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Car Polish &  Pre-Wax Cleaners

Car polishing before waxing is the trick behind attaining and maintaining that sought after showroom finish on your car.

The showroom shine is perhaps the most coveted and sought after finish for detailers and automotive enthusiasts. After all, who doesnt like shiny things? Well, polishing is the sure fire way to not only reach a showroom finish, but its also the way to maintain it. Think of paint cleaning and care as a three step process. Sure each step works on its own, but when they are used together is when you get the best results. Washing your car removes surface dirt and should be considered the first step. Most people jump straight to wax after washing. Waxing also removes surface dirt, but since its really meant to create a protective layer over your cars paint, it actually traps in anything left behind after a wash. This is where polish and pre-wax cleaners, the second step comes in. Polishes and pre-wax cleaners deliver a deep clean, that clarifies and exfoliates paint. Polish removes oxidation, contaminants and old left over chemicals delivering a complete clean enhancing the overall appearance of the paint and minimizing swirls.

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