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Chemical Guys BUF702 - FLEX PE 14-2 Rotary Polisher with FREE Backing Plate (2 Items)
Chemical Guys BUF702 - FLEX PE 14-2 Rotary Polisher with FREE Backing Plate (2 Items)
FLEX PE 14-2 Rotary Polisher with FREE Backing Plate (2 Items)
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Product Code: BUF702

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FLEX PE 14-2 Rotary Polisher with FREE Backing Plate (2 Items)

Why Buy This Product?

  • First rotary polishing tool designed just for auto detailers
  • Tailored for premium detailing results without problems of traditional rotary machines
  • Powerful rotary polisher removes swirls, scratches, and defects
  • Finish down to perfection with more usable lower speed settings
  • Restores gloss and optical clarity to paintwork
  • Versatile design polishes paint, metal, glass, headlights, and more
  • TORQ R5 backing plate is durable, low-profile, and accepts any 5.5’’ foam or wool buffing pads
  • Easily switch to smaller or larger backing plates to polish large panels, small door jambs, contoured headlights, and more
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design limits fatigue and promotes good technique
  • Precise German engineering for years of reliable use
  • Also available as a fully-stocked detailing kit

How It Works

The FLEX PE 14-2 is the professional detailers’ choice for fine and smooth rotary polishing. The PE 14-2 is the first rotary polisher specifically designed for polishing automobiles. Other rotary polishers are heavy and bulky because they were made for sanding wood or finishing metal in industrial settings. Traditional detailers adapted these off-the-shelf machines to polish sensitive car paintwork with terrible results. Buffer trails, holograms, tiger stripes, and burn through can all be traced to poor technique and poor choice of tools. A machine that is too heavy can put too much pressure on the paint, create too much friction, and instantly cause damage while polishing. The FLEX PE 14-2 is lightweight, ergonomic, and perfectly balanced to give the detailing professional the perfect polishing touch on any surface. Streamlined cooling channels, helical cut gears, and a continuous speed control trigger run the machine smoothly and precisely, keep it cooler for longer, and gives the detailer extra nuanced control when polishing sensitive areas with precision and care. Chemical Guys pairs the FLEX PE 14-2 with a 5’’ TORQ R5 flexible backing plate for smooth polishing over any vehicle with 5.5’’ Hex Logic buffing pads, and the universal output shaft thread allows for instant backing plate changes to suit any size pad for any hard-to-reach spot on any vehicle. The FLEX PE 14-2 is the detailer’s choice for fine rotary polishing on any prized show car, road warrior, or body shop workpiece.

First Rotary Polisher Made Just For Detailers

The PE 14-2 is the first rotary polisher tailored for automotive paint finishes. Polishing about 2,000 RPMs can burn or remove paint and cause permanent damage instantly. FLEX tuned the PE 14-2 to polish anywhere between 600 and 2,100 RPMs, which gives detailers more usable speed settings throughout the powerband. Stepless speed control dial and continuous speed control trigger give infinite control over speed settings with a soft start down to 380 RPMs to give the best speed control for any paint finish on any vehicle. Rotary polishers are the professional’s secret weapon. A skilled detailer can effectively erase swirls and scratches from paintwork with a rotary polisher in seconds. Polishing and paint correction is a process that gently removes the topmost “dead” layers of paint to reveal the shiny, lustrous, untouched paint underneath. Abrasive compounds rub on the surface to “cut” underneath swirls, scratches, oxidation, water spots, chemical etching, and other defects that mar the finish. Finer polishes and softer pads refine the finish to restore luster, depth, and clarity to the reflection.

Precise And Smooth German Design

FLEX tools are conceived of and designed in Germany. FLEX crafted this industrial heritage into a smooth and quiet machine. The FLEX PE 14-2 is shaped with an intuitive ergonomic casing, lightweight design, and uses helical cut gears and smooth variable power controls for precise, smooth, and quiet action. FLEX Tools fitted the PE 14-2 with pressure-sensitive accelerator trigger controls, infinite speed selection gearing, and advanced cooling channels to keep the machine smooth and cool at any speed setting during extended polishing jobs. The speed control knob features six distinct speeds with infinite adjustment between each one, so the PE 14-2 can be tuned to spin at the perfect speed for any polishing job. The industry-standard form factor is ambidextrous and fits perfectly in the hand for any left handed or right handed detailer. The threaded output shaft is a universal thread that accepts any rotary polisher backing plate for machines sold in North America. Use any sized backing plate from 7” down to 1’’ for ultimate detailing versatility on any job. Use the FLEX PE 14-2 to polish paintwork, headlights, metal trim, door jambs, wheels, tail lights, optical plastic, glass, and more. The FLEX PE 14-2 is the smooth rotary polisher for any detailing professional or enthusiast.

Lightweight And Versatile Form Factor

Detailing and body shop professionals prefer the rotary polisher for its fast action and one step defect removal power. Rotary polishers quickly remove wet sand marks, heavy swirls and scratches, and oxidation to restore gloss and optical clarity to painted finishes. The FLEX PE 14-2 Rotary Polisher is the refined rotary tool for any professional who wants a precise, lightweight, and easy-to-use machine. Traditional rotary polishers are large and heavy machines designed for sanding and polishing wood, metal, and slabs of marble or granite. Wielding one of these cumbersome machines around delicate automotive paintwork is a self-defeating act that always results in unsightly holograms and poor polishing results. The FLEX PE 14-2 uses advanced German gearing technology and pressure-sensitive controls for professional polishing power in a compact and lightweight package. The PE 14-2 fits in the hands and maneuvers around automotive curves and contours with a light touch that is safer for sensitive finishes. The FLEX PE 14-2 is the perfect rotary machine for professional results with minimal strain.

Durable TORQ R5 Rotary Backing Plate Included

The FLEX PE 14-2 comes equipped with the TORQ R5 rotary backing plate. This low-profile backing plate uses flexible materials that contour to curves for superior polishing results on any vehicle. The low-cut profile helps fit any polisher into tight areas underneath side-view mirrors, roof racks, vents, grilles, louvers, spoilers, diffusers, and more. TORQ backing plates use hook and loop to grip buffing pads with a solid connection that removes easily by hand for fast changes. The TORQ R5 backing plate installs in seconds: simply lock the buffer head output shaft with the stopper button, then screw the backing plate onto the machine. The TORQ R5 backing plate uses a universal thread to fit any rotary polisher sold in North America. Simply attach it to turn any rotary polisher into a versatile buffing machine for any vehicle.

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