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How to Clean & Protect Powder Coated Wheels
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Whether you've spent thousands of dollars on a set of custom wheels or you have have the stock wheels on your car, we all have the same problem...brake dust and road grime. Not only are brake dust and road grime unsightly, but long term exposure can make permanent blemishes on your wheels.

Step 1
Soak the entire surface of the wheel/rim with CG Speed Wipe.

Step 2
Using a
microfiber towel, wipe away dirt, brake dust and road grime.

Step 3
Using an applicator, apply Wheel Guard to the wheel/rim. Let polish stand for 5-10 minutes.

Step 4
Using another microfiber towel, go ahead and buff off the Wheel Guard.

Step 5
Repeat as necessary or when detailing your car.