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Custom Blending
Why spend your time blending your own product when we can do it for you?

Stop searching for something close to your desired product, a
llow Chemical Guys and our experienced R&D department assist you with your custom blending needs.


Chemical Guys has the most comprehensive product offering of any brand. From a variety of detailing and waterless products to the most complete lineup of waxes, polishes, compounds, glazes, dressings, coatings, sealants, specialty products and accessories. Choose from our existing products and formulations or have your own custom blended formulation.

If you are not sure what is best for you, call and speak to one of our experienced products specialists to see what’s best for you.


Choose from the existing Chemical Guys selection of packaging and labeling options or custom design your own. From packaging, labeling, design, look/feel and image all the way to our specialty product design and specification; Chemical Guys will make an excellent partner.

Chemical Guys will work with you to prepare your formulation to your specifications. With our attention to detail, we will ensure that your receive a consistent quality product. Let us help you reach your maximum growth potential.

Contact us today so that we can discuss your specific blending needs.