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The Heavy Duty Arsenal Kit

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TORQX Polish & Correction Kit

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The Easy Clean & Protect Detailing Kit

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Big Mouth Complete Car Care Kit

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The All Leather & Interior Clean Kit

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Hydrocharge Ceramic Protection Kit

Ceramic Protection

$69.99 $87.99

Professional Kits Ready To Go!

$119.99 $200.00 MSRP

Looking for that one kit that has everything? This is it! The All Season Arsenal Builder Kit includes the perfect combination of products ... to detail any car for a brilliant scratch-free shine!

$32.99 $59.99 MSRP

Return your interior to its “fresh off the lot” glory and remove deep-set stains and grime fast with the Ultimate Interior ... Stain Removal Kit! Discover everything you need to make your upholstery look like new and give your entire interior a spotless clean!

$39.99 $89.99 MSRP

$64.99 $76.99 MSRP

The Chemical Guys Starter Car Care Kit combines all the products professionals always reach for to keep the most precious cars looking and feeling the ... ir very best. The Starter Car Care Kit is the perfect combination of products to get any first-timer starter!

$59.99 $69.99 MSRP

Get the best results and everything you need in one place with the Chemical Guys New Leather Care Kit! Best way to keep new leather looking and smel ... ling new.

$109.99 $129.99 MSRP

The Two Bucket Wash And Dry Kit comes with everything you need to wash and dry a car without installing any swirls or scratches. Never before has on ... e package offered so much cleaning power in one convenient kit!

$34.99 $54.99 MSRP

$269.99 $419.99 MSRP

The TORQX Complete Detailing Kit with Arsenal Range Polisher Bag is the kit that comes with the TORQX Polisher, the huge Arsenal Range Ba ... g, and all accessories needed to take your detail on the go and remove scratches and swirls anywhere!

$19.99 $22.99 MSRP

The OG Clay Bar Kit is the perfect way to take your detail to the next level by removing embedded contaminants and pollution to restore your rough p ... aintwork to smooth-as-glass feeling!

$74.99 $88.99 MSRP

The secret to the perfect coat of wax is layering. The Chemical Guys JetSeal & Pete's 53 Paint Protection And Shine Kit is the perfect combination of ... synthetic durable protection sealant and deep wet shine carnauba wax.

$99.99 $118.99 MSRP

The Chemical Guys Black Car Kit combines everything needed to maintain the perfect show-winning shine on any black car. Black cars are prized for th ... eir distinct luxurious and intimidating look, but keeping them swirl-free is almost a full time job!

3 Options
$109.99 $139.99 MSRP

TORQ MaxFoam 8 Cannon plus GlossWorkz brings the natural beauty of your paintwork back to show winning quality with optical gloss enhancers, all while ... deep cleaning with slick lubrication for a scratch free wash!

$19.99 $22.99 MSRP

The Medium Duty Clay Bar Kit is the perfect way to take your detail to the next level by removing embedded contaminants and pollution to ... restore your rough paintwork to smooth-as-glass feeling!

Our Newest Products

$9.99 $16.99 MSRP

The Big Noodle Wash Mitt is the super-sized mega soft, extra plush, and ultra-absorbent wash mitt that easily holds tons of soapy suds for an extremel ... y sensitive touch all over your ride that helps minimize the chance of installing swirls and scratches while removing dirt and grime fast!

3 Sizes
$11.99 $14.99 MSRP

Save water and time with Swift Wipe, the next generation waterless detailing system that rapidly and safely lifts away dust, dirt, and gr ... ime, then protects with a layer of high-shine sealant available in two awesome scents: classic and Limited Edition Fresh Cool Spring Mint Scent!

4 Sizes
$9.99 $13.99 MSRP

Speed Wipe is the 100% wax-free gloss enhancing quick detail spray designed to lightly clean your paintwork and deliver a static-free mir ... ror shine in just minutes available in two awesome fun to use scents!

$12.99 $18.99 MSRP

InnerClean Interior Quick Detailer Car Wipes are the convenient and versatile quick detail car cleaning wipes that make cleaning and restoring a facto ... ry-fresh appearance to your interior fast, fun, and easy, from dashboards and doors to seats, steering wheels, and more!

$11.99 $17.99 MSRP

Total Interior Car Cleaning Wipes are the fast, easy, and convenient way to clean, maintain, and protect virtually all surfaces inside yo ... ur car on the go, from the dashboard to glass, seats, doors, steering wheels, and more!

