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Chemical Guys BUF504X - TORQ TORQR Precision Power Rotary Polisher Kit (9 Items)
Chemical Guys BUF504X - TORQ TORQR Precision Power Rotary Polisher Kit (9 Items)
TORQR Precision Power Rotary Polisher Kit (9 Items)
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TORQ TORQR Precision Power Rotary Polisher Kit (9 Items)

What's Included?

Why Buy This Product?

  • Polishes and removes swirls, scratches, and defects from all painted vehicles
  • Developed for enthusiasts and professionals using heavy-duty construction
  • Accurate RPM Display (AD): 4 Digit RPM Display, A TORQ industry first! Takes the guess work out of polishing by accurately displaying your RPM as you polish
  • Easy-to-use features for any detailing enthusiast or professional
  • Designed with streamlined controls for maximum comfort on any automobile surface
  • Balanced internal design for precision paint correction
  • Lightweight construction with vibration reduction technology
  • Powerful 900W electric motor
  • Wide 600-2400 RPM power band range
  • Rapid-Release - (R²): The most advanced rotary polisher also features the most advanced spindle lock and backing plate release button design. Another TORQ first! The new Rapid-Release makes it extremely easy to swap out backing plates while you polish
  • Streamlined Integration accepts any size backing plates with 5/8" fixing thread
  • Polisher also sold by itself - TORQR Precision Power Rotary Polisher

About the TORQR

The TORQR epitomizes the ingenuity, craftsmanship, and engineering that detail fanatics expect from the gear heads at the TORQ tool company. The TORQR features the first of its kind 4-Digit RPM Accurate Display. The TORQR marries the form and function of modern industrial design, with the beauty and brawn of the latest bleeding edge automotive polishing apparatus the paint correction community has ever seen. The TORQ tool company has been around the block, studying the designs of older polishers, and rebuilding them from the ground up with improved features to make every polishing job nothing short of perfection. TORQ Tools followed the “outside-in” design approach. The TORQR delivers power where it counts, yet its streamlined construction makes it easy to continue polishing without the fatigue caused by heavy polishing.

TORQX Random Orbital Polisher - TORQ Tool Company

A Better Rotary

Detailers of the past used heavy and clumsy rotary buffers, however now there is the streamlined, and balanced TORQR Rotary Polisher for professional and enthusiast detailers. Rotary polishers have been around since the 1930s, and for all of the spinning they’ve done over the eight decades; there hasn’t been any great revolutions—until now. The TORQR Precision Performance Rotary Polisher represents the very best in balanced internal industrial design, user-centered ergonomics, electrical engineering, and component miniaturization. The TORQR was designed and engineered to exceed usability by minimizing user fatigue with an ergonomic design and lightweight body. The TORQR Rotary Polisher is built to be light, agile, and fast - perfect for professional detailers who spend hours behind a buffer.

TORQR Precision Power Rotary Polisher - Best Rotary Polisher

How to Use a Rotary Polisher - Best Rotary Machine

Accurate Digital RPM Speed Display

The TORQR sets the precedence for precision and power in one great package. Finely tuned internals and an accurate 4-Digit RPM Display, a TORQ Tool Company industry first, gives the user total control while polishing. The digital variable speed control empowers the operator to know exactly the RPM of the tool at all times for greater control. Designed and built specifically for accurate, and efficient removal of paint imperfections with operating speeds of 600 - 2400 rpm. Work at a slow speed for general polishing, or high speed for rapid paint correction. With the accurate Digital RPM Display of the TORQR, you are completely in command of the machine.

best rotary polisher for beginners - for professionals

TORQ R - Take the Guess Work Out Of Using A Rotary Polisher

Most paint polishes and compounds work best between 1200-2000 RPMs, yet polishing above 2000 can instantly burn paint. Anyone who’s used an older rotary polisher knows that analog dial controls are so inconsistent, that in fact they can cause a ruined polishing job and paint job in just one pass. The TORQR Rotary Polisher uses a digital speed controller and intuitive Electronic User Interface (EUI) for precise power management for fast, professional, and safe polishing results. The Precision Power (P²) electric controls deliver smooth power and maximum torque from the motor at every speed setting. The trigger-less design of the digital interface gives the user precise control over the machine’s working speed, and power without extra strain or effort.

