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Reviewer: DetailByVinny  
This is the process I use to restore damaged chrome rims. This rims in this video were 22" Foose rims. They had nearly been destroyed by the owners sprinklers. I started with Grime Reaper to degrease the wheel well and tires, then used El Diablo rim gel to clean the rims. I then rinsed, clayed, and re-rinsed the rims. Next I used Metal Shine metal polish to remove the remaining water marks. Then I sealed in the new shine with Wheel Guard rim wax. Finally I treated the wheel well and wheels to Black Forever Gel. Great Products!

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Reviewer: Bruce Shishido from Torrance CA  
Hi Chemical Guys

Attach is my 2009 Toyota Highlander. The products I used on my tires and rims are your microfiber applicator, Black Forever trim & tire gel, Wheel Guard Wheel wax, Monster Microfiber towel and the contoured tire applicator. The wheel guard wheel wax is amazing. I put it on the rim, let is bond for about for 15-20 minutes and when I wipe it off with your microfiber towel it feels so smooth when I wipe it off. The shine is so amazing. I pay more attention to the inside part of the rims. I can eat my breakfast, lunch, and dinner off of it. The brake dust just slides right off so the rims stay clean for a long time. Your Black Forever Trim & Tire Gel is amazing also. It makes my tires look so wet and shiny. It is the best tire product out there. The contoured tire applicator is perfect for my tire. I put just a thin coat on and my tires look so good. Thanks for your products. Hope I win the e-zyme wax! I got lots of your products so I will keep trying different one to win. Attach is my pics. Hope you like them.

Bruce Shishido

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Love the added protection and Cleaning with Ease! August 23, 2010
Reviewer: JUSTIN JAUREGUI from BILOXI, MS United States  
I'm not sure of it not showing brake dust as my truck still does. BUT I used this on some 18" BBS wheels. The wheels looked, feel, and the wax protects them as advertised!! As far as removing brake dust it takes little to no effort. It use to take me a good bit of time to clean the surfact and spokes.   I say if you're on the fence about this product just jump in and buy it! Very good product!

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what a difference, great stuff July 2, 2010
Reviewer: Panela Hawkins from Santa Ana CA  
What a difference.  i cant believe that a product can reduce brake dust by that much. Honestly I spend 30-50 minutes just on cleaning my wheels I HATE IT! I hate brake dust. My BMW is a brake dust monster.   I applied this stuff in 2 coats over a month ago and the wheels look clean.  Awesome! truly awesome!  this product is a huge time saver , now i spray them down with your sticky wheel clean and hose them off...done.

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Great for motorcycle wheels June 30, 2009
Reviewer: Todd Ahlers from Granite City, IL United States  
I read the other comments on here wasn't a big believer until I bought it! I got tired of all the brake dust on my motorcycle wheels I used this product on there and it works great! I put it on my wheels and i had to use it on other chrome parts to make the finish match the shine was so great! Great product and that's no BS!

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