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Complete Auto Detailing Kits - The Best Car Detailing Kits built by car enthusiasts that truly love cars.

Putting together your own personal kit or arsenal of products for the right job can be extremely time-consuming and costly. If you are new to detailing, knowing what results you want out of products is one thing, but piecing together the right products and tools to reach your goals is another. Maybe youre looking for gift ideas for that special enthusiast in your life. Or maybe, youre an experienced and seasoned detailer who knows exactly what you want when it comes to products but are looking to replenish or expand your car care stash; either way, one of our start to finish kits is right for you!

At Chemical guys we pride ourselves in quality, efficiency, and results. Each one of our detailing and car care kits have been carefully selected and packaged to deliver from start to finish. These kits arent only great for detailing and car care, theyre also merciful to your pockets. Starter kits, shine kits, clay kits, gloss kits, wheel kits and a whole lot more will guide you through any job.
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