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Starting a Business in Detailing is a Smart Choice

Auto Detailing and Reconditioning is one of the most exciting and fastest growing businesses. The auto detailing industry offers lots of lucrative opportunities for enterprising entrepreneurs, and start-up costs are minimal. This makes auto detailing a terrific business if you're an entrepreneur on a shoestring budget. The sky truly is the limit for new auto reconditioning professionals. Today's "professionally trained" mobile reconditioning expert can earn anywhere from $100K to $150K per year.

There are many types of detailing operations to fit each persons needs. Your business can either be out of a fixed location, mobile, express or site-based. There are also other customer goldmines, such as hotels with concierge service, limousine companies, car shows, RV dealerships, auto repair shops, car leasing companies, gas stations - not to mention boat and airplane owners.

Some Benefits of running a detailing business:

  • Low startup cost
  • No age restrictions
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Recession proof, with built-in inflation protection systems
  • Business diversity, offering many available services
  • Excellent way to earn 6 figure income - even PART TIME
  • The opportunity to choose between working right out of your own home/auto or opening a fixed location
  • Flexibility for any schedule: It can be a part-time or a full-time job, and you can set your own hours
  • Easy to learn business methods and the chance to teach other employees as the business grows larger
  • Residual, stable income

An interesting fact: according to research undertaken by Dunn and Bradstreet, 99% of businesses established by individuals lacking some form of business experience failed within their first 2 to 3 years of operation.  On the upside, 80% of businesses established by business owners with some experience will succeed. And why is this so?  It seems like a very simpleton answer, but it is true. They simply understand how to run a business. For example, understand the right way to talk with your customers, to sell services, to price services accordingly, to manage the books, as well as market and sell yourself.

In order to get ahead you must take it upon yourself to learn effective skills and systems in order to succeed in your business ventures. Success does not usually come in the form of pure luck or strange coincidence. It is more about your abilities, both God given and learned. It is also about applying yourself and your talents fully in order to succeed. When you have decided to discover what it takes to be accomplished and fruitful in your business endeavors, the team at Smart Detailing University awaits you.

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Not sure which form of detailing business is right for you? Check out the differences between each below:

  • Mobile Locations
    • Quickest and easiest business type to launch
    • Minimal startup costs. Including professional equipment, chemicals, and either a van, a truck or a custom-detailing trailer
    • Low overhead and no lease or mortgage payments
  • Fixed Locations
    • Work out of a building dedicated to detailing
    • Although the overhead is higher than mobile or express detailers, fixed location owners have a distinct advantage: a roof over their heads and no need to worry about inclement or disastrous weather
    • Includes a mortgage or lease payment, property taxes, overhead, etc.  
    • Often have higher income potential, depending on the size of the operation
  • Site Based
    • Includes rent, mortgage or lease payment, property taxes, overhead
    • Often have higher income potential, depending on the size of the operation
    • Site based business are great for repeat business and increase frequency of return customers