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Chemical Guys SHE_710 - Dripping Skull Logo Shirt
Chemical Guys SHE_710 - Dripping Skull Logo Shirt
Dripping Skull Logo Shirt
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Product Code: SHE_710

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Chemical Guys SHE_710 - Dripping Skull Logo Shirt
Why Buy This Product?
  • 100% combed ring spun
  • Soft - it does not stick to your skin
  • Maximum comfort and worldwide lifestyle
  • 2 1/2 inches longer than traditional t-shirts
  • Great design that will surely turn heads
  • Buy it because we tell you to
  • Sizes available: S, M, L, XL, XXL

About the Shirt
You asked for it...now it's here! Initially we ran the production of the Dripping Skull Logo t-shirt for the Chemical Guys crew at SEMA, due to popular demand we are now going to extend this shirt to all of our following and community. Chemical Guys is more than a brand, it is a lifestyle. Stand out in the crowd and turn heads with our Chemical Guys Dripping Skull Logo T-Shirt. We all need oxygen to survive, thatís why we breathe every second of everyday! Why not let your body do the same? Our t-shirts are made with 100% combed ring spun jersey cotton so itís fully breathable. Many shirts now use a polyester blend which irritate and make the t-shirt stick to your skin killing your game. Our tees are designed with a set-in color that is made of 100% combed cotton as well so the color will last wash after wash.

We wanted a shirt that would reflect your style and lifestyle as a detailer without flashing your belly button or your rear end when your moving around. We searched the world for a shirt master that would fit our needs... but all lengths 'seamed' to be around the same.... We had the perfect idea and the design but not the threads... So, why not construct our own swag?

Chemical Guys is more than a brand, but a lifestyle. With unique ideas, cutting edge products and best of the best materials, any Chemical Guys product is an automatic head turner. Stand out from the crowd while letting everyone know what you are all about. Look for the positive in everything that you do. Go forth with a smile and remember to always have fun. The world is your playground, go make it shine!


Chemical Guys does not perform any product testing on animals, we test them on humans. If you are allergic to peanuts please do not wear this shirt, though we highly doubt that peanuts were involved in the makings of this shirt. Batteries are sold separately Ė Shirt is unisex meaning that both men and women can wear it Ė EVEN AT THE SAME TIME! Women might become strangely attracted to you while wearing this shirt. Chemical Guys is not responsible if you contracted any disease while wearing our apparel. Do not wear this shirt while standing next to a broken power-line. Misuse may cause injuries or sometimes death. This product is intended only for use by humans but if you have an alien that lives in your closet, feel free to let them try on the shirt though we are not responsible for what happens next. Chemical Guys highly encourages you to send us pictures of you wearing our shirts next to lovely ladies, even nude shots are being accepted. Also Ė this is very important, please wear deodorant or take showers because if you donít, nobody will be your friends or want to be in your selfies.

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