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Chemical Guys CLY_202_S - Poly Clay Bar Refill, Light Duty with Storage Case
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The Chemical Guys Big Fine Grade Clay  Bar will easily and safely remove stubborn contaminates that will not be removed during the washing process. Stubborn surface damaging contaminants such as tar, tree sap, bird droppings, bug smear, embedded road grime, paint over-spray, and airplane fallout can leave surfaces rough and gritty.  The Chemical Guys BIG LIGHT BLUE BAR is ideal for new and recently purchased vehicles. It safely and effectively removes contaminants without needing to scrub the surface too hard. Hard vigorous rubbing usually leads to scratches and surface damage.


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Clay pulls out all the things you cannot see, but you can definitely feel, like industrial fallout, rail dust, and brake dust. Though they are not visible, they feel rough or gritty and may cause patches of paint to appear dull, even after waxing. As these contaminants oxidize, they create rust spots within the paint. Once this happens, the oxidation is considerably harder to remove and will most likely take a good bit of paint with it. 
Use it every day and any day. This fine clay is smooth and so fine it will help maintain the finest finishes delivering a sleek smooth finish.  Light enough for everyday use, yet its superior elastic structure cleans even tough contamination without scratching. 


  • Clay bar leaves the surface silky smooth with a mirror-like smooth finish.
  • Premium professional quality clay bar capable of removing contaminants, such as bugs, tar, rail dust and over-spray.
  • one premium professional duty bar is enough to do 8-10 vehicles
  • for light to medium moderate contamination removal
  • Super elastic clay bar removes harmful particles quickly and effectively.
  • Non-abrasive product, safe for all aluminum, chrome, fiberglass, paint, glass, plastic headlight, taillights and all painted finishes.

Chemical Guys Elastic-Poly Clay bar works great when combined with the awesome lubricating power of Luber, our premium clay bar lubricant and synthetic quick detailer





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clay block lubricant

LUBER, is a Hi-Lubricity lubricant specially formulated to increase lubricity and reduce friction. LUBER lubricates paint delivering a slick non-stick surface so that Clay and CLAYBLOCK is easily and gently glided across to easily removes rail dust, water spots, tar, bugs, and paint over-spray from automotive paint and glass surfaces.


Clay lubricant is essential to the performance and safety of clay. It provides the necessary slick surface for clay to glide on. Using low quality clay lubes or cheep detail sprays will deteriorate your bar and lead to poor clay bar performance. Also beware of soapy water as a clay lube, detergent or surfactant based soaps  will cause the clay to deteriorate. Chemical Guys Synthetic Quick Detailer is Formulated specifically for streak free surface perfection in the sun or the shade and uniquely formulated to work with the chemical composite of clay bars. Chemical Guys Synthetic Clay+ Detailer will extend the life of your clay while delivering superior surface lubricity during claying. Stick with a genuine clay lubricant to get the best performance and longevity from your detailing clay.


What can contaminate your vehicle surface?

1. Brake dust - particles produced from the friction of brake pads rubbing against the rotor. This metal on metal friction disperses tiny particles of bare metal into the air and on the highways, freeways and virtually everywhere.  Constant movement of vehicle propels it in to the air and dispenses it over the vehicles surface.

2. Industrial fallout - another word for pollution, industrial fallout is a by- product of our surroundings. It comes from industrial businesses and factories as well as diesel vehicles and even airplane fallout.


3. Rail dust - produced from the friction of train wheels against railroad tracks.

Over 75% of new vehicles are shipped by rail. Nearly all new vehicles are contaminated as soon as they leave the factory.


When Should You Clay Bar?

You can clay bar your car as often as you wish or simply prior to waxing or polishing your vehicle. To acquire the best smooth as glass touch and feel result it is ideal to always clay bar your vehicle prior to application of wax, glaze, polish or paint sealant.


How is clay different from polishing or buffing?

Many people have never heard of clay baring because for a while clay bars were only available to professionals. Claying is less abrasive then polishing or buffing the surface. Claying actually pulls out foreign particles and contaminants that have embedded themselves in the paint.


Polishes are intended  more to be used as cleaners for paint, such as  cleaning the paint, filling swirls and scratches, restoring and maximizing shine by smoothing over sharp edges

Do I need a clay lubricant?

Yes! Clay bars absolutely need some kind of lubricant to work correctly. Without lubricant clay bars cannot move freely over the surface and work as intended. Without proper lubrication a clay bar will catch on contaminants, pull them across the surface and possible scratch or mar paint. Clay bars are such intended as to work with proper clay bar lubricants are formulated to lubricate the surface allowing the clay bars to glide more freely across a surface. Lubricants aid the clay bar in lifting particles and allow the clay bar to move freely from raking roughly across the paint and causing possible scratches.

Can you use soap as a lubricant?

No! Lubricants are formulated to work with the clay bar and will not impact the integrity and cleaning ability of a clay bar. Shampoos and car wash soaps may damage the clay bar leading to deterioration, which in turn will limit its cleaning ability and shorten its life span.


Specially formulated clay lubricants are formulated with uniquely engineered surface lubricants to allow for superior gliding of the clay bar and provide a slippery protective layer that clay bars can safely glide across.



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Directions /Recommended Maintenance:

1. Wash vehicle very well to loosen surface dirt.  Getting the surface as clean as possible will reduce wear on the clay bar and extend the life of your bar by reducing the amount of contaminants that need to be lifted by the bar.

 2. Mist a 2 x2 square foot area generously with Chemical Guys LUBER  Lubricant. Hold the clay bar against the surface and move it back and forth

3. Surface Eraser Poly Clay will grab the surface initially. This grabbing indicates that the clay is encountering contamination. Continue rubbing gently until the clay glides freely.

4. Using LUBER, wipe each complete section with a micro fiber towel, this process will wipe away contaminates and reduce friction and possible marring of surface through friction.

5. Before moving to the next section, inspect the clay. If it appears soiled, fold the clay and use a clean portion to clean the next section. If you drop the clay or it becomes completely soiled, discard the clay bar and continue with a fresh bar

6. Wipe any left over residue away with a clean microfiber towel.

7. Once you have clayed the paint, YOU CAN CLAY THE WINDOWS AS WELL. Follow the same directions for windows this will reduce streaking when using your wipers and accelerate water runoff when it rains.

8. Wash Vehicle again once completed, this will assure that all contaminates that were removed are safely washed off of the surface where they can no longer stick to the hard paint.



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