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Chemical Guys HOL_788 - All-in-One Lab Kit (29 Items)
Chemical Guys HOL_788 - All-in-One Lab Kit (29 Items)
All-in-One Lab Kit (29 Items)
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MSRP $342.99
ChemicalGuys.com Price $189.00
You save $153.99!

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Product Code: HOL_788

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Best Auto Detailing Supplies LAB CHEMICAL GUYS KIT

From the Lab To You Kit!


Often times it's hard to put into words the excitement that flows through the office when we develop a new product. So instead of trying, we put it into a kit. We cleverly named it the From the LAB kit because we took some of our newest products and combined them with some of our best products to bring you a kit that is simply awesome. We did more than just put the kit together, we are selling it at 50% off the cost to 250 lucky customers. Be one of the lucky 250 and you will also receive information on how to sign up to test all of the new Chemical Guys before they are even available. It's our way of saying thank you for the years of great input you've given us... be sure to send us your feedback on the new stuff as you test it!

Sale Price: $189.00
You Save $153.11

These kits are limited to 1 per customer! Only 250 Kits will be sold at this price.

We wanted to share our enthusiasm with you, so our LAB KIT is heavily discounted. In order to assure that supplies lasts for all of our friends worldwide that we want have test out some of our newest and greatest products this kit will be limited to one per customer.

Chemical Guys has always been big on creating the perfect combination of car care products so you don't even have to think about what to order. With this kit Chemical Guys has assembled everything needed for the ultimate weekend detailing session or even the extra side job!

Best Auto Detailing Supplies LAB CHEMICAL GUYS KIT

LAB KIT-Compilation of Great Stuff:


  • Mega Absorber Waffle Weave Drying Microfiber Towel SILK BANDED (26" x 32")
  • Don Gordo Super Fat Microfiber Buffer Towels (16" x16") (3 Towels)
  • All Surface Super Cleaner Interior & Exterior Odorless (16oz)
  • G6 Hyper Coat- Extreme Shine High-Gloss Coating Protectant Dressing (16oz)
  • GlossWorkz Glaze-Super Glaze And Surface Coating (16oz)
  • Clay Bar -Super Fine Clay Surface Cleaner 100 g Bar

Sale Price: $189.00
You Save $153.11

Here are just a few of the cool new products that come inside your LAB KIT:

G6 Hyper Coat- Extreme Shine High-Gloss Coating Protectant Dressing

G6 Insane Shine Tire Coating delivers the ultimate extreme shine tire, molding, rubber and black plastic coating for a long lasting high gloss, deep, dark, wet look. Chemical Guys engineered synthetic polymer emulsified combined with advanced G6 technology create a 100% Dry to Touch Coating that blocks damaging UV rays while protecting against the elements. G6 delivers an extreme high gloss mirror finish coating that bonds to the tire delivering the longest lasting shine that will not sling or drip. Apply a single coat or layer to achieve an even more extreme shine. Don't just dress your tires; Coat them for superior shine and protection.

Best Auto Detailing Supplies LAB CHEMICAL GUYS KIT
Best Auto Detailing Supplies LAB CHEMICAL GUYS KIT

NoNsEnSe-Upholstery/ Carpet/ Stain Remover + Odor Eliminatory.

All Surface Super cleaner with ZERO SCENT spray and wipe and say goodbye to stains forever. Best of all it smells like nothing. ZERO SCENT means everything is clean and everyone is happy! Fastest & Strongest spot and stain remover. A dirt and grease Extractor removes the stain fast and forever. Highly Concentrated, dilute according to needs. Smile, it's easy and people will like you more.

Nonsense is Low Foam and pH neutral. By reducing foam you reduce airborne bacteria and odors that could arise while rubbing the carpet. Less foaming = less work and effort.

Easy to use because its strong on stains, grease, grime, and dirt. yet gentle on the user: odor- free, fast and professional grade. Spray mist onto soiled area or spray onto towel or sponge and work-in, agitate with a damp towel or brush, and wipe dry.

GlossWorkz Glaze

A new and revolutionary breakthrough formula delivering the ultimate super glaze . The first glaze and self leveler in one, capable of delivering excellent swirl-filling ability while producing an outstanding long lasting durable shine that's wet wet wet. A truly deep wet looking shine can be achieved with the added benefit of filing light swirls and scratches. Can be hand applied or by machine polisher using a finishing pad. Utilizing cross-linking self leveling agents Glossworkz Glaze works with your paints surface delivering a even and accurate distribution of product that levels perfectly delivering a perfect finish to new and or less than perfect paints. Glossworkz Glaze UV sun blocking agents deliver a high gloss shield from damaging sun-rays, while refined lubricating agents assure Glossworkz will never cake-up allowing for fast and easy application and removal.

Best Auto Detailing Supplies LAB CHEMICAL GUYS KIT

The LAB KIT includes all of our newest and greatest essential products and accessories.

From our newest Ultra-Fine Clay Bar that safely removes contamination and road grime from your paint, to our newest wheel and tire cleaners like Sticky Gel and Diablo. Clear Seal detailer is sure to leave a high luster shine on to of your recently Jetsealed paint. While G6 Hyper Coat Dressing for Vinyl and Rubber will make sure those surfaces are protected from whatever the world brings.

The LAB KIT is packed with all the great new stuff most of which isn't even on our site yet. So if you like what you see be sure to let us know. The changes we make will be made on your feedback and input so we sure to share your experiences with us.

Don't forget to give us your thoughts on our new Luxury Dryer Waffle weave 32"x 26" manufactured to the highest quality standards and wrapped in a fine silk edge. Can't decide if you like silk or micro banding best? We have your solution with this kit. Included in the LAB KIT are also 2 of our newest towel the 16"x24" .

NEW! MICROFIBER- The heavy-duty super-premium absorbency and feel of cotton combined with the softness and 100% scratch free perfect results of Microfiber. Introducing Micro-Fiber.

Microfiber Towels and Microfiber accessories are revolutionary in every way. There are many types and styles of microfiber to choose from so spend some time and decide what microfiber towel is best for you Chemical Guys Extensive selection of Microfiber towels enables you to choose for a vast selection of Miracle Dryer Towels, Microfiber Detailing Towels, Premium Microfiber Cloths, Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloth, Waffle Weave Microfiber Drying Towels, Microfiber Wax Applicators, Microfiber wash pads, Microfiber Wash Sponge, microfiber mitt and lots of other great Microfiber products. Our products are blended from the finest raw chemical known to us with a goal of providing, the community, businesses, business professionals, clients, auto enthusiasts and friends with the highest quality car care products at any price.

But Wait there's more! (sorry the line is a little cheese ,but we couldn't resist) we also included a 3 pack of our new MEGA EL GORDOS- 530+ g/m2 Long-Thick-Loop Technology featuring 430,000 premium fibers per square inch it's also the heaviest weighing in at an incredible 530+ g/m2.

530 premium microfiber2- (16" x24") MONSTER MICROFIBER TOWELS are our fattest thickest most absorbent microfiber towel ever. SILK BANDED FOR LONG LASTING STREAK & SCRATCH FREE RESULTS EVERY TIME. MONSTER THICK MICROFIBER means business..

How thick is it? A single 16 x16 towel can absorb 16 full oz of water! We did more then just a demo. We spent 14 days washing and drying our Monster towel over and over again 46 times just to make sure Monster would stay soft, stay absorbent and beat up on any towel that stepped up to the challenge. Even after 46 washes in our detailers washing machine the towel was like new! monster retained its softness and easily absorbed 16oz of water out without leaving a single drop! MONSTER 550 is more absorbent then a chamois and softer then anything we have ever seen before.


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