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Chemical Guys BUF704X - Flex L 3403 VRG Lightweight Circular Rotary Polisher Kit (9 Items)
Chemical Guys BUF704X - Flex L 3403 VRG Lightweight Circular Rotary Polisher Kit (9 Items)
Flex L 3403 VRG Lightweight Circular Rotary Polisher Kit (9 Items)
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Flex L 3403 VRG Lightweight Circular Rotary Polisher Kit (9 Items)

Why Buy This Product?

  • Powerful rotary polisher removes swirls, scratches, and defects
  • Restores gloss and optical clarity to paintwork
  • Complete kit comes with backing plate, pads, and polishes
  • TORQ R5 backing plate is durable, low-profile, and accepts all 5.5’’ hook and loop pads
  • Hex-Logic foam pads for every job: Orange to cut heavy defects; White to restore gloss and shine; Black to finish to perfection
  • V-Line of Polishes Sampler: Try all four V-Line compounds and polishes to remove heavy defects, and polish to restore gloss and reflection

What's Included?

How It Works

The FLEX L3403 is a lightweight rotary polisher designed for high performance and fast polishing work. The L3403 was designed and built for OEM automotive builders, body shop technicians, professional detailers, and weekend warrior enthusiasts. Chemical Guys has combined the FLEX L3403 with all the pads, polishes, and accessories needed for fast polishing results into one convenient kit. Use the FLEX L3403 to polish paintwork, remove scratches, swirls, heavy water spots, and restore pure reflection with optical clarity. The FLEX L3403 Kit comes with a low-profile TORQ R5 rotary backing plate. Use any 5.5’’ polishing pad to restore paint, headlights, metal, and optical plastic quickly and easily. Also included are three Hex-Logic buffing pads: use orange for heavy scratch and swirl removal, white for restoring depth and reflection, and black for final polishing and finishing on dark and sensitive paint finishes. Take on any level of paint defects and refine them to perfection with the V-Line of Polishes Sample Kit. The V-Line Kit comes with 4 oz. size of V32 Extreme Compound, V34 Hybrid Compound, V36 Cutting Polish, and V38 Final Polish. With the V-Line sampler, detailers can remove light scratches or heavy defects, then buff them to perfection and pure reflection. Choose the FLEX L3403 Rotary Polisher Kit and jump right in to take on any polishing job instantly!

Professional Rotary Polishing Results

Rotary polishers are the professional’s secret weapon. A skilled detailer can effectively erase swirls and scratches from paintwork with a rotary polisher in seconds. Professionals choose the FLEX L3403 because of its powerful paint correction capabilities and lightweight design. The bulky design and heavy weight of older rotary polishers can press with extra force and burn automobile paint. The FLEX L3403 was designed with detailing in mind, and is more compact and lightweight for better polishing results. Polishing with abrasive compounds like the V-Line of polishes rubs the surface to “cut” underneath swirls, scratches, oxidation, water spots, chemical etching, and other defects that ruin the finish. Finer polishes and softer pads refine the finish to restore luster, depth, and clarity to the reflection. The FLEX L3403 is a professional grade machine built for years of use in any professional body shop, or enthusiast garage. Detailers polish paint with the L3403 to remove swirl marks and scratches, restore gloss and color, and rejuvenate luster. More advanced users switch out the backing plate to take on smaller painted areas like grilles and door jambs, polish and restore headlights, repair dashboard wood trim, and even scrub stubborn carpet stains. The FLEX L3403 is the detailer’s choice for powerful and smooth rotary polisher applications.

