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Car wax Paste Waxes Carnauba Wax

People always ask us what the best car wax is, or what wax is best for black cars. Applying car wax or paint sealant regularly will improve depth, shine and protection. Carnauba waxes and paint sealants do more than make paint look great, they shield the paint from damaging UV rays from the sun, environmental pollution and contamination, road film, and much more.

Waxes are generally made with carnauba, a wax that comes from Brazil and is available in a variety of colors and grades. Carnauba Wax delivers a deep warm shine and durable protection. Paint sealants pick up where waxes leave off delivering an even more durable long lasting level of protection. There are many choices in waxes and sealants but regardless of which one you chose to use it is important that you protect your investments by coating them with either a good wax or a paint sealant regularly.

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