Rapid Release R2 - Change Backing Plates With Ease

The most advanced rotary polisher features the most advanced spindle lock and backing plate release button design. A TORQ Tool Company industry first! The new rapid release button placement makes it extremely easy to swap out backing plates during a polishing job. Simply depress the spindle lock backing plate release button, and rotate the backing plate counterclockwise to swap out your existing backing plate. Older rotary polisher manufacturers placed the spindle lock backing plate release button on top of the polisher, causing the user to fiddle with the machine in order to figure out a comfortable way to remove the backing plate. This non-intuitive way of button placement often resulted in the the owner of the machine dropping the polisher on the ground, and damaging the motor. Now, with the TORQ Precision Power Rotary, you can switch your backing plates with ease.

Integrated Cooling

Power tools get hot during extended work times. Excessive heat reduces the efficiency of moving mechanical parts: wears down bearings and motors, and produces inconsistent polishing results. TORQ mechanical designers created the TORQR with an Integrated Cooling system that channels air through the machine to cool all the internal components. The moving parts like motors and gears draw fresh air in through induction vents, run it over hot components, and finally expel the excess heat through the exhaust vents. By using the machine’s moving parts to circulate air, TORQ engineers removed the need for additional cooling fans or heat sinks, cutting down on weight, size, and expense.

Slim Down and Smarten Up

TORQ Tools married the ideas of functionality and comfort through the philosophy of Harmonious Balancing (HB). Engineers first came up with a comfortable and easy-to-use design for detailing professionals and enthusiasts, then built and balanced the necessary internal components to fit within the refined shape. The result is unmatched precision, balance, control, and comfort whenever polishing on any flat panel, curved contour, narrow jamb, cramped pillar, or compact wheel surface.Old rotary polishers your dad and grandpa used for detailing, or on the construction site were heavy, bulky, and clumsy. Higher RPM speeds and added pressure from the extra weight of these antique machines was acceptable for use on durable lacquer paints and heavy-duty oil-based finishes. TORQ engineers trimmed all the fat and used the latest in efficient motors to pack the most usable power in a small and streamlined package.

TORQ Tool Company - TORQ Polishers - Paint Correction

User Centered Design

The TORQ R Precision Power Rotary Polisher redefines state-of-the-art design. A truly unique machine that harnesses a trigger-less design to eliminate the need for the user to constantly squeeze a trigger or switch, saving tons of effort and fatigue. A Digital User Interface actively controls the output of the 900W motor at every speed setting, delivering seven distinct speeds with enhanced cutting power at every step. With the Precision Power controls, the TORQR Rotary Polisher is perfectly suited for polishing intense swirl marks, deep scratches, and severe defects from even the most-durable ultra-hard ceramic clear coat paint.

TORQ Tool Company - TORQ Polishers - Paint Correction
How To Use:
How to Change Backing Plates
  1. Begin by placing the TORQR polisher on its back, make sure the machine is unplugged for your safety.
  2. Grip the Spindle release button located beneath the backing plate with your thumb, placing your remaining figures around the metal housing.
  3. Apply pressure to the Spindle lock button with your thumb until it moves completely inward, hold the button until the backing plate spins freely. Holding the spindle release button locks the spindle in place so that the backing plate can rotate independently of the spindle.
  4. Use your other hand to rotate the backing plate counterclockwise. Some resistance will be felt when turning the backing plate, a small amount of force is needed to get the backing plate to spin.
  5. Continue to turn the backing plate counter clockwise until it is fully dislodged from the spindle.

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