$19.99 $29.99 MSRP

The Freeloader Bucket & Dolly Organizer is the simple and easy way to store and access all of your supplies while you detail! With its unique design a ... nd convenient application, your detailing arsenal is never further away than an arm’s reach away!

$22.99 $29.99 MSRP

HydroShield Ceramic Tire, Vinyl, Rubber, Plastic Ceramic Shine Coating takes your shine, protection, and durability to the n ... ext level with the power of ceramic in an easy-to-use sprayable SiO2 formula that delivers a new-look brilliant dark and deep hydrophobic finish on your interior and exterior that helps repel water and UV rays!

$27.99 $38.99 MSRP

HydroLeather Ceramic Leather Protective Coating delivers a durable ceramic protective barrier on leather surfaces that helps resist dirt, UV rays, and ... discoloration and keeps your leather looking and feeling new longer without leaving behind any residue!

$9.99 $18.99 MSRP

Galactic Black Wet Look Tire Shine Dressing is the protectant that takes your tires and trim to a whole new level of shine a ... nd depth of black with the ultimate slick finish that helps reject dust, water, and UV rays in an easy to use sprayable formula!

$29.99 $57.99 MSRP

The Clay System is the complete kit that contains everything you need to wash your paint, remove embedded contaminants, and coat your car wit ... h durable protection and incredible shine to make your rough paint feel as smooth as glass!

$19.99 $26.99 MSRP

Lucent Spray Shine Synthetic Spray Wax is an easy to use synthetic super polymer spray wax that rapidly delivers an extreme streak-free s ... hine and slickness to all glossy painted surfaces, glass, metal, chrome, and wheels!

$24.99 $34.99 MSRP

HydroSpin Wheel and Rim Ceramic Coating and Quick Detailer delivers a super-durable ceramic coating barrier that helps protect wheels and ... rims from dirt, brake dust, and contaminants while adding a brilliant high gloss ceramic shine and superior water beading in a sprayable formula that’s fast and fun to apply!

$9.99 $13.99 MSRP

Happy Trail Outdoorsy Pine Scent is the air freshener and odor eliminator that smells like the great outdoors and imbues any ... stinky space with the fresh, clean scent of pine trees, nature, and a whole lot of good memories!

$149.99 $229.99 MSRP

The Soft Stool Ultimate Rolling Detailing & Utility Cart is the hyper functional and ultra comfortable supreme mobile detail ... ing stool and station that makes even the most time consuming jobs a piece of cake!

$59.99 $79.99 MSRP

The Ride Along Large Space Trunk Organizer is the absolutely massive, fully collapsible, super durable, ultra versatile car companion to help ... organize and store all of your detailing supplies, clothes, shoes, groceries, sports equipment and whatever else you can think of!

$39.99 $46.99 MSRP

The Quick Load Carrying Caddy & Storage Organizer is the perfectly sized, ultra convenient, fully collapsible caddy to help ... you organize and store your bottles, brushes, towels, applicators, tools, supplies, and anything else you need to take on the go!

$19.99 $29.99 MSRP

Keep your head cool in the sun and keep your style fresh in the streets with the Snap-It-Back Camo Script Hat! With its superior breathabilit ... y, versatile sizing, and catchy camouflage design, whether you’re wearing it frontwards or backwards, you’re sure to love your new detailing armor!

$9.99 $14.99 MSRP

Make washing your car a blast and add some fiery red color to your detailing with the Luminous Translucent Red Bucket! Made of durable, heavy ... duty materials and built to last, the Red Bucket gives you loads of functionality all while adding a ton of colorful fun to your wash experience!

$9.99 $14.99 MSRP

Add some color to your car wash and make it tons of fun with the Blazing Transparent Blue Bucket! Hold loads of soapy suds, store all your Ch ... emical Guys accessories, and shine your ride all while enjoying the vibrant color and fervent fun of the Blazing Blue Bucket!

$69.99 $99.99 MSRP

The Woolly Mammoth Ultra Plush Hooded Microfiber Bathrobe is the softest, most comfortable and warmest robe you’ll ever wear! The premiu ... m hood, deep pockets, soft belt, and plush pile ensure that you’ll be wrapped in comfort every time you put on your Woolly Mammoth!