Powerful Polishing Combo

Chemical Guys combined the detailer’s favorite FLEX L3403 Rotary Polisher with all the tools and accessories needed for restoring shine and gloss to painted finishes. The FLEX L3403 kit comes with a 5’’ TORQ R5 rotary backing plate and three 5.5’’ Hex-Logic buffing pads. The TORQ R5 backing plate is a universal rotary backing plate that fits any rotary polisher sold in North America. Simply spin the TORQ R5 onto any rotary polisher to instantly accept 5.5’’ foam or wool buffing pads via the hook and loop attachment surface. Hex-Logic pads all use hook and loop to attach to any rotary or dual action backing plate. The FLEX L3403 Kit comes with three Hex-Logic pads for all polishing jobs. Use the Orange Hex-Logic Pad to remove heavy swirls, scratches, oxidation, and chemical etching or wet-sanding marks. Use the White Hex-Logic Pad to refine heavier compounding marks, and restore gloss and shine. Finish any color to perfection with the Black Hex-Logic pad and restore the deepest gloss and reflection to darker finishes like black and deep blue paint. The FLEX L3403 Kit combines powerful polishing tools with great value and versatility for any detailing skill level.

Intuitive Variable Trigger Controls

The FLEX L3403 Rotary Polisher delivers unmatched power and control with a convenient and intuitive variable speed trigger. At full trigger squeeze, the machine spins at the maximum rated output of the speed setting selected. FLEX designers also incorporated a convenient lock button to hold the trigger for reduced fatigue during longer polishing sessions. However, unlike other rotary polishers, easing off the trigger slows down the buffer. This unique feature gives detailers more control by tailoring the perfect amount of machine power for smaller, more contoured, or sensitive areas. Use a full trigger squeeze for full power at any given speed setting, or adjust trigger pressure for precise control with less power or slower startups. Every paint job is different, and every polishing session must be adjusted to suit the particular car. Professional detailers and hardcore enthusiasts need the flexibility to adjust for perfect results on any vehicle. Choose the FLEX L3403 Rotary Polisher for extended polishing techniques with more (or less) power than a standard rotary polisher machine.

Lightweight And Versatile Form Factor

Detailing and body shop professionals prefer the rotary polisher for its fast action and one step results. Rotary polishers easily remove wet sand marks, heavy swirls and scratches, and oxidation to restore gloss and optical clarity to painted finishes. The FLEX L3403 Rotary Polisher is the fine rotary tool for any professional or hardcore enthusiast who wants a lightweight and easy-to-use machine. Traditional rotary polishers are large and heavy machines designed for polishing slabs of marble and granite. Wielding one of these cumbersome machines around delicate automotive paintwork is a self-defeating act that always results in unsightly holograms and poor polishing results. The FLEX L3403 uses advanced German micro-motor and gearing technology for professional polishing power in a compact and lightweight package. The L3403 fits in the hands and maneuvers around automotive curves and contours with a light touch that is safer for sensitive finishes. The FLEX L3403 is the perfect rotary machine for professional results with minimal strain.

Versatile Polishing Compounds

The Chemical Guys V-Line of polishes is the world-renowned choice for detailing professionals and enthusiasts. The V-Line makes it simple to remove swirls and scratches, and restore gloss, luster, and reflection to any color paint finish. The heavier compounds V32 and V34 cut hard to remove deep defects like scratches, oxidation, wet-sanding scratches, bird dropping etches, and water spot etching. The lighter V36 and V38 polishes refine away heavier compounding marks, restore gloss and reflection, and finish paintwork to factory-fresh condition. All V-Line polishes are water-based and true-cut. The polishes contain no fillers and no oils, so the polishing results you see are the true results you get. As always, start with a less-aggressive combination to determine paint hardness and severity of damage before using the heaviest cut combination. Start with V36 and the Orange Hex-Logic pad, and see how many defects are removed and how much shine is restored. If more correction is needed, repeat with V34 and inspect the work. If still more is needed, try one more pass with V32 and inspect for defects. Afterwards, refine with V36 and/or V38 on White or Black Pad to perfection. Every paint job is different, so polish a test spot to find the best combination for your vehicle!

Valuable Package Deal Kit

The FLEX L3403 Rotary Polisher Kit comes with everything needed to start polishing swirls, scratches, and oxidation from any vehicle. Included are the FLEX L3403 rotary machine, three Hex-Logic pads (one orange cutting pad, one white polishing pad, and one black finishing pad,) the 4 oz V-Line Polish & Compound Sample Kit, and a premium low-profile 5’’ TORQ R5 rotary backing plate.

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