rotary polishers. This helps prevent paint burns, burnthrough, and holograms and buffer trails caused by inexperienced detailers using powerful machines. The versatile machine accepts backing plate sizes from 3” up to 6” for full versatility in any polishing setting on any vehicle. Pick up the TORQX machine polisher and feel the quality, power, and flexibility that has captivated and inspired detailers around the world!

Switch Backing Plates To Polish Any Area, Large Or Small: Streamlined Integration (SI)

Detailers can easily switch between 3 inch, 5 inch, and 6 inch backing plates for improved versatility. TORQ Tools applied a Streamlined Integration engineering approach to make the TORQX accept 3’’, 5’’, and 6’’ backing plates without extensive modifications, or voiding of warranties. Simply use the included TORQ wrench to remove and swap backing plates to handle any size job. Traditional dual action polishers require extensive modification and counterweight changes to change pad sizes without voiding the warranty. Different detailing jobs require different size buffing pads and backing plates. The TORQX comes equipped with a durable 5” backing plate for use with all 5.5 inch buffing and polishing pads. 5.5’’ pads strike the perfect balance to polish flat and curved panels with ease. Switch out to smaller 3’’ backing plates to run 3 or 4.5’’ buffing pads to restore headlights, polish door jambs, grilles, or louvers without affecting the surrounding areas. Run 6’’ backing plates to use 6.5’’ buffing pads over large flat panels like hoods and roofs. The TORQX is a versatile detailing machine that works on any area of the vehicle to get the job done.

How to remove stains in carpet - TORQX Polisher

TORQX Polisher Features

A Buffing Pad For Every Step Of The Polishing Process

Hex-Logic foam polishing pads are perfect for every step of the detailing process. Now you can choose the perfect pad for compounding steps that remove deep swirls and scratches, refine the finish to restore gloss and shine, and spread the perfect coat of wax for enhanced glow and durable protection against the elements. Which one do you need to choose? It depends on the task at hand! Start with the Orange Hex-Logic Pad when using a compound or swirl-remover polish to remove deep paint defects that rob your car of shine. Refine away any compounding marks and finer scratches with the White Hex-Logic Pad and a finishing polish to restore deep gloss, pure reflection, and brilliant shine. The Hex-Logic finishing pads are ultra-soft, and will not cut away any paint as you spread your final protection coatings. Spread glaze with the Blue Hex-Logic Pad for added gloss and deep-wet shine. Sealant and wax go on easy with the Black Hex-Logic Pad, and the Red Hex-Logic Pad is perfect for spreading fine coats of premium paste waxes with a machine polisher. Hex-Logic pads fit the bill no matter what you’re buffing or polishing, and the TORQX Complete Detailing Kit comes with every pad you’ll need to get the job done right.

The Right Tools For The Job

Professionals choose the tools they do because of experience, acquired wisdom, and firsthand knowledge over what does not work. That’s why Chemical Guys put together the TORQX Complete Detailing Kit with all the tools and accessories professional detailers routinely turn to for their work. Time-saving extras like Polishing Pad Cleaner and Polishing Pad Conditioner keep your buffing pads in peak performing order, and two premium microfiber towels save all your polishing work from installing scratches with an old, scratchy towel. The Monster Extreme Thickness Towel uses plush microfiber and premium silk-banded edges to pick up liquids, dirt, and polish residue without installing any scratches in the painted finish. Skip the headaches, skip the trial and error, and skip right to perfect polishing results with the TORQX Complete Detailing Kit!

Valuable Accessories

The right tools and accessories make all the difference between a professional detail job and a great big mistake. Chemical Guys stocked the TORQ TORQX Complete Detailing Kit with valuable time-saving extras like bottles of Polishing Pad Conditioner, Polishing Pad Cleaner, and three premium ultra-soft microfiber towels. Why go through the trouble of polishing paint to ruin it immediately with an old, dirty, scratchy towel? The Monster Extreme Thickness Towel has a plush microfiber pile and silk-banded edges for a supremely soft touch that won’t scratch freshly-polished paintwork. Polishing pads lose their effect when they fill up with spent polish and removed-paint residue. After every few panels, give your cutting and polishing pads a spray of Pad Cleaner, and scrub it with hot water and the stiff bristles of the Pad Cleaning Brush. Once the old residue is gone, prime the pad with fresh polish and Polishing Pad Conditioner to lubricate the pad and spread the compound evenly over the surface. Save time and money by finishing your whole polishing detail with just one kit: the TORQ TORQX Complete Detailing Kit.

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