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Chemical Guys MIC_1901_2 - Sasquatch Maximus Maximum Stash Microfiber Towel (2 Pack)
Chemical Guys MIC_1901_2 - Sasquatch Maximus Maximum Stash Microfiber Towel (2 Pack)

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Product Code: MIC_1901_2

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Sasquatch maximus extra thick microfiber towel very plush HAVE YOU SEEN A SASQUATCH?


Millions swear to have seen it but very few have put there hands on the Sasquatch Maximus "STASH".. The Sasquatch Maximus or “Stash” for short as we call-em here at550 microfiber gobefat towel Chemical Guys is every the fattest, thickest, fluffiest and furriest we have even seen.

We finally captured the sasquatch! The Sasquatch Maximus or “Stash” is one big mother. Thick and harry just like you imagined a Sasquatch being. Weighing in at a traumatizing 880 +g/m2 this secret fur-ball will astound you.

The Sasquatch Maximus is described in reports as a large 16” x 16” ape-like microfiber creature, ranging almost an inch in thickness.

Weighing in excess of 880 +g/m2 and covered in rare majestic extremely soft microfiber-ish hair Stash is one “BIG FOOT” above the rest.

Alleged witnesses have described it as “ HUGE” and “ Extremely Fluffy” with an amazingly soft silk edging. Sasquatch Maximus is commonly reported to attract a lot of attention due to it’s extremely thick furry microfiber construction.

550 weight microfiber towel

Any sightings of the Sasquatch must be immediately reported. Do not be afraid these enormously absorbent animals are very friendly and all surface safe. They like to be kept in cars and large garages. If you get your Sasquatch dirty please be kind and use Sasquatch approved “Micorfiber Wash” shampoo to assure delicate cleansing of Sasquatch Maximus or “Stash” for short. The Sasquatch Maxiumus usually likes to travel in packs so do not separate them or keep them alone. Have fun with your Sasquatch.gobefat 550 microfiber

>SILK BANDED SASQUATCH IS MORE THEN JUST SOFT it's SCRATCH FREE thanks to silk banded edges. MAKE IT A MONSTER- Different towels are designed for various purposes and uses, but when the auto industry asked us to make a towel that exceeded the quality and softness any towel before it we asked, “ How much do you want the towel to weigh and what size?”. 880 +g/m2 is 4 times thicker then the industry leading microfiber micro-banded towel.

>Sasquatch Towels are crazy fuzzy, the best 70/30 blend of polyester and polyamide. Buffs away waxes, wipes glass without streaks, safely apply quick detailers and remove your favorite products 100% scratch free. Microfiber weight is calculated as, GPSM (Grams Per Square Meter) scientifically noted as (g/m2). Thickness of a microfiber towel is based on the thickness of the fiber, length of the loop, amount of fibers per square inch and most importantly weight.

Why Get the Best:

Highest Quality = Faster Absorbency+ Less Wasted Effort + Better Results in Less Time. Over time getting cheap towel of “throw away towels” will cost more anyways. Because Sasquatch Microfiber is 100% machine washer friendly, lint free and fantastic it can be washed numerous times while still retaining its original softness and amazing absorbency.

Recommended Maintenance:

  1. Be clean no-one like dirty boxers or dirty towels so , clean up after yourself

  2. Easy to wash using MicroFiber Rejuvenator Microfiber Cleaning Detergent Concentrate

  3. Always use medium gentle setting when using washing machine.

  4. Always wash separate, to ensure they remain lint free.

  5. As with all microfiber products, never expose them to fabric softener.

  6. Do not use fabric softener. It will reduce their static properties and cause the microfiber to clean/spread less effectively.

  7. Line/air dry or machine dry on low setting, separately from other laundry.

How To Use:
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