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  6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
AWESOME WAX December 13, 2012
Reviewer: Will  

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  6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
Best Wax offered by Chemical Guys December 9, 2012
Reviewer: Chris  
This is the best wax CG offers in my opinion. Goes on super easy, comes off super easy, leaves incredible gloss and slickness. Plus a little goes a long way, I’ve used this one tin for 10 different wax jobs so far and still have over 90% left! This is a top 5 wax in the under $60 category, just great! Put it on top of CG Jetseal for an unbelievably awesome combo of gloss and depth.

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I love your professional detailing products October 18, 2012
Reviewer: Simon Z. from Germany, Munich  
Hey Chemical Guys,

I love your professional detailing products.

Look at my Mini John Cooper Works from Munich

It was detailed whith your Maxi Suds II, V38, Vertua Bond and 50/50 Wax.

Greetings from Munich, Germany

Simon Z.

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Only a Show car wax! September 25, 2012
Reviewer: Corey Hubbert from Camarillo, CA United States  
I top off every car I detail with this beauty and  it turns heads every time a person walks by a car I detailed. I started to test its durability with my car. I must say it all show. I wash with a very mild detergent and it starts to loose its protects the first wash. But the shine stays. Very interesting. But a wax is for show. If you want protection go with a sealant.

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A special wax for a special car September 25, 2012
Reviewer: Greg in Vegas from Las Vegas, NV United States  
I finally bought my childhood dream car, a Porsche 911 Carrera GTS and nothing touches my cars paint but chemical guys products.  5050 goes on easy, wipes off easy, and looks fantastic on top of 2 coats of jetseal.  I use V07 in between waxes and even a professional detailer asked me what products I use on my car.

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Breathtaking Shine ! April 11, 2012
Reviewer: Tracy Lieberman from Las Vegas NV  
To whom it may concern, I was introduced to your M-seal and 5050 combination earlier this year by a local detailer who has been doing our toys for over 15 years. I decided to take his word on it and order a tin and gallon of M-Seal for myself. The results were fantastic! A brilliant sparkle that brought out the red like a fire! I am extremely picky when it comes to my choice in product. Because of the metallic red base, my main concern was the sharp red look when using a carnauba wax. Not only could you clearly see the shine, it was breath taking. Amazing products! Tracy Lieberman, Las Vegas NV

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Products speak for themselves April 11, 2012
Reviewer: PAUL from Shine On Auto Detailing UK  
Hi Chemical Guys!
The Elise and the Exige, they were treated with Blitz sealant, followed by 50/50 Connoisseur Paste Wax.
All other cars used XXX Hardcore Paste Wax in place of 50/50.New Look Trim Gel was used to dress trim and tires on all cars. The pictures speak for my work the products speak for themselves. Great.

Paul –Shine On Auto Detailing U.K.

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Wet mirror Shine Topped With 50/50 April 11, 2012
Reviewer: Thomas B. from Pennsylvania  
         I promised some pics once I got more familiar with the products...specifically the Body Shop Safe  Cut compounds (1.5 & 7.0).   I've really come to enjoy these products (all of them) for their ease of use , effectiveness and finish....the gloss and depth are tremendous. First up : a customers  '99 Porsche Carrera S Simple wash and wax. Vehicle arrived in good condition , just needed some extra pop. Broke out the Wet mirror Shine Topped With 50/50.   P.S.---I'll have to send separate e-mails for the other cars..

.-Thomas. B. Pennsylvania

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I've found your products to be the best April 11, 2012
Reviewer: John Miller from Farmingdale NY  
Chemical Guys On The Corvette, Truly Amazing!

Dear Chemical Guys Team,

I've been using your products on my C6 consistently for about six months now and have found them to be incredible. The EZ Creme Glaze is amazing, and the 50/50 paste wax gives my car a deep warm shine and is the easiest paste wax I've ever used. I use the Blitz Spray Sealant to give the finish a boost between waxing's and have found it to be amazing.  I've found your products to not only be the best I've ever used, but they are a real value.

 John Miller, Farmingdale NY

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  8 of 8 people found the following review helpful:
A nice coat of 50/50 and WOW!. April 11, 2012
Reviewer: Ede Espinosa from San Fernando Valley  
Dear Chemical Guys,

I've been detailing cars for a long time now and I am always trying new products to make my work easier and more enjoyable. I have tried  everything out there that claimed to be the best of the best and like with the last product I used, I was disappointed, until I found the Chemical Guys. You "Guys" have everything and are always available to help me with my business and answer any question I had.  Mainly thank you Paul, you are very helpful and knowledgeable. You gave me some great advise on how to grow my customer base and to make more money. Not only do the product work fast and easy , but they deliver exactly what they promise. All you products are so easy to work with even in the sun. I was so happy to meet a couple of people that love what they do and stand behind what they sell. When I dropped by the office you Guys you guys didn't just treat  me like any old customer, you  treat me like I was family. Thank you so much for everything,  and for all of your great products and wonderful help on everything. Here are some pictures of my 2006 ford F150 witch I use as my detailing work vehicle. I used your Citrus Wash (witch I love) then I clayed it, followed by  your FP Final Polish with the Chemical Guys Blue MPT Pad and all the minor scratches were gone. I then  followed it with your jetSEAL109, for some protection and topped it with a coat of 50/50 Paste.  The paint looks so rich and so wet, it almost looks like I added another layer of clear coat to the paint.

Once again Thanks a lot for everything and a great line of products.    Ed Espinosa "Ed Did It" Auto detailing.        p.s. I also need to thank the many companies helped me in building the truck. Thanks for listing them as well.

Ed Espinosa "Ed Did It" Auto detailing